Music is a passion. Millions of people are engaged in Music, directly or indirectly. Listening the Music live in a concert or festival is perhaps the most popular thing amongst the music lovers. Watching and listening the Music in a concert in an auditorium or Music Hall is quite a simple act.

Buy a ticket and enter the Auditorium, take your seat and that’s it. But being a part of the Music Festival in an open place in a hill resort or a scenic picnic point or a camping site is something very special. Spending leisure time with your friends, away from your hometown in tents could be an event to be remembered and enjoyed as it is a dream time event for all Music Lovers.

Festival Music

Since this activity may be spread over a relatively longer span of time, say a week or so, getting prepared for it demands an extra effort and awareness. Here we are going to guide you through to get yourself ready to be a participant of a beguiling music event.

What Shoes To Pack For Music Festival?

Normal dress Shoes or sleepers or sandals are not the right choice for this event. A pair of comfortable Joggers, Tennis or Canvas shoes would be a better option. For the most part of your activities during such events, you need to stand, walk and move around on your feet, so it is very important that your shoes must be comfortable.

Normal office shoes would not be a good option; it can damage your feet. You may also take with you a pair of flip-flops, that will help you walk around the camping site and for taking showers.


What Clothes To Choose For Packing Up?

Clothes should also be comfortable and should be light. Mostly music festivals are arranged in summer time, so light and comfortable clothes should be used. These also take lesser space in your bag and your bag will be light in weight;  as well as easy to carry. Shorts and light T-shirts are good option. Yoy may use your favorite brand clothes.

Although you are going for a summer festival but you never know with the twist of weather, especially in hill resorts and camping sites. So never miss to pack a sweater as well. This will be more than handy during night time. Extra pairs of socks are equally important. Think of a situation when it starts raining and you are outside in open, a rain coat would be quite useful; don’t forget to pack it with you.

Essentials For A Music Festival

  • Bottled water should be preferred over the plastic bottles; it keeps the water cooler for long span of times. Also, think of energy or sports drinks, as you are going to exhaust your energy during this busy schedule.
  • You will spend a lot of time in open place and that too during nights; insects or mosquitoes attack is quite imminent. Always keep with you a good mosquito or insect repellent, otherwise you will become a victim of insect bites that may spoil your whole event.
  • It is summer time and you are spending good time under the sun. You may be caught by sunburn or your skin  is going to be damaged with direct sunlight. A good quality sunblock or sunscreen must be packed a part from your other packed stuff. Prefer the one which is better for you.
  • One or two sunglasses must be an essential part of your packing.
  • Irrespective of the weather, always keep a rain coat in your bag. A light weight rain coat is the best choice.
  • Flashlight is yet another essential item you must keep with you. Although everyone has this facility in Mobile Phones, these days, but a separate good quality flashlight is most recommended item for your packing.
  • Keep a heavy-duty cell phone with you, no matter if it is of old model. The important thing is its durability and battery time. Latest cell phones may be a bad option, especially when it comes to the long hours of usage; battery may drain quickly. So better to have a reliable/durable cell phone with maximum battery time.
  • Don’t forget to have a pack of cards. It will be much handy during long spare hours, especially before the start of a concert. Invite your tent neighbors for an interesting game.
  • A notebook and a pencil/pen would prove to be a good gadget. You may need to note down the names of new bands and names and addresses of your new friends.
  • Never forget to have a good camera; there will be countless moments where you would like to capture and save as cherrishing memory.
  • A towel is also an important and essential item to pack with you.

Toiletries To Be Packed For A Music Festival

  • Toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, face wash, and a gel is the essential part of your toiletries.
  • First Aid Box having bandages, some basic medicines should also be kept with you.

Finally, get complete information about the place you are going to. Obtain weather forecast as well.

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