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How To Calculate The Period Of A Wave?

Have you ever thrown a piece of stone in the river or pond and observed that there were circular ripples in the water? Wave is an important element for surfing but have you ever thought why these waves reproduced? Why is this important to know about waves? If yes then this article will be advantageous to know what are waves? and how to calculate the period of waves?

Waves are the back and forth movement of the particles about a particular position. Waves is basically a commotion that transfer energy using a medium and sometimes without a medium. The period is a time in which the particle completes one cycle. Wave period can be calculated using different terms such as wavelength, velocity, and frequency etc. To know about calculating, the period of wave read the complete article.

Calculating Period In Terms Of Frequency

Before calculating we must know what frequency is?  Suppose you have a pot of water and you generate waves using your finger. Particular vibrations will generate at a certain time. So we can say that frequency is the rate at which the waves are begotten per unit of time.

The unit of time is second so we calculate the frequency in terms of vibrations per seconds or Hertz. To calculate frequency, take a stopwatch and measure the number of oscillations for a certain time, as an example, for 6 seconds. Now divide the number of vibrations by time this will give you frequency.

pperiod in terms of frequency

In the above image, we have 2 cycles for 6 seconds so 2 divided by 6 is 0.3 Hertz. To measure the period of a wave, take the inverse of frequency. As previously, we have calculated frequency so for 0.3 Hertz frequency the time period is 1 divided by 0.3 which is equal to 3.3 seconds.

Wave Period In Terms Of Wavelength & Velocity

Given below are the illustrations about term need to know before calculating wave period


Each wave consists of the upper peak called as crest and lower peak knows as the trough. The gap between two sequential crests or troughs is called wavelength.

wavelength of wave

Wave Velocity

The velocity of a wave is calculated as the multiplication of wavelength and frequency. Suppose a wave has a wavelength of 2 meters and frequency of 2 Hertz then the velocity is 4 meter per second.

velocity of wave

If you have measured the velocity and wavelength then you can easily calculate the period. Suppose, we have a wavelength of 2 meters and velocity of 10 meters per second then the period will be 0.2 sec.

I hope this post will be beneficial for you and if you have any query you can write it down in the comments section.


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