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How To Find The Perimeter Of A Rectangle?

The rectangle is a shape which has four sides, each corner makes 90 angles or is located at an equilateral angle and each side is equal in length to its opposite side. Learning to determine the rectangles perimeter in advantageous as it is used on many occasions in our routine life.

Suppose a person is running along the sides of a park which is rectangle in shape and he runs around the park 2 times. So what is the total distance he has covered? One of the ways to calculate this distance is by using a measuring tape, but this is really a burdensome task. However, there is the easiest way to calculate the distance covered by using a simple mathematical formula. Keep reading the article until end to know more.

Formula of Perimeter

Before knowing the formula we must know that what the perimeter is? The perimeter is the total span around the closed shape rectangle or aggregate of all the sides of the rectangle. If l is the length and w is the width of rectangle and we know that there are two sides for length and two sides for width then the formula of perimeter is

P = L + L + W + W

We can also bunch its sides in the pair.

P = 2 x l +2 x w

formula of perimeter

Keep in mind that it is indispensable to know both length and width before applying the formula, if you don’t know the length or width of a rectangle then you can’t calculate perimeter.

Pragmatic Example

To perceive the concept of calculating the perimeter more facilely, let’s take an example. Surmise a rectangle having 25 meters of length and its width is 10 meters.


To calculate its perimeter we proceed by just putting these values in the formula.

P= 2(25) + 2(10)


Before advancing to further calculation we must know the DMAS rule. DMAS indicates the order to solve the basic mathematical operations. According to DMAS rule, it is mandatory to solve at first “Division”, then “Multiplication”, further “Addition” and at the last “subtraction”.

DMAS rule

So keeping in mind the order according to rule, first we will multiply and then add rest of the values.

P= 2 x 25 + 2 x 10

P= 50+20

P=70 m

Area of Rectangle

Area of the rectangle is the zone or territory taken by the rectangle. Its formula is a little bit different from the perimeter.

A = l x w

Where l is the length and w is the width.

area of a rectangle

Just like perimeter it is must that you know both length and width otherwise you cannot determine the area. Persisting with the last example we can calculate the area as

A =25 x 10

A = 250 m2

I hope you liked the post and if you have any query or want to give suggestions you can write it down in the comments section.


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