How to Pin a Message on Telegram?

When we consider texting applications, Telegram is moving closer to the cutting edge of our aggregate personality. Discharged in 2013, it has been generally acknowledged by clients over the globe, particularly because of its apparent security advantages to the client.

how to Pin a Message on Telegram

With an intent to take into account clients’ most recent necessities and desires, the application accompanies consistent changes and updates. One of these most recent updates is the capacity to stick a message on an individual or group talk on Telegram. In this article, we will reveal to you some ways to pin a message on Telegram, alongside more data about the application and its highlights.

Some Extra Information About Telegram

Extra Information About Telegram

Telegram is a well-known informing application that is super quick, free and easy to utilize. It is accepted to be generally secure and enables you to get to your talks crosswise over various devices in the meantime. Regardless of whether you are utilizing Telegram on your PC, tablet or advanced cell, you can deliver your messages impeccably on every one of your devices. Telegram enables you to send photographs, records, recordings and messages to people, group or communicate channels.

A single Telegram group can have over 100,000 individuals and Broadcast Channels have relatively boundless reach for a group of onlookers. Many individuals over the globe are utilizing Telegram for their own and business informing prerequisites. As we know that a group can have countless individuals, it is not entirely obvious critical messages and not answer in time. On account of this, Telegram has as of late propelled an ability with which you can pin your message.

Follow the Process to Pin Message


If you want to Pin a message, then it is simple and quick. When you pin it, it will show up at the best when you open your application. It will have an alternate shading with the goal that you can undoubtedly realize that you need to open it. At the point when another message touches base after the stuck message, it won’t be sent at the bottom. Utilizing this element, you can pin in excess of one message at any given moment. Follow the following steps to pin your message on Telegram.

  • Open your Telegram application. Its symbol resembles a white paper plane on the blue foundation. You will effectively discover it in your applications cabinet or your home screen.
  • The bunches that can allow message pinning are known as supergroups. On the off chance that you have not changed over your group into a supergroup yet, you should do as such at this point.
  • Now you should click on that group in which you want to pin your message. In the event that you have not utilized this group for some time, the group more likely than not going to the base of your screen. You should look down until the end so as to discover it beneath.
  • Once you discover the group, click on that message you need to pin.
  • This will show you pop-up screen. This message will give you three alternatives, first is to ‘Stick to top’, second is to ‘Clear history’ & last option is to ‘Erase’ it. You need to choose the ‘Stick to top’ choice.
  • You will see an affirmation message, saying that you have effectively pinned your message for Telegram group.
  • Choose whether you need to send a notification to individuals from the pin or not. On the off chance that you need the part to get a notification about pinning a message, at that point you can choose a checkbox beside ‘Tell All Members’. In the event that you don’t need that to happen, you can expel the check stamp from a similar box.
  • At last, you need to click on the Ok icon. By following these guidelines, you can pin a message to the best on Telegram.

Why Should You Choose Telegram?

Why Should You Choose Telegram

When contrasted with many other best messaging applications, Telegram provides higher security and protection utilizing encryption method. It is quick, and you can utilize it to get and send video records as large as 1024 MB. For chatting it consumes just a couple of bytes of information and you can customize your talks by various sounds and foundations.

The application is totally allowed to download and utilize for free, even with no bothering promotions. It gives boundless distributed storage space, with the goal that you can store your information in the cloud. You may get to your application from in excess of one device at any given moment. It additionally gives private chat alternative with which you can covertly talk with a man without including some other individual to see the messages.

I hope you find my article helpful if you have any further queries you can mention in the comment section down below, I’ll be humble to help you out. For other related articles, you can visit

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