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Top 10 European New Year’s Eve Destination

Have you been planning to go on a European trip for New Year’s Eve and you aren’t sure about the destination which could be the perfect option for you. This might be the pre-planned tour or the last-minute surprise tour to have a blasting new year eve celebration. Even if you have made up your mind that you are going to Europe for the trip but although then to which specific country or to which specific destination is a real headache.


 Europe is full of some astonishing eye-catching destination which could be chosen, which could create some unforgettable memories for you. Here we will come up to you with the top 10 best places for you in Europe to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin to Visit on New Year’s Eve

Berlin would be the first priority to spend the New Year’s Eve. The reason is that Berlin could be the liveliest destination which will help you to cheer up your moods and party hard with some amazing fireworks. In case that you like hanging out on the New Year’s Eve nights then you should visit the Berghain nightclub which is one of the most famous clubs.

On the off chance, you could also opt for Brandenburger Gate which would blow up your mind due to an extended arrangement for the new year’s celebrations up to 2km including lightning and everything you could imagine.

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

Budapest on New Year’s Eve

The next destination to spending the New Year’s Eve in Europe in Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary. This is the most astonishing city to be at the time of new year’s celebration, as the celebrations are going on the whole night and you could also experience the craziest traffic of the European culture. This also has to be kept in mind that the celebration kept on going there starting from 30th to 1st for 3 days.

Paris for New Year’s Celebration


Paris is one of the famous destinations for celebrating the new year’s celebrations as it also has a strong cultural heritage. This is supposed to be the most astonishing destination of Europe which is suggested to everyone to visit, due to it’s warm welcoming culture and people. They have the most insane crowd for the celebrations.

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration in Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark for New Year’s Celebration

The next destination for your European New Year’s celebrations in Copenhagen which is in Denmark. If you want your celebration to be unique so that you could share your experience with your friends, then this is supposed to be the choice for this year. They also have an outstanding parade of Royal Guard at the Amalienborg square. There are also spots like Town Hall where you would see some breath-taking fireworks.

London to Visit on New Year

London to Visit on New Year

London is also among the most top-rated destination to visit in Europe. London is also famous for some mind-blowing fireworks display. If you have decided to spend your New Year’s Eve destination, then you must go to Millban Tower which will provide you with a sky full of fireworks. This kind of theme is also available to be seen in Cannon Street. At this venue you will be a part of one of the biggest crowd, this will have kept on going for many hours.

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Celebration

Amsterdam to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

In the next place, we have Amsterdam for celebrating New Year’s Eve celebration in Europe. You would find the streets fully crowded and everyone would be enjoying their selves with full energy. You should also visit Dam Square and the Niuwmarket for limitless joy. They also have the biggest technology expo going on at the time of new year.

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration in Europe

Madeira for New Year’s Eve Celebration

After Amsterdam, the next destination on the list of New Year’s celebrations list comes to the Madeira. You must be thinking why Madeira has been placed on the list, then the answer is yes there is a special reason behind which is Guinness Book of World Record that this destination holds for arranging the biggest fireworks.

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Rome for Spending New Year Eve

Next on the list for spending your quality time on New Year’s Eve in Rome, which is the capital of Italy. It is also known as the place of love. This city also has some rich traditional values. They have some great event’s going on, which could include Amore festival. It is a festival which is celebrated for three days, along with Fiera Di Rome which is a musical night held in Rome.

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

Brussels New Year’s Eve Celebration

The ninth destination which we would prescribe you for your new year’s vacations is Brussels which is the capital city of Belgium. They have the speciality of chocolates and to explore the true culture of Brussels you must go to Grote Market. All the city is having some great music playing throughout the night.

Prague for New Year’s Eve

Prague for New Year’s Eve

The last spot is grabbed by Prague which has a nickname as the city of hundred spires. Again, if you are in love with having a great and unique experience of fireworks launched then this is the right destination for you. You have to keep yourself safe from the firework’s as the people there can blow their fireworks anywhere at any time, which is absolutely insane.

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