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How To Plant Ginger In A Root Pot?

Ginger is one of the essential natural ingredient, frequently used in the preparation of food almost everywhere in this world. It is known for its unique flavor and aroma. It is used in different forms such as raw, cooked or even in powdered or paste form, depending on your choice and requirement of food recipe.

It is also used frequently in health drinks, owing to its medicinal utility, as it has the ability of pain killing, especially in the stomach. Ginger is also useful to enhance metabolism in human body. Some experts are also of the view that it is beneficial for sugar qpatients. In many recipes, ginger is used as an additional source of aroma and for giving a spicy touch to your food.

Apart from fresh and raw ginger, it is also available in powder or paste form. People also like to prepare its paste or powder at their own at home. In short, ginger has a great utility in Kitchen almost everywhere.

grow ginger

Ginger is abundantly available in any vegetable market but these days, people like to grow such things in their home garden or even indoors. Being quite peculiar and unique in shape and properties, some may think that it will be difficult to grow ginger at home. But that is not true.

Ginger can be grown at home by anyone having a basic knowledge about growing vegetables. It can even be grown in a pot and that too in indoor. So, if you are interested in such activities you must be aware of the details on how this can be grown at home.

Here we are suggesting basic steps for growing ginger at home in a pot.

Basic Information

The part of a ginger plant that is actually used as a food ingredient, is its roots and stem, though some people also like to use its leaves in some recipes. If you look at the fresh ginger bought from your local market, you will see a tubular and irregular shaped root, having many eye buds on it. For growing ginger, this eye bud is the most important thing, which will be discussed later in this article.

Its shape also suggests that it grows horizontally deep inside the soil. So, the first thing you must keep in mind while trying to grow it at home is, the pot in which you want to grow it must be wider in shape.


A second important thing that needs your attention is the fact that ginger requires ample quantity of water for its growth. Best time for planting a ginger in your home garden is the early spring season. Ginger is a type of root that grows horizontally, for which the botanical term rhizomes is used, which means an underground stem/root growing continuously and horizontally.

Process Of Growing Ginger Plant In Pot At Home

  • Select a pot that should be at least one foot in height and wider enough. No matter it may be a rounded shaped or of an angular one in shape of rectangle or square. More preferably it should be porous one or should have a little hole in its base for drainage of excessive water.
  • Fill this part with normal gardening soil available with the nurseries. Mix a fertilizer (that can also be bought from the nurseries). Soil and fertilizer should be thoroughly mixed and filled in the pot leave at least 6-8 inches space on top.
  • Make sure that the soil mixture filled in the pot should not be compressed too much; rather leave it somewhat loose.
  • Now go to the local grocery shop or your nearest nursery. Ask for a living root of ginger. Means a piece of ginger which is as fresh as possible. If you have someone in your neighbor with a ginger plant in his garden, the best option is to get a ginger root cutting from him.
  • Root that can be used for growing ginger at your home in a pot must have the following qualities:
  • It should be as fresh as possible or preferably a living root.
  • It should be firm, having a tight skin
  • It should have many eye buds. An eye bud is just like a round bump on the surface of the tubular root of ginger, as you can see on some potatoes. These eye buds are in fact the source from where the new ginger plant will be grown.
  • Cut the root at the section of eye buds. Cut each eye bud section separately as each of them will be used a base for growing a new ginger plant.
  • Let the root soaked in mildly warm water for at least one night.
  • Now insert the ginger root in a way that eye bud should be pointing upwards. Root should be inserted in the soil some 2 inches deep. Give a little water to it.
  • Make sure that one eye bud should be sown in one pot.
  • Pot should be kept at a relatively warmer place but avoid too much of bright sunlight.
  • It will take around 2 weeks for the shoots to come out of the soil. During this period, it needs a lot of care from you. Don’t expose it too much to bright sunlight, keep it at the slightly warmer place and don’t let the soil dry too much. Keep on watering it with little water. Avoid too much of water.
  • Once the shoots start growing, wait for a couple of months and let the plant grow. Now it is time to harvest your first ginger. This can be found by moving some soil on the edges of your pot and you will see the ginger under the surface of the soil.
  • Cut the piece of ginger stem away from the plant, i.e. towards edges of your pot. Then replace the soil you have just moved away.
  • This way the ginger plant will keep on growing continuously giving you the product each time you need it.
  • Another way of harvesting is to wait for at least 6-8 months and let the root stem grow inside the soil. When you observe yellowing of the leaves, it means the growth is almost complete. Stop further watering and wait till entire leave turn yellow.
  • Now you can harvest the large piece of ginger root stem, which is just near to the surface of the soil. Keep the plant intact and take care of it throughout the winter season. Being a perennial crop, it has the ability to continue regrowth so, you can harvest a large piece of ginger next time and each time for years.
  • Make sure to cut the ginger stem in the little piece at a time, so that the remaining part may continue to grow more.
  • A ginger plant grown in your home garden or pot has the ability to be harvested throughout the year, provided you take proper care of your plant.


  • While harvesting your ginger crop, be sure not to damage the root of the plant; just cut the ginger from the underground stem.
  • If you find some small leaves on the surface of the soil, you can pick them and these can be used in various recipes.
  • Save your ginger plant from frost and too much cold weather. Keep it in relatively warmer place in your house.

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