Eyebrows are what bring expressions to life. Hence taking care of them is vital. And while you’re taking care of them, you may end up plucking them the wrong way, where the hair breaks mid-way and you leave the root under the skin. This left-out root of your eyebrow hair, which wasn’t plucked correctly, turns into a nasty red painful bump. This bump is known as an ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is like an uninvited visitor, if it comes, it comes and it takes time to go away. There are plenty of ways to prevent these from forming. This Try Articles article will help you with a few home remedies and some awesome well-being tips to prevent this mini-disaster from happening.

Fixes for ingrown eyebrow hairs

The basic key to prevention is first and foremost, plucking the hair out correctly. There are several ways to do that. The most common ones are threading, waxing and to save time, tweezing them out. Recently a trend of shaving the brows to shape is very much in use.

When the hair grows back, the ingrown hair tends to grow in the wrong direction, which causes a lot of pain. We want a pain-free path and for that, we’ll need to follow some rules.

Let’s have a look!

Sterilising Your Tweezer

If you’ve chosen the tweezer method to pluck the eyebrows hair in shape, it’s very important to make it germ-free.  Just wipe the tweezer off with an alcohol pad. This way you’ve minimized transferring any bacteria to the hair follicle when it comes in contact with your skin.

Applying Heat

In order to be able to pull out the hair fully and easily, it is preferred that the pore holding the hair follicle is loosened a bit. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? The lesser the hold the easier it is to pull the whole hair out with lesser chances of mid-way breakage.

You may take a hot shower where the steam will eventually help in opening up the pores or otherwise, using a warm washcloth can do the trick as well. Press the warm cloth over the eyebrows several times to open the pores. Make sure to rinse the water out before pressing it over the eyebrows.

Gentle Pulling

Probably the most important step. How to pull the hair out matters the most in achieving our goal. Being gentle is the key, but of course, not too gentle that you don’t pull the hair out in one go! Ouch!

Gently tweezing the eyebrows

Pull the hair out in the direction of its growth. Always pull it out this way. That’s the rule of thumb for plucking/tweezing. While, waxing, on the other hand, works vice versa.

Home Remedies

Do deal with an ingrown hair, that has just sprouted out, its best to out-do them with home remedies. But, just in case it turns into something more serious and painful, you must see a doctor.

Solution Of Aspirin

Solution of aspirin

Take 2 aspirin tablets and crush them. Mix 1 tsp of water and create a solution. Apply this solution to the problem area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Repeat this process daily until the ingrown hair rises up and then you can easily pluck it with tweezers.

Sugar Scrub

The main aim is to shed the dead skin off so that it becomes easier to stimulate the afflicted area. But, please remember to be gentle as vigorous scrubbing movements can cause pain to the ingrown hair. When we stimulate the problem area, it will help push the ingrown hair out.

sugar rose scrub

Mix 1 tbsp of sugar in 1 tsp coconut oil. It’s preferred to add tea tree essential oil, so add 2-3 drops of it. And, that’s it! Your scrub is ready. Damp the area with a cloth and take the desired amount. No gently move in mini circular motions. Using very less pressure as not to damage the sensitive area. Do this daily for 5 mins to help free the blocked hair.

Wait! there is an added bonus! You can use this scrub to prevent future such mishaps. The tea tree oil with its anti-fungal properties will help the in-grown hair to not become a painful bump.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Commonly known as ACV. Apple cider vinegar holds anti-inflammatory properties. This means it does a great job of fixing the swelling. It reduces inflammation and redness and calms the skin down.

Apple cider vinegar for ingrown hair problems

Miz equal parts ACV and distilled water. Dip a round cotton pad or a washcloth and gently press down on the problem area. Repeat until the bump goes down and the swelling subsides. Stay committed as this may take some time to show results.


An ingrown hair may seem harmless but it is supposed to heal within a week or the most a week and a half. So, please take note to see your dermatologist if the ingrown hair doesn’t go away even after a few weeks. Also, keep a tab on the size of the bump. It shouldn’t keep increasing. If you see any of these symptoms, get an appointment with a skin specialist at your earliest.

Hoping, this article is a lifesaver if you’re dealing with an ingrown hair as you read this. Tell us which remedy gave you the best and quickest results.

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