How to Keep Paneer Soft while Cooking?

Paneer soft: Everyone craves paneer and it is excessively used in a variety of dishes of vegetarians. It is not just used by vegetarians but it is also used by people who enjoy meat because of its delicious taste and nutritional value. It might be somewhat tricky to use as people are worried that it might become hard and crisp while cooking.

Keep Paneer Soft while Cooking

But we will give you a few tips which will make your life very easy. If you follow these tips then you will never have to be bothered by hard paneer while cooking.

Steps to follow to Keep Paneer Soft while Cooking

How to mix Paneer

As paneer is very versatile and it can go with any dish you make, add paneer at the end of the cooking. This way you can enjoy multiple health benefits.

Add soft paneer chunks to the recipe and then gently mix the cubes with the gravy base. Cook it for 1-2 minutes more. Do not over-cook the paneer because then it will become hard and rubbery.

How to Fry Refrigerated Paneer

Make sure that refrigerated paneer has been taken out of the fridge before adding it to the recipe. After you have taken out the refrigerator out of the fridge, you have to fry it in oil.


The oil should be moderately hot because if it is boiling then it will burn the soft paneer and you do not want to burn it. Also, do not over-fry because then t will become very hard. Fry it just as long as it turns brown in color.

Immerse Paneer in Water

Another way to make sure that your paneer remains soft is to immerse it in water. Water is a healthy and better substitute for frying. You can save a lot of calories by immersing paneer in boiling water to keep it soft rather than frying it in oil.

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Soak the Paneer in Water

Paneer becomes hard and it loses all the moisture while you are cooking. That is why if you, over-fry paneer, it tends to become hard and rubbery losing all the moisture. So, if you soak the paneer in water for about 10 minutes then it will absorb all the moisture. You should soak the paneer in the water at room temperature.

Paneer tikka

Water gives the paneer required moisture that it will require after cooking extracts its moisture and making it hard and rubbery. Extra water will allow the paneer to stay soft and supple.

Do not Freeze the Paneer

It does not matter if you get the paneer from the supermarket or even if you make it at home. The techniques will not vary. It is all about how much moisture paneer retains while cooking which will decide if paneer is going to be hard or soft. And one important tip to make sure that our paneer will remain soft is to place it in a box in the refrigerator and do not freeze the paneer.

Add the Cubes in Warm Water

We will tell you all the ways and all the secrets to keeping the paneer soft because we care for your convenience. So another crucial tip is to place paneer cubes in warm water after frying it. This will not let your paneer get hard and dehydrated. And it also makes it soft in no time.

Enjoy Soft Paneer

If you follow all these tips then you will not have to go through the unpleasant event of seeing your soft paneer getting hard and ruining your delicious dish.

Soft paneer

We are here to make cooking easy and convenient for you. So all you have to do is to follow our simple steps and enjoy the recipe. After trying their Paneer you will realize the reason for keeping the Paneer soft while cooking.

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