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Plants Perfect For Rainy Climates

Rainy Climates: Plants, like other living organisms, need water for their life. However, what amount of water is sufficient, differs with each type of plant; some may require plenty of water while some others may survive with a minimum of water. Too much water may spoil some types of plants, whereas there are some plants which require a huge supply of water.

When it comes to the quality of water, rain is considered the best of all. It is one of the purest forms of water available with us. For plants, rainwater is the best, as it does not have chlorine in it. Rainwater is also beneficial for the plants as it cleans the dust and dirt from the leaves and gives them a healthier and fresh look.


But depending on the nature of different plants, it is not necessary that every plant flourishes well in rains; some may not like to have abundant rain. That makes it a tricky affair; how to know which plant should we grow in rainy climatic conditions.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on Plants Perfect for Rainy Climates


Rainwater is considered the purest water on earth. It is a natural source of water supply that is widely utilized in irrigating crops and plants. Some parts of the world receive more rains annually as compared to others while there are some areas which receive little or even no rain and are classified as arid regions. Similarly, some regions receive more rains during summer while some receive the maximum of rains during the winter season.

Apart from its role in agriculture, by way of irrigating the crops and plants, rains are also the major source of maintaining natural water reservoirs on the earth. Scientists have estimated that on average, 121000 cu ml of rains fall on earth each year, out of which 95000 cu ml falls directly on oceans. On the basis of averaged annual rainfall in a particular area, scientists have divided the earth into different climatic regions.

Deserts – the area that receives less than 10 inches of rain on average, is rated as “desert”

Polar Deserts – in very cold climates, rain cannot fall; hence the coldest areas on earth such as Antarctica is rated as Polar Desert

Rainforests – these are the areas on earth where rainfall is abundant. It includes both, temperate and tropical regions. Majority of tropical rainforests on earth are situated along the equator whereas the maximum of temperate rainforests is on the west coast (45-55 degrees latitude) in mountainous regions. Scientists have estimated that rainforests have around 40-75% of the biotic life of the earth.


Monsoons – the area around the equatorial region, also known as the monsoon trough receives the maximum of rainfall and is considered the wettest part of the earth. Cherrapunji is an area in the eastern Himalaya in India is known as the wettest part of the earth, as it receives an average annual rainfall of 450 inches.

So, with that classification in mind, you have to select the best available plants that can be grown in your region. However, we restrict the plants that can be grown perfectly in rainy climates.

There are a lot of varieties of plants that can be grown successfully under rainy conditions, following are a few that are most suited for rainy climatic conditions.

Cucumber – Cucumber is a climbing plant that needs too much moisture in the soil; hence best option to grow in rainy climates. Simultaneously, care is required to protect it from over flooding or waterlogged conditions, as its roots may be damaged. Moreover, it has to be in an area which receives plenty of sunshine during the most part of the day.

Mallow – mallow or most commonly called the hibiscus mallow rose is another plant that thrives well in the rainy season. You can find this type of roses near the swampy places. It is a perennial plant that gives white flowers in the initial stages, whereas the color tends to change to pinkish with the passage of time. Should ideally be planted during the spring season.


Elephant Ear – Elephant ear is a tropical plant that needs very moist soil to flourish. It needs soil that can hold moisture in it for an extended period. At the same time, direct sunshine is not suitable for this plant. So, plant them where the soil retains water and sunshine is minimum. However, waterlogged conditions are hazardous for this plant. It also needs protection against very high temperature. It can grow tall up to 3.5 meters, whereas its leaves are wide up to 2.5 meters.

Autumn Fern – autumn fern or most commonly known as Japanese shield fern needs moist soil and a good amount of shade to grow well. Too much water is not good for it; it just needs moist soil. It is an evergreen plant. Its leaves are initially brown which tend to turn greenish hue during the autumn season. It cannot grow tall, normally remain less than one meter in height.

Food Or Vegetables Suitable For Rainy Climates

Apart from the above, there are so many vegetables that are best grown in the rainy climatic conditions. But care it is necessary to add organic compost in the soil, especially in the tropical regions. All the vegetables that are traditionally grown in the tropics can be grown in the rainy climatic zones of the tropical regions, quite successfully.

There is a long list of such vegetables that are grown successfully under the rainy climatic conditions in the tropics; here are a few famous types that flourish well in these conditions

Tomatoes, Chinese Cabbage, Asian Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Amaranth (a type of spinach), Bamboo shoots, Climbing wattle, Chaya, Cowpea, Eggplant, Vegetable fern, jack beans, Malabar spinach, leaf pepper, mustard greens, pumpkins, okra, Roselle, scarlet ivy gourd, Sunn hemp, tropical or Indian lettuce, wax gourd and winged beans.

In addition to the above, bitter gourd melon, Angled luffa and calabash can also be grown in rainy climates but these have to be planted when the rainy season is towards its end.

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