How To Recover Photos Deleted In Android Phone

Recover Deleted Photos In Android Phone: As cameras disappeared almost entirely from modern life, we depend on a lot of things on smartphones. The photo gallery is essentially a kind of album of our life.

Many of us share pictures, but I think that others are left on their phone and will definitely stay there forever until they are deleted.

recover photos

Can you recover photos? Fortunately, it is possible for smartphones to retrieve them (recover photos) as they will not completely delete something until the newly available space is overwritten with new data. At we’ll tell you how to recover photos deleted in Android phone.

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Recover Deleted Photos In Android Phone

Simple Steps To Recover Photos

  • First, please disconnect from the Internet. Simply save the photos and videos that someone sent to WhatsApp, just let the smartphone download it in some way and use only the space of the image you want to restore. Please note that if the root smartphone is not routed, the description you are reading only works for the root user. You can not recover photos you deleted.
  • With Root, you can uninstall the default app on your mobile, become superuser, and effectively use the divide After confirming that you are the root user, go to just by clicking here on your computer and download the program. This program will help you recover photos you deleted on your phone. After downloading is permitted, when finished, open the downloaded file and install the program.


  • Picture comesOpen Dr. Fone for Android which is the application you just installed on your computer. You will be prompted to connect Android to your computer using a USB cable. Do not do it yet.

Deleted photos

  • Before proceeding please make sure USB debugging mode is enabled. To do this, go to Settings> About device version on your smartphone and tap [Model number] several times until you see a notification that Developer options are enabled.
  • These are displayed in [Settings]. Click “USB debug” and check the checkbox. You can now connect your smartphone to your computer.


  • If the program detects that something has been connected with the USB cable, it will move to the next screen where the device will be selected (if more than one). Please check that there is enough battery and click “Start”. The program starts searching for files.


  •  Please be aware that this process may take several minutes to two hours. When the work is finished, menus of various file categories are displayed on the left side. For the photograph, please see “Gallery”.

Recover Deleted Photos In Android

  • All deleted photos remaining in your phone’s memory will be displayed (recover photos). Find the photo you want to recover, click it, and click the “Recovery” button on the right. Select the location where you want to save the recover photos on your computer’s hard drive and complete when you are prompted. The recover photos will be seen on your mobile phone.


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