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Never Have I Ever, The Best Questions!

Never have I ever is the super fun game, it is the best game to discover secrets of your friends and perfect to know other peoples better. It is the most ideal activity to liven up a party because it breaks the ice between the people who have just met. It can be played in many ways including drinking game, alcohol-fueled, or as a common game through the point system.

Never Have I Ever, The Best Questions!

It is the most common played game in Europe, in fact, all over the world. Usually, teens play this came with their friend’s circle. It is a game in which you need to tell the secrets that whether you have done the certain task or you have not.

How To Play Never Have I Ever?

Before you start the game never have I ever all players should be seated in a circle around the table. This will ensure that each and every person can hear the questions properly and can analyze other person reaction through their body language. The ideal way to play this game is with 4 people.

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The next step is to decide whether the people are interested in playing the game with drink or shots. When all the players are adults than it helps in uninhibited players a bit making it easier to ask and answer some uncomfortable questions more easily. The taste of the drink depends upon the taste of the players but the idea is to take something that is not very strong to be in your senses.

Drinking Game

To play the drinking never have I ever version each player says sentence regarding any activity and other answer it. It always starts with never have I ever doesn’t matter that players have done that thing before or not but it starts with never I have ever.

Then, all the participants who have answered their questions already drink a defined amount of their drink ( it can be a sip, a shot or 5 seconds drinking). The game continues with the new participants (clockwise) and saying another phrase and so on.


Example: If someone says ‘ Never have I ever given a phone kiss to anyone’. All the participants who have already given a kiss on the phone during their lifetime will drink while those who did not do anything won’t.

Scoring Game

It is the type to play with points and the rules are the little different because the person who says ‘Never have I ever’ should say something that he or she never did and the other players who have already done this lose a point and the game continues with the next person in the clockwise direction.

Each player starts the game with 10 points and when these points are all gone than the person is out of the game. The scores of all the players are recorded on the list and the last person in the game wins.


Never Have I Ever Questions – Clean

There are several types of questions which can be asked of the players but those questions should be chosen according to the comfort zone of the players.

If you are playing with someone for the first time and if you don’t know that person or not have confidence in playing with him than the ideal way is to ask clean or funny questions because that’s the fun of the game but you should not go to extreme in asking funny or naughty questions due to which that person get hurt or angry.

You should play in a quiet respectful way. Check out how to play never have I ever with the best clean questions.

  • Never have I ever taken food out of the trash and eaten it.
  • Never have I ever cried or flirted in order to avoid a fine.
  • Never have I ever ruined someone’s vacations.
  • Never have I ever fallen because I was looking on my cell phone.
  • Never have I ever tried to cut my hair and regretted it.
  • Never have I ever said that I love someone unintentionally.
  • Never have I ever been awake for two days in a row.
  • Never have I ever on a youtube video.
  • Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.
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Funny questions

If you are playing with your very close friends and want to raise the bar you can ask funny questions from your friends and can have more fun. We recommend you try these funny questions. These questions can also make people uncomfortable so make sure that all participants agree to play such type of game.

  • Never have I ever missed out on work because I drank too much the night before.
  • Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.
  • Never have I ever done or received a lap dance.
  • Never have I ever sent a spicy message to the wrong person.
  • Never have I ever been handcuffed (for whatever reason).
  • Never have I ever smelt my underwear to know if it’s clean or not.
  • Never have I ever worked drunk.
  • Never have I ever mistaken a stranger for someone I know.
  • Never have I ever deleted a post on a social network because it had few likes.
  • Never have I ever stolen an object from a store.
  • Never have I ever gone to a party without being invited.
  • Never have I ever been slapped in the face in public.
  • Never have I ever thought I was the most beautiful person in this circle.
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