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How To Plan a Long Drive?

How To Plan a Long Drive?: Travelling is always a fun experience especially with your friends and family, you always cherish all the moments spent together and remember them throughout your life.

Traveling by means of a car is another great adventure as well as an amazing thing. You should definitely go for a long drive by just keeping a few things in mind and then you are good to go.


Preparing the Car to travel and rested and checking the roads are the basic before embarking on a long drive. It’s important to make perfect plans and to select the perfect route to enjoy your holidays from the outset from the first moment you sit behind the wheel. You should need to just remember some basics before you start your car road trip.

How To Plan a Long Drive?

Planning A Car Trip

Traveling through a car is a very common type of tourism. Millions of people everyday travel by road. Car trip ensures autonomy and flexibility. People who choose a car trip may go through some difficulties but they also enjoy it. So trip planning is a fundamental part of embarking on a long journey. Today its much easier to organize a good road trip with the help of GPS with which you can check alternative routes.

To start your trip, first of all, choose a good place you wanted to visit and choose the best routes using a roadmap But before choosing a place to visit must think about your budget, the toll, gasoline consumption and travel hours. To make your trip much more enjoyable stops on different stations which came in your route after every short interval of time with this it would be possible for you to refuel your car and could see much more places you can also take rest for some time if you are tired.


It will also be possible for you to enjoy your meals easily. You can get your meals from better places. Organizing such a trip will also help you to see new places in addition to the place you are visiting. You must also take care of your belongings if you stop at a restaurant and make sure that your car is properly locked.

Before embarking on a journey it is also important to consider the arrival and departure dates. Starting a long journey on weekdays will help you to travel easily with less trouble and it will be a more likely possibility that you get stuck in the rush or get in trouble due to heavy traffic.

Check The Car Before Travel

Security is an essential part of all trips especially if you are embarking on a long trip. The condition of your car means a lot to you as well as to the other travelers. Before starting your journey it’s important to check the level of your car’s fuel. You must take notice or check your brakes, wipers, and steering as well as the wipers, tires and pressure and the engine. It’s also important to comfort other travelers so you should check the seats and make sure that they are well anchored and also don’t forget to check the position of the mirrors to avoid blind spots that make you lose visibility.


It is also essential to check the spare parts of your car because in long journeys it is often difficult to find a mechanic and also if you are traveling in an unknown city it makes it impossible because you don’t know the routes properly. You must carry the spare wheels and the jack or any manual lift to change the tire in case of a puncture. It is also necessary to carry spare lights and tools in case if the lights of the car break than you can fit in those lights.

Finally, you must take a reflective vest and a set of two warning triangles which you may place at a distance from the car in the case of accident or any breakdown to signal danger to other drivers.

Rest An Essential Point

When going on a long journey don’t try to finish your journey in a recorded time rather enjoy the spin. So being well rested its also important to take rest after every two hours to prevent accidents caused by fatigue, and lack of sleep. Stopping after every two hours for 150 kilometers is advisable.

Wind down stretch your legs before concentrating on the road again if you have any partner or person with you who can drive so it’s better to switch it’s more careful and useful. Take turns to swap between rest stops.

At rest

Bear in mind the time when you start your journey. It is advisable not to take heavy meals during the journey because it can cause drowsiness and heavy indigestion. Light meals such as juices, fruits, and, caffeinated drinks will help you to keep alert, attentive, focused and rested throughout the journey.

Another tip is to wear comfortable clothes during the journey. If you are thinking to start your journey during the day than you should take proper rest at night.

Other Tips Before Travelling

  • Try to keep in right line especially on motorways. Always remember to indicate signals before switching lanes.
  • If you have a caravan reduce speed gradually and exercise the extreme cautions. It is safe to keep a distance in your car and front car.
  • If you are thinking to start your journey at night must check the headlights and fog lights. It is also necessary to take the rest and to take light meals.
  • If you start your trip in the morning it is advisable to wear the sunglasses to prevent your eyes from the sunlight and if the day is hot don’t forget to take fresh juice and cold water with you and remember to on the air conditioning to prevent yourself from getting drowsy.
  • Avoid carrying extra luggage with you. Only pack those things which are necessary for you and your trip. Avoid putting your luggage in the passengers’ seat because it can cause injury in the case of an accident.
  • Try to live up the road trip especially if you are traveling with children or ant teenager. look for activities and games that will keep them distracted and relaxed and  Avoid to on your deck on high volume because it can distract your concentration. You can buy a screen designed for the seats so that they can watch a film or play classic games with them such as eye spy, guessing the color of the next car.

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