Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder : Causes , Symptoms and Treatment

Post-traumatic stress disorder defines as an anxiety disorder that occurs due to a sudden accident in life or due to shock or trauma situations. It also includes the flashbacks and nightmares. The mental condition is disturbed seriously and it has bad effects on health.If these situations occur for only a week then it refers to acute stress disorder. But if these symptoms are continuous up to six months then it is called the post-traumatic stress disorder.


Here at Tryarticles, I discussed the causes symptoms and treatment of Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

  • Causes

There are many causes of Post-traumatic stress disorder.It may due to trauma or sudden accents. The causes are following.

  • Sudden Accidents

It may occur due to sudden accidents that give a big hit to the mind.If we have seen the accident then it remains in our mind. Some people can not bear this. When the close ones have an accident in the front of our eyes it becomes very painful to cope with the situation. Then it remain stored in mind and disturbs the normal activities of life.


Coping with such a tragic case is not so easy but it is possible to busy the mind. Shock disturbs the mental processes normally.

  • Rape Cases

Rape is the accident that is unforgettable and very painful. Rape cases are difficult to handle and seem impossible to recover. Most people commit suicide and the ones who live cannot stand on the face of society and their relationships. It completely destroys the psychological health of the person and spoiled their life ever.

RAPE CASESThey loss confidence, wishes, dreams and their happiness due to a sudden accident. The episodes of anxiety also occur and tend to sadness and depression. This depression negatively affects the normal activities of life.

  • Trauma Situations

Trauma is also the main cause of this disorder because it also negatively affects the mind. Trauma situation may occur during depression . The shock paralyzes the mind including thoughts and thinking of a person is seized . Therefore, the contact with reality become reduced due to trauma condition . The sudden death or accidents can also cause trauma.

TRAUMA Trauma is toxic for psychological well being. So trauma condition is also the main cause of Post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse disturbs a mind a lot. The person who is being abused emotionally feels difficulty to recover back to normal life. Emotional abuse is also an immoral and painful activity attempted by criminals and fake persons. This abuse can be very dangerous and life risky for the person who is being emotionally abused by others.

Emotional abuse also makes a person weak and broken from inside. Coping up with emotional abuse is also difficult and time taking but not still impossible . Happiness and positivism can reduce its pain.


There is no specific difference between physical abuse and emotional abuse. Both have the same effects on psychological and physical health. Physical abuse may difficult to cope but emotional abuse is also difficult to cope.The harm and danger of both are same.

  • Earthquake

Earthquake is also the sign offer and message of death for a post-traumatic person. Earthquake is indeed a great shock for the person who already has anxiety and stress. If the family or other valuable things are lost during this harmful event then it’s too hurting for a such person. These things remember the patients as alarming threats that disturbs the normal life of the patient.


It produces fear in the person who has this disorder or it may occur to the event-related threats that continuously hit his mind.

  • Common Disorders That Are Present With PTSD

The psychological disease is not present alone. The other symptoms and disorders are also involved to make a person psychologically sick and ill. The different disorders are also included with post-traumatic stress disorder. Here are the following disorders that occur with the Post-traumatic stress disorder.PTSD SYMPTOMS

  • Major Depression occurs.
  • Anxiety disorders occurs.
  • Adjustment disorders occurs.
  • Bipolar disorder may occur.
  • Personality disorder may occur.
  • Symptoms

There are different symptoms that show the post-traumatic stress disorder in a person. From these symptoms, we can find easily this disorder in a person.The different procedures are used to identify the psychological issues. The projective techniques are also used but some symptoms are specific that show the specific problem and disorder. This disorder also have symptoms that indicates the disorder.

  • Nightmares occur.
  • Flashbacks occur; the person feels that same situation occurs again.
  • Feeling of Fear.
  • Negative thinking and thoughts.
  • Person becomes paranoid.
  • False perception may occur.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Death fear.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Insomnia appears.
  • Hallucinations occur many times.
  • Treatment

The therapies are given to the patient for recovery and psychological well being. Therapies are also used to control the disorders and to balance the life of the patient . Different techniques are used for different psychological problems. These therapies are explained below.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognition is related to the thoughts and thinking that directly affect the behavior.The thoughts are associated with the behavior, therefore, the behavior is modified through thoughts and thinking. This technique is also very useful in changing the behavior and cognition.

  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational emotional behavioral therapy is used to convert the irrational feelings, thoughts, and thinking into rational. The negative thinking is focused to eliminate and to be changed in the positive thinking. The thinking effects the behavior, therefore, the it converts into rational by this technique.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy

Progressive muscle relaxation therapy is used to relax the mind and body as well. We can say it as an exercise that relaxes the body and mind. The body parts are stretched by the person and then relaxed to the original position. It is a useful technique that can be given in the case of stress, pain, panic attacks and anxiety.

  • Medication

The depression and anxiety are also controlled by medication. Different medicines are used to cope with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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What Are The Types And Characteristics Of Eating Disorders?

You may have observed the people in surrounding that are engaged in the habit of overeating or they eat very less in a day according to the demands of their body. It’s mean that they have the problem with eating, as a result, they suffer from eating disorders. The disorder may be anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or bulimia nervosa. The disorder may be inherited or due to depression or anxiety or it may be due to environmental or cultural issues.EATING DISORDERS

Here at Tryarticles, I will discuss the types and characteristics of eating disorders.

Types and Characteristics of Eating Disoders

The person who is suffering from an eating disorder has definite symptoms that others people noticed a lot. The eating disorders just like other disorders have some characteristics. These characteristics are following.

  • Major Characteristics

There are some changes that take place in body and mind of a person who is suffering from eating disorder. These characteristics help to identify the eating disorder in a common man who is unknown of the truth that what issue he has with himself and it becomes dangerous for his psychological and physical health.CHARACTERERISTICS

  • The person behaves emotionally without thinking.
  • The person pretends that he is perfect.
  • The person worries about the things that are unimportant.
  • The person becomes very sensitive to reward or punishment.
  • The person continues his work even if others are against.
  • The person thoughts without any reason and worries a lot. In short, he becomes obsessive.
  • The person hides the food or wrappers from others.
  • The person vomits dramatically and tries to vomit by self.
  • The person with an eating disorder does excessive exercise.
  • The person continuously goes to the bathroom after eating.
  • The person eats if no one is present in the surrounding.  

The biological and physiological issues including environment also play a role in the development of eating disorders.

  • Types Of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders also have types including different symptoms that can help to identify the specific type of eating disorder. Following are the different types of eating disorders.

  • Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa leads to thin weight or fear of gaining weight. You may definitely observe the persons who worry a lot about their weight and maybe you have a deal with such type of persons who often try to lose their weight even if no threat exists to become fatty. They have a psychological issue and they are not satisfied with their body.

They are thin in appearance but still worry that they are fatty. They have irregular diet and avoid to take food properly. They become very sensitive in a choice of food, as a result, they start avoiding food. So such type of person cannot enjoy food as the normal person enjoys daily.

less food

They become selective in the choice of food. This mental illness has harmful effects on their body. The disorder may arise due to psychological, physical or social issues. That’s not a common thing it’s too dangerous for the health if it becomes excessive. Many inabilities may occur. The inability to take food also occurs. Fatigue also occurs in this condition and person becomes weak and thin.

  • Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is also known as Binge Eating Disorder. The person that is suffering from this disorder eats a lot. The excessive food take without any limitation and proper timing makes a person fatty and the body image get distorted. It has harmful and dangerous effects on health. The risk of death also increases in this disorder. The person cut off with the family and friends after eating a lot and become very sensitive. This too much sensitivity refers to an imbalance in psychological well being. The chances of the cardial block also increase due to low potassium and imbalance in the electrolyte within the body. OVER EATINGThe social life also becomes imbalance and person feels shameful and guilt arises after taking a heavy meal. The depression and anxiety also arise within the person who suffers from binge eating disorder. Excessive episodes of eating are present and body image disturbs a lot in result. The esophagus can break, therefore the risk of dying increases.

  • Pica

Pica is also an eating disorder in which non-nutritive food is taken by a person who is suffering from this eating disorder. It may  be caused due to some other disorders like mental retardation etc. This may begin due to developmental disabilities also. These disabilities occur due to any fixation during the developmental stages. The ingestion of any substance takes place that is non-nutritive like ice. Ice ingestion is the sign of anemia.  The ingestion of non-nutritive substance may take place at least one month or above. It also uses a coping mechanism in some cultures.


The mild aversion therapy is used by giving the reward to the person for eating the normal nutritive food. Pica is not so dangerous as other disorders are.

  • Night Eating Syndrome

Night eating syndrome is also an eating disorder caused by depression, anxiety or imbalanced hormones. If the diet at daytime is irregular then it leads to night eating syndrome. Our body consumes energy at daytime and the persons who eat only in the night they may become fatty because at night the body consumes less energy. The sleeping cycle eventually got disturbed and sleep illness may also arise.

night eating

It may cause insomnia or sleeping sickness. Human body stores extra calories as fat at the night time. The imbalance in hormones occurs and sleep cycle of a person who has night eating syndrome differs to the normal person’s sleep cycle .

  • Purging Eating Disorder

Purging eating is also a disorder. It may present in a person due to symptoms like vomit by self and less control on eating etc. Due to purging eating disorder, the sodium level, potassium level, and all the fluids in the body imbalances and chances of a heart attack became high. SELF INDUCED VOMITAs a result, death of an individual may occur instantly. People often do the exercise out of limit, therefore, it affects badly the physical health of a person.

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Night Terrors In Adults: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Parasomnia is a genre of sleep disorder that entails peculiar behaviors, movements, emotions and dreams that eventuates while sleeping. It can occur in different stages of sleep such as, while falling asleep, between sleep or during the arousal from a sleep. One of these sleep orders is Night terror also named as sleep terror. Sleep terror is a kind of disorder in which a person temporary arouses from a sleep for a short period, during which he acts extremely terrified.

exploring sleep terror

Night terror is estimated to be 1- 6% in children and less than 1% adults are affected by this disorder. In adults, it can occur at the age of 20 to 30 years. Night terror is often associated with the nightmares. But what exactly it is? Why did it happen? What are the symptoms? How to overcome this disorder? If you are curious to know about all these questions then in this article, we will explore all the answers about the night terror, so read the complete article.

What Is Night Terror?

what is night terror

As we have described earlier, night terror is a disorder of sleeping, in which a person experiences an extreme fear while falling asleep or while sleeping or waking from a sleep. During the period, a person acts abnormally by expressing his fear through shouting, screaming, panicked and sweating.

Usually, in this situation, the affected person can hit anything that is around him without really knowing that what is in his surroundings and generally, forgets about what he has done. Affected person experience this after a few hours of sleeping and this period can last up to 3 seconds to 20 minutes.


symptoms of sleep terror

Usually, an affected person does this all unconsciously and seems to forget about it. But it is very easy to diagnose it. Given below are some symptoms:

  • Fully or partly arousal from sleep, immediately.
  • Shrieking or screaming.
  • The person can talk, moan, scream, sob or cry.
  • Widely opened eyes.
  • Intense fear.
  • Rapid heart-beat.
  • Fleet breathing.
  • Panic.
  • Sweating.
  • Possibly sit or walk around the house.
  • Little or no memento about the episode after awakening.
  • Once the episode has finished, the affected person goes back to sleep.

Symptoms of night terror vary from person to person, some of the affected people are capable of escaping and can run fast around the house and some of them just sit on the bed with eyes wide open and rapid breathing. Pay attention to all of these symptoms so that it could be easier for you to diagnose the disorder of night terrors


causes of sleep terror

Causes of sleep terror is a big challenge in psychology but some of the commonly known factors behind night terror in adults are

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Interruption in sleep schedule.
  • Use of alcohol.
  • Some medications.
  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Could be inherited.
  • Fever.
  • Late night snacks.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Restless legs syndrome.

Above all the causes in adults, the interesting and rare one is late night snacks. Some adults experience night terror after having late night snack because it increases the metabolism which causes a signal to the brain to be more active.

Some medications such as anti-depression and narcotics, act with the chemical on the brain, hence causing night terror. Extreme depression, tiredness and stress also effects the brain causing night terror. Use of alcohol is the biggest cause in the adults and sometimes if the family has this disorder then it can be inherited.


If the episodes of night terror in effected person are not frequent then the treatment is not necessary. In such case, it is recommended to rearrange the furniture of the bedroom so that during the episode he won’t get hurt. But if these episodes are frequent then this is an alarming situation.

In such case, it is recommended to go for an expert advice who will suggest cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, biofeedback or relaxation therapy that may help. Besides, some home remedies can be used for the treatment of night terrors and some of them are described below.

  • Get Sufficient Sleep

get sufficient sleep

Fatigue and deprived sleep contribute to the night terror. It is necessary that if you are affected by this disorder, re-schedule your sleeping time. Earlier bedtime and more sleeping are highly recommended. Try taking more short naps as possible during working schedule and avoid any noise that can interrupt your sleep. Sleep in a peaceful environment. Increase the duration of the sleep from 6 to 10 hours. In that way, your mind will have more time to be relaxed.

  • Establish A Relaxing Routine Before Bedtime

relaxing routine

Maintain a regular relaxing routine by doing quite and calm activities such as reading books, soaking in a warm bath before going to bed. Make the bedroom noiseless and comfortable for sleeping. Meditation and relaxing exercises are also beneficial. There should be no use of gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones, one hour before sleeping. As the use of theses gadgets can interrupt your sleeping schedule.

Checking The Pattern

checking the routine

Note that how much time after sleeping, you experience night terror. If the period is consistent then anticipatory awakening can help. Try to awake before the time when the episode occurs, using an alarm. for instance, if you experience the terror after the one hour of sleeping then set an alarm for almost 45 minutes. In this way, you are interrupting your mind so that it won’t get into the episode of night terror.

Medicines To Put Stress In Its Place

medications to put stress away

Problems are part of life but don’t let them rule yourself. Don’t panic and in such situations, try medication to get relief from stress. Usually, in this situation, Adrenaline is recommended which is a neurotransmitter and the medication. Generally, Adrenaline is generated by the adrenal gland and some neurons. It a great anti-depressant and it plays an important role in the fight or flight mode by increasing the blood flow.

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Multiple Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Until 1994, Dissociative identity disorder (DID) was known as multiple personality disorder. The name was changed to reflect an eminent understanding of the scenario and it is a condition in which two or more than two personalities with diverse memories and behavior prevail in one individual. These personalities have their own social relationships and own way of living.

These distinct personalities alternately control of the affected person. The individual also undergoes memory loss that is too ample to describe. This is a rare condition and people suffering from this are often victims of extreme abuse. Some people take it as an experience of possession while some believe it to be an experience of depression due to the traumatic case.

exploring the dissociative identity disorder

But what exactly is dissociative identity disorder? What are the symptoms? What are the causes of this disorder? How can we overcome it? If you are interested to know then in this article, we will explore the answers to all the above queries, so read the complete article.

What Is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

What Is Dissociative Identity Disorder

Have you ever experienced mild dissociation, such as daydreaming or getting lost in the moments, while working? Yes, most of us had experienced this state. We can relate this condition to the Dissociative identity disorder but it is a severe form of dissociation.

In fact, it is a mental process in which affected person’s mind lost connection or lack connection in his memories, thoughts, actions, feelings and sense of identity. The individual dissociates himself exactly from a scenario or the experience that is too violent, painful or traumatic to equate with his conscious self.

What Are The Symptoms?

symptoms of multiple personality disorder

Given below are some of the symptoms to diagnose multiple personality disorder.

  • Frequent gaps in memory of personal history including places, people events etc
  • Sudden transition from one personality to another and brought on by stress
  • Each personality is well ingrained with its own behavioral pattern, memories and social relationships.
  • Amnesia or
  • The person refers himself or herself as “we”
  • The affected person may find unfamiliar objects or samples of strange handwriting.
  • Sleepwalking
  • Automatic writing in mostly in fugue states
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Phobias
  • Difficulty in parenting and responding to own children
  • Problems trusting others
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • A sense of betrayal
  • Problems with sexual adjustment
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-injurious behaviors such as cutting

Affected people also describe hearing voices of spiritual powers and sometimes these voices accompany connected series of thought that they have no control over. They might also experience a sudden, strong emotion that they can’t control. Also, they feel a sudden change in their body that can be like a small kid, muscular or giant.

They also report about dissociative fugues where they find that they have traveled but that can’t recall this experience. The most dangerous symptom among them is suicidal attacks. Most of the time, they try to suicide or injure themselves.


causes of multiple personality disorder

The causes of dissociative identity disorder are complex but the main reason known to us is the traumatic events or sexual abuse most often in the childhood or developing age which is below 9. It can be caused by the extreme neglect along with emotional hurt even if there is no occurrence of physical or sexual abuse. 90% cases are due to abuse in the past.

Frightening and unpredictable parents also play a role in DID. It is also said that the state of this disorder is coping mechanism that the body of the person itself creates to withstand all the fears that he has been facing through unpleasant events for a long period.  Given below are the four factors that lead to this disorder.

  • The affected person has an intrinsic potential to segregate hence can be easily hypnotized.
  • Harrowing experiences in early childhood can disturb personality development which leads to the greater eligibility for multiple mental or emotional areas.
  • Continuously, experiencing these painful events increase the chance to not recovering this emotional or social deprivation spontaneously.
  • Social influence s, mental and emotional factors shape the final presentation.


treatment of multiple personality disorder

The treatment of dissociative identity disorder is the biggest challenge and we can’t say that the person is cured. The definition of the word cures varies according to the individual to individual. Some people with DID look for ways to manage their distinct personalities in a healthy way.

They are reluctant to reconnect all their distinguished identities because they help the person to withstand the morbid memories. And for others, integrating all personalities into one healthy identity is the objective. Each of these states can be achieved with DID treatment but it can be a painstaking process.

Therapy of various types is used such as:

  • Talk Therapy: This encourages communication of conflicts and insight into problems.
  • Cognitive Therapy: comprises altering dysfunctional thought patterns.
  • Family Therapy: It educates the family about the disorder including diagnosing its presence as well as to cope with the issues that have created in the family because of dissociative identity disorder. Also, its main objective is to educate the family, how to deal with the affected person and how you can help him to overcome this.
  • Creative Therapies/ Art Or Music Therapy: Allows the person to explore thoughts, emotions and memories in a safe and creative way.

Sometimes, medication is also used in the treatment although, no medication is specifically indicated for DID. It helps the people who experience certain symptoms like severe depression or anxiety. Clinical hypnosis is also used which involves intense relaxation, concentration and focused attention to achieve an altered state of consciousness.

This allows a person with DID to explore thoughts, emotions and memories that may be hidden from his/her conscious mind. In this condition, the therapist may be able to talk to each distinct personality and check their behaviors and the situation which alter them.

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Why I Am Afraid To Work? – The Most Common Causes

It is said, “A good day is a pay day” for the youth-hood. Alternatively, in youth, a person starts working on a job or a career to earn money. Things you need i.e. paying your bills, having a place to live, and basically do things you want to do are bought by the money. Yes, money is not everything but without money, you can’t do much.

Not just this, when you work, you contribute to make a stronger economy and community also, you are being a productive citizen and a valued community member. Besides, the source of income, work is a mean of professional development, socialization and satisfaction. While working, you learn new things, develop new skills and when you want to get a new job, your experiences will help you a lot.

fear of working

However, work can also cause suffering when the person is positioned from fear to error. Fear in the professional field produces a lot of psychological wars. If you are a victim of this fear then in this article, we will describe the ways to overcome this fear of work, so read the article till the end.

Causes Of Work Fear

There can be several reasons behind the fear of working, the first step you need to take is to understand the situation and realizing the cause. Some of the situations or reasons are described below.

  • Disconnection From Routine

Disconnection From Routine

One of the most frequent causes of being afraid to work is to have a disconnection from the routine in the office. It adds to the pain of a depression. Being disconnected, make the person’s experience fear at the idea of ​​joining the position again because in that he will feel untrained in the skills of the position.

Also, he may thought that as he has also been disconnected from the updates of the office work and it will be difficult for him to go through them.

  • Having A Toxic Boss

Having A Toxic Boss

It is considered that the toxic boss who corrects you constantly in all your actions never congratulates you for your achievements, is one of the causes of fear of working. The self-esteem of the worker is affected when he receives negative messages frequently from his boss and feel insecure. This thing increases the fear of error.

  • Lack Of Knowledge Of The Professional Sector

Lack Of Knowledge Of The Professional Sector

It is not necessary that a person working in a field has a thorough command over it. A person is trained for a job of a specific field but he does not always work in the same field. For this reason, when a worker makes a job in a new sector in which he has no training or experience, the fear comes out of the comfort zone. He is afraid of working there because of lack of training and knowledge.

  • Fear Of Dismissal

Fear Of Dismissal

This is one of the often fears of labors that is present in a context of economic instability. When there are a lot of responsibilities on a person, he faces emotional tension because he feels he can be fired at any time. This is another major reason for fear of working.

  • Negative Experience

Negative Experience

If the person, has experienced negative situations,  in the past, for example, a prolonged period of anxiety in the office, and an error which was a cause of his shame, feels afraid after thinking about them

  • Ergophobia


It is a type of phobia in which people live in a habitual threat. They are afraid of not having experience in everyday situations of the professional routine, for instance, feeling nervous about a work meeting or a conversation with the boss. The worker fears that he does not know how to do all the tasks that correspond to him in his position.

He fears that he will not measure up to the circumstances and in a result will get a negative evaluation from his superior. It is also considered as a type of social anxiety disorder.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Working?

Once you have analyzed the causes of fear of work, below are some ideas to overcome these fears by means of concrete actions:

  • Don’t let the fear paralyze you. Make yourself normal by realizing that these feelings of insecurity are felt by everyone, even the most successful professionals, have faced it at some point. You are not alone, everyone has some fear about the error, they also get nervous about any task.
  • Don’t let yourself ruined by this fear. Seek emotional support at work as it impacts positive influence in overcoming the fear. It is natural that you make bonds of companionship in the workplace. You have a greater connection with some colleagues than with others.

overcome fear of working

  • There are people, who are very supportive in the office. They can be an important pillar to face this fear. If at any time you have any fear about a task, you can ask for help. Think about them in the state of fear.
  • Keep in mind, there are many companies and many different sectors where you can work. In case of fear of an error or dismal remember that at some point, not only you will find a position that you love, but also, a company in which you develop as a happy professional. Sometimes, the fears are so intense that they paralyze you because you see this scenario as immovable.
  • Try to focus that your experience in this company will have a beginning and an end hence; it will control this situation from this perspective. Always be an optimist, do not position yourself in a passive role before your fears.  The fear of work can paralyze you in such a way that your whole life will be revolved around this fear.
  • Make yourself busy in leisure activities, disconnect from office tasks through relaxing activities such as practicing physical exercise at home. Your work is important but your life is much more than that job.

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Why I Turn Red When I Am Ashamed?

You may observe many people who turn red when they are embarrassed or ashamed by anyone. Shame is the feeling of guilt and being regret by others. It is the negative feeling about our self. The person feels worthless. It may cause due to person’s own mistake or due to misbehave of someone else. It is a strong emotion and painful feeling which arises from one’s conscious.WHEN I FEEL ASHAMED

Here at Tryarticles I discuss some causes of turning red on the feeling of shame.

Major Causes of Turning Red

There are several causes of turning red some are following discussed below.

  • Anxiety

The secret of turning red is hidden in the anxiety. When a person feels shameful the sudden emotional changes occurs in the body. The level of anxiety increases as feeling of shame arises in one’s mind. There are only some persons who can cope with the anxiety successfully. So busy your mind to avoid anxiety.


Anxiety turns to depression when it exceeds. It also leads to Generalized Anxiety disorder later. So coping with the anxiety is necessary to maintain the life properly.

  • Role of Nervous System

The nervous system also plays a major role in bodily changes when we are suffering from any shameful feeling, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems become active and corresponding changes in the body occur. ROLE OF NERVOUS SYSTEM(1)Therefore the heartbeat slows or becomes faster. The blood is maintained in internal organs also. If the blood is supplied to the internal organs who need blood in stressed conditions then chances of blood flow on the face are reduced and it causes yellowing of face. But if the blood is sufficient in internal organs then the face turns red.

  • Adrenaline

When a person feels shameful the body releases a hormone called adrenaline and blood flow towards face increases because the vessels of the face become dilated. And as a result, the blushing on your face produces.


It may be caused due to other reasons like stress and depression then blood pressure becomes high or low. Several hormones are present in the body to manage the systems and to maintain the homeostasis .

  • Feeling of Guilt

When a person feels shameful the feeling of guilt arises from inside. It is the worthless feeling about own self. The person feels  valueless. It disturbs the mental and psychological health of a person. Guilt stops the mind to work properly. The focus of attention is diverted many times, therefore, productivity decreases as guilt irritate the person from the core. The episodes of sadness and irritability increases as guilt makes a place in mind.


The persons who are unknown to cope with guilt then it gets irritating to them later. Our relationships are disturbed a lot and we can not respond them properly.  Guilt disturbs our personal life as well as professional life because it destroys the piece of mind.

  • Sudden Emotional Changes

Coping with sudden emotional changes is difficult for most people. They even do not know that how to control yourself in face of others and how we stop our body to show the result of shame and guilt just like turning red. The emotional changes are normal in any person but if the emotions change very quickly and the person feels stress and irritation then it’s not normal.

EMOTIONAL CHANGESWhen we face sudden emotional change like shame many changes in our body takes place. Listed below are following results.

  • Blood vessels of face dilated.
  • Heartbeat slows or gets fast.
  • Blood pressure increase or decrease.
  • Yellowing of face may be caused.
  • Pupils become dilate.
  • Shivering may occur.
  • Tears flow from eyes.
  • A sudden headache may occur.
  • Irrational Feeling About Own Self

The irrational feeling about own self arises from the core. A person considers himself as bad and useless at the time of shame. It leads to change in thinking, thoughts, and feelings of himself. The irrational feeling is very harmful to a person because this feeling create negative thoughts and thinking. Therefore, the positivism reduces and chances of evils are produced or mind becomes sick from continuous stress.


In result of embarrassment, disturbed emotions arise and the psychological condition became sick. The circle of irrational thoughts surrounds a person and toxicity increases in the heart. All relationships get spoiled and a healthy mind become ceased and useless. Coping up with irrational thoughts is also not very easy. If one can busy his mind to avoid irrational feeling and thoughts then it is the best option to adopt.

  • When Reinforcement Reduces

When the reinforcement decreases in life and we lost the motivation that is extrinsic, it also leads to low confidence and shame. Therefore, we generally not find any reinforcement or a person who truly supports us. REINFORCEMENTIn this situation, the intrinsic motivation is necessary for coping in a right way. Reinforcement matters a lot in life , some people give positive reinforcement like reward or gifts etc. The token economy is also used by teachers for better performance of child’s.

And the other who give negative reinforcement cause the feeling of shame and guilt in their child’s and students as well. The negative reinforcement hits badly the psychological health of anyone especially child’s. So reinforcement is necessary to avoid the shame and guilt.

  • The Toxic Shame

The toxic shame is worthless feeling that paralyzes the mental and psychological condition of a person. It is the useless feeling. The emotional disturbance becomes high and shame is on its peak. It destroys the normal healthy mind that is capable of thinking about the goal, aims and other achievements of life. It makes a person mentally ill and sick that’s why the rational feelings are reduced.

Toxic shame

The self-growth stops and a person can not treat own self with inner motivation and insight building. The cases of emotional abuse in childhood also lead to the feeling of shame and guilt. Therefore, the personal growth of a person stops and the main achievements of life are spoiled by shame and guilt.

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How To Overcome My Inferiority Complex?

For years and years now, we are doing comparisons. In fact, it is the part of our thinking in daily routine. By comparing things we can get a better idea of the world. But did you know that when comparison takes the shape of an illness or inferiority complex? Yes, you are thinking right; it will become an inferiority complex when you start to compare yourself with others. We feel like we are nothing and are less important. But my friends that isn’t  the case.

If you want to overcome your inferiority complex, then Tryarticles is here for you. Go with the following beneficial habits and you will feel powerful, peaceful, and strong. So, here we go.

How to overcome your inferiority complex

Find The Root Of Your Inferiority Complex

There are two main types of inferiority complex:

  • The inferiority complex which is with you from your childhood is one of the types of inferiority complex. It can either be because of neglecting parents, by bullying or anything.
  • The second type of inferiority complex develops when you fail to achieve your goals in life and starts comparing yourself with others.

Please, guys always remember that these both types are associated with low self-esteem and it will break your own personality into pieces.

Watch For The Signs Of Inferiority Complex

Sometimes with your unconsciousness, you are doing such things which are as a result of inferiority complex. You can’t get it at first but it starts to rust your mind and your thinking. You try to put on a mask on your face to convince people that you are better. You may experience anxiety, hesitate to trust others, low self-esteem, and fear of rejection. You start to isolate yourself from society.

Determine Who You Feel Inferior To

If you have an inferiority complex then take out your pen and paper and start writing how do you feel inferior to attractive people? Successful or smarter people? People who are making more money than you?

Inferiority complex

After selecting one question from above, choose a specific name of someone in your life and figure out that how that person isn’t superior to you? Is he a caring person like you? Is he more hardworking than you? Does he have moral values like you?

Empty Your Cup

You have to break your complex by emptying your cup. Because the cup is not useful until, unless its empty.

Everyone has some traits which he would like to improve. Don’t think too much of other people qualities, just try to become a better version of yourself. Just care about your health and move forward in your life.Overcoming the Inferiority complex

Perfection Is A Lie

You have to understand that we all are inferior in some ways. Everyone on this planet is inferior to someone in some way. Maybe I am inferior to you in many ways. Maybe someone around you is intelligent, someone maybe beautiful or attractive, another person may be rich. Everyone has their own combinations. Just find yours and don’t make comparisons.

Be You

You have the permission to take people as your inspirations and role models but don’t try to be someone else. Be you. you can ask yourself that how can I learn from other people? What are they doing that I am not doing? Try to figure out things more logically not emotionally.

Do Not Worry About What Others Think

Make a corner in your brain and write on it that ONLY YOUR OPINIONS MATTER! Inferiority complex arises when we are constantly thinking about others opinion about us. Always focus on your strengths. Don’t hear the judgments because they are imaginary many times.

Continue Working On Yourself

Work on yourself

You can work on your own. Be a better you as compared to yesterday. Try to set new goals in your life. Work hard to achieve it. You should engage yourself in work so deeply that you cant hear any judgments. Don’t forget to celebrate even a little advancement in you.

All Comments Must Be Ignored At All Cost

Do you think that people will look at you, stare at you and will make comments? Do keep in mind that all these comments must be ignored at all cost. As I said above empty your cup. I am sure that people who are making comments have something wrong with them, too.

Fix Your Mental Image

A person who feels inferior affects his self-created mental image. It’s very important that you have a good image of yourself because once a person faces the emotion of inferiority his mental image changes permanently. Fixing it will be a most powerful action. Kick out the misconceptions that you are ugly or stupid. If you win yourself then nobody can defeat you.Fix your mental image

Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your permission’ and she said it exactly right.

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others?

Do you often compare yourself to others? Maybe with a person in your family, a close friend, someone very famous around you or someone famous on social media. Do you often think that we are living in a competitive society?  We often think that Am I prettier than she is? Do we make more money than they do? Is she a better mother than I am? If your answer is yes, then welcome friends at Tryarticles this is the right place for you.

It is natural to compare yourself to others but the problem arises when we possessed with our deficiencies. Constant comparisons with others have major shortcomings. It tends to lower our self-esteem and we start feeling bad about ourselves.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Reasons, Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others?

Following are the reasons that why a comparison is a destructive activity and what are its outcomes.

It Will Rob You Of Your Happiness

Do you want that thief named “comparison” to steal all your joy? Without happiness and inner peace, you have nothing. You will lose forever in this competitive world. Therefore, do not compare yourself to others. Just think once, that what will you get by comparing yourself to others? Except for sadness, low self-esteem, and wastage of time as well as energy.

Your Progress Will Cease

If you compared yourself to others than it is obvious that your progress will cease. You will remain where you are and never get anything accomplished.

You Are You

You will always be you. You can’t physically change yourself. You will be never like anyone else. It is hard to believe but it is a universal truth. But actually, it’s a good thing. To explain this here is a quote.

There will never be anyone exactly like you. You were given special gifts and talents to share with the world and even though everybody has special gifts and talents, nobody will use theirs quite the same way you do.

(Jen Sincero)

Perfection Is A Lie

Although you might think that people have an amazing life, that is NOT true. Every person has their own challenges. Remember that you probably do not know every inch of their life.

Comparison Will Waste Your Time And Energy

We get 84,400 seconds each day. Comparing yourself to others will just waste your time in this fast world. You will remain far behind others in the race.

You Are Too Unique

Your gifts and talents are extraordinary. Just find out that what is your motive in this world? Why are you here? Your value and purpose will be entirely unique. They can never be compared to anyone else.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flowers next to it. It just blooms.”

A Guide To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You are at the start of something very great so don’t let another person’s progress discourage you.

Take A Note Of Things That Comparison Steals From You

Scan the above text and write down that what you had lost in past and going to lose in future because of the habit of comparison. Remember that you can’t build up and shine your personality until comparison will leave off.

Remove Yourself From Society’s Definition Of Success

Your aim should be very high because some treasures in the world are hidden from sight like love, selflessness, and kindness. There is no measurement of these higher pursuits. You have to desire them above everything in this world and have to create your new definition of success.

Take A Walk

Next time when you realize that you are comparing yourself to others, stand up and go for a while and go for a walk. Even if only to another side of the room. Allow the change in your surroundings to create a change in your thinking.

If You Need To Compare, Compare Yourself

Have a commitment to yourself that you will grow a little bit each day and try to be a better version of yourself. Just compare yourself with the past day. Don’t forget to celebrate your little advancements which are without comparing yourself to others.

You Are Not Seeing The Whole Picture

Realize the fact that you are only seeing what the other person allows you to see. Keep in mind that there will be a story behind screens and closed doors.A guide how to stop comparing yourself

Use Other People As Inspiration

Always take inspiration from other people who are better than you, try to work hard. You are allowed to compare yourself to these people but in a positive way. Take them as your role model. Ask yourself: What are they doing that I am not doing? How can I learn from them?

We know that you have to struggle to stop comparing yourself but it is very necessary that you do not take part in this as now you are aware of its bad outcomes. Give Tryarticles your feedback about this post below in the comments section. If you want to read similar articles then you should browse our mental health category.


How To Be Happier Every Day?

You may observe it many times that some people live a certain kind of happy life. They are usually satisfied with everyone including themselves. Happiness is an emotion of joy and pleasure. It directly relates to positivism and self-satisfaction. So to be happier always you should be positive all the time. Here at Tryarticles, I will give you some awesome tips to be happier every day.

How to be happier everyday

Tips For Being Happier

Following are the easiest tips one can follow to become a happier person.

  • Self Satisfaction

The most important thing that comes to mind for being happy is the self-satisfaction. You should satisfy with your own self to stay happy.  If we say that self-satisfaction is the primary key to being happier then it won’t be considered wrong. Of course, if you are satisfied with your inner self, no matter whatever the situation would be, you will manage to stay calm and happy in tough situations as well.

Self Satisfaction

So self-satisfaction plays an important role in the happiness and pleasure of life.  One can enjoy daily and makes his time best and memorable if he is satisfied with himself. Self-satisfaction makes a person stronger from inside.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude helps you to thank for everything that you have. It reduces the negative thoughts and also makes a reduction in dishonor. It helps a person to stay positive ever. If you have the habit of gratitude its means that you are satisfied with what you already have in your life.


Gratitude makes a person spiritual and fresh from inside. It also makes our relationships strong and worth living. The power of gratitude glows our face.  It stables our life.

  • To kick out the Negativity

Being positive is also a blessing. The mood is depending on your thinking and thoughts. So try to pure your thoughts from negativity. To kick out negativity from your life you should follow the following tips below.


  • By Meditation.
  • By Self-talk.
  • Remember the good memories.
  • Don’t participate in gossips.
  • Be a forgiving person.
  • Walk out from the place if you feel something wrong.
  • Do Catharsis daily.
  • Acceptance

With acceptance, we can learn from our mistakes and makes them the best lesson of our life. To acquire the habit of acceptance makes you relax many times during the day. If you have the quality of acceptance it means that you are giving yourself a chance to become a better and successful person. So don’t care about the situation just accept your mistakes and learn from them.


  • Support yourself

Support yourself enough to balance and maintain your life. Give yourself a motivation for the lifetime. By following tips you can support your own self.


  • Eliminate the toxic people from your life.
  • Don’t think about your loss.
  • Focus on your goal.
  • Forget bad memories.
  • Try to busy yourself in productive work.
  • Keep your self-Esteem high.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Give yourself a better chance to live happier.
  • Bring down the Expectations

Expectations can hurt you many times. A high expectation makes you demanding in relationships. So expect less and keep your mood relax and positive. By expecting less you can balance your mood swings also. People irritate from our demanding personality, as a result, they start avoiding us. So try to make your self less demanding.


Expectations give nothing to us except bad memories and hard times. Therefore,kick out expectations and demands to keep yourself emotionally stable ever.

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When To Say I Love You? Right Time To Express Your Feelings With Someone

It is not necessary to put on a ring and say I Love You. Neither it is easy to sit and express yourself this is how much I Admire You! The confusion of saying those 3 words in a relationship is argumentative. Then When to Say I Love You?
Expressing your emotions in a relationship is a turning point, things will be on the next level. Waiting too long or expressing it too soon, both can cause a destructive relationship. Though every person has their perspective of When to say I Love You?
when to say I love you
In the end, it is a person’s feeling and subconscious how does he or she feel for someone. This article has an insight into expressing your affection in a relationship. Also some real stories and psychologists’ advice for a relationship.

What is Love?

Love is a feeling. It is a set of emotions, behavior, beliefs linked with affection. It is an unconditional feeling. That can be your Pet, Best Friend, Life Partner, Parents anyone.

While talking to random people I asked, What is love for them? Everyone responded. I am sharing a few responses with you:

  • It means Honesty, If a person is honest with you there are feelings of passion. Not being judgemental. But most important Honesty.
  • RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT! Respecting each other in every way. Opinion, thinking, as a person.
  • If you are truly emotional about someone or something. It feels like you are breathing for the first time. Love is very romantic!
  • Friendship!
  • Doing things unconditionally for someone.

what is love

  • Sexual desire.
  • When you get excited to see someone, like to spent time. A long walk. Or when small talks do not excite you anymore.
  • Eagerly wait for someone’s one text, call or meeting.
  • Falling in attachment gives you Butterflies in stomach!!!! IT IS THE MOST ASTOUNDING TOUCH IN THE WORLD.

Right Time to Say I Love You

No doubt, people are not sure when to say they admire someone and have feelings for anyone. They might also take it as an attraction or lust rather than love. In this confusion of feelings, they destruct their compatibility with the other being.

Different people have different views on love. When to express, when to consider, how do you feel for a specific person? The opinion does matter but there is a person’s gut feeling that should be considered.

Following are experts opinion on when to say I Love you:

Mutual Feelings

As you start to know someone give yourself and your relationship time. Time to understand things and other person’s feelings.

Suspect feelings of others too. It is safe if the same feelings are coming back to you. Though sometimes it is better to express if you feel you can gain their affection. Only show your affection if you are comfortable with them.

Do not push yourself to say I Love You, it should come right from your heart.

Say When You ” Feel ” So

Only a person knows what he or she feels for the person. Do not fool yourself on temporary feelings. Sometimes people are so happy they tend to act like they are falling in love.

Yet, later when they are out of the fantasy world relationship gets worse. Feelings do come instantly. You start feeling butterflies in the stomach. Suspect your gut feeling do not wait too long to share your feelings.

Go with the flow!

Don’t be so quick!

Although it is advised to say when you start feeling but don’t be so quick. You may sound desperate. Your intentions might be taken wrong.

I would recommend looking for signs in your better-half/partner do they share the same feelings or not. Avoid it to say to the person you have just met.

Saying i admire you

Invest yourself in a person who cares for you and respects your feelings.

Make the Right Time

Love is a beautiful feeling until its genuine right from our heart. Be real and say I Love You. Waiting for the right time can be inauthentic.

Despite the fact, the other person is not ready but it will encourage them to open up their sentiments too. We do not know what tomorrow will bring.

The best moment is now to genuinely express your feelings.

You Trust Your Partner and Feel Comfortable Around Them

Trust is an important element. Otherwise, the relationship won’t last long. Feeling secure and trusting your significant other it is the time to express it.  Mutual feelings and comfort level in a relationship leads to commitment.

If you can do weird stuff and have trust in your partner its time to spill the beans on how you feel about them!!

First I Love You! Story

This is the short story of a dear friend of mine, I am sharing it with you guys.

College days and friends the best days of my life. I and my BFF (A girl!) had been together for a long time. There was mutual compatibility. We used to have lots of fun and good time together. 

Then One day our friendship turned to a relationship (LOVE!). I had that feeling of love for months but I took the time to express it. From that day saying those three words were not in a casual way! We mean it. I can’t forget that moment.

First I love you

The thing is that say it when you feel from heart, make a commitment, and take the responsibility to carry it not as a burden. No matter who says it first and who says it more.

To truly love someone you should know them. To know each other you have to live together. It feels scary for the first time expressing your feelings. But it is worth it to speak your heart out.

I hope you like my post about “When to Say I Love You”. For more related articles then you can also visit: