How To Prevent Eye Bags Naturally?

It’s been recently discovered that eye bags like pore size are a genetic issue, which our mind immediately translates as “you’d have to live with them”. They may be inherited, but still, all hope is not lost. Prevention is key, so we must start with that.

Cause and effect is a natural rule of law and applies to the under eye-bag issue just as much as it would any other. We, at Try Articles, have collected some guidelines on cause and prevention of under eye bags. Read through this article to find out.Eye Bags

What Causes The Under Eye Bags to Form?


Eye bags can be hereditary, which means someone in your family passed it on to you or according to a study they could also be a result of blood vessels lying under our skins that are swollen or not draining properly.

Blood Circulation

According to a study, under eye bags could also be a result of blood vessels lying under our skins that are swollen or not draining properly.  


As we age our body produces less collagen and elastin, which play a key role in making our skin firm, supple and youthful. A decrease in collagen production is obviously an issue with how our body works from the inside and that tells us to ask questions about our diet, for example, what kind of food intake is required or what type of food to avoid will help us with collagen production.

  • A controlled intake of salt
  • Consumption of smoke and caffeine infested beverages in excess

All packed goods, like a packet of crisps and food in tin cans, are loaded with a very high amount of Sodium which causes fluid retention, which further aids in de-hydrating our body of the necessary amount of fluid. More such examples that add to this list are soft drinks, white flour, refined sugar or any drink with a high ratio of caffeine.

Preventive Measures For Under Eye Bags

All solutions begin from within and so it does for handling under eye bags as well. Health is a key factor towards a youthful looking skin and the following aid to it very well. Here are some preventive measures that may help keep the under eye bags at bay:


A diet that includes less processed foods and more natural foods will give better results and will reflect on your skin. Replacing fresh vegetables and fruits with processed food will make a remarkable difference. Try including these to your diet and see the bags under your eyes and your overall skin get better. An increased amount of water alongside this will help make it high on your health scoreboard. It will fight the water retention and keep you well hydrated and fresh.

Healthy Food


Excercise will help loosen up those clumped up vessels and ensure an even flow of blood circulation, further enhancing the look of your skin.



Sleep often regarded as beauty sleep in the beauty industry, really is ‘beauty’ sleep. It is very important that our bodies are given enough time to rest so that it may repair itself. Sleeping well counts, but sleeping in a well-managed position makes a lot more difference as well.

Sleep and rest

Keeping your head slightly elevated on your pillow helps prevent fluid build-up under our eyes, hence making them look less puffy. It’s that simple! The result of this way of sleeping will show results as immediately as waking up the next day.


Although we are hydrating our bodies from the inside by keeping up with our fluid intake of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. We still need to take care of our skin from the outside. The skin where the under eye bags form is very thin and needs to handled with care.

A proper massage with a rich moisturizer will help give a topical dose of hydration and prevent the under eye bags from forming. The massage helps the vessels under the skin to loosen up and relax and improves blood flow. This in return helps de-puff the eye bags.

Corrective Measures: Cosmetic Surgery

This is not a preventive measure but a corrective measure. This probably should be your last option considering none of the above mentioned worked for you. Also keeping in mind that an authorized professional performs the required procedure.

I’m sure it doesn’t seem too hard to prevent eye bags with all these tips and tricks. Go ahead try them all out and see the difference they bring. Don’t forget to share the word around while you’re at it.

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