How To Rejuvenate Your Eyes?

“Rejuvenate”. Sounds like a dip in the fountain of youth!

The eyes being our focal point of attention, keeping them fresh is the key to achieving a young look. This Try Articles article is a treasure for achieving that youthful look we all desperately want.

Moisture is the key to keeping our skin looking fresh. The oily skin types are lucky in this department, for they don’t get wrinkles as fast as people with dry skin.

Ways To Freshen Up The EyesThey have enough oil (or moisture) on their skin to keep the skin soft and supple. Other skin types, need to and should make the effort of keeping their skin well moisturized. There are few ways to help retain moisture.

Anti-Aging Creams

As the name specifies, they target a certain area on our face, which is the eyes. Usually, people tend to have various issues around the eye area. it could be wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags or puffy eyes. Also, sensitivity to a certain list of ingredients is well taken care of in these target specifying creams. You can always choose and see which one you need according to the desired result.

Age Defying Creams

These creams specifically contain ingredients like enough caffeine to de-puff eyes, or a good amount of hyaluronic acid or retinol to help rejuvenate aged skin. These creams are directed to be used mostly at night when our body and skin goes into repair mode.

After cleansing the face thoroughly and applying a good moisturizer for our face, eye creams are usually the last step to prepare the skin for sleeping with good moisture all throughout the night.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, the miracle plant. You shouldn’t be surprised with the glow it will give you when you use it! It’s called a miracle plant for a reason. The best part about this plant is that you can have it home-grown and use it whenever you want to.

Aloe Vera Gel From Plant

Just cut up a medium-sized leaf. Wash the leaf very carefully, making sure the tiny thorns on the side don’t hurt you. Take a cutting board and cut down the thorny sides. Now gently remove the middle part of the leaf to reveal the gel.

What we have now is ready for immediate use. Take the gel with its one part attached to the leaf for easier handling and rub the gel around the contours of your eyes. Let it dry or keep it overnight as a sleep-in mask if you’d like.  Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Do this daily to see a colossal result. You can blend up this gel and freeze them in ice cubes for later use as well.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are plenty, whether it’s ingested or applied on topically. For this recipe, all we need to do is simmer the two tea bags till the water is infused with it. Then let the infused water cool down. You may pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Now dip 2 circular cotton pads and apply around the contours of the eyes. This ritual will give them an instant wake-me-up dose. You may repeat this as many times in a week as you prefer.

Cold Milk

Cold Milk For Skin

The lactic acid in milk is said to work in a similar manner as the lightening properties in a lemon. It hydrates the skin and also heals dry skin. Take cold milk in a bowl and dip 2 circular cotton pads in it. Now, place those soaked pads over your eyelids, covering the contour area. Leave them on for 20 minutes for the lactic acid to start doing its magic. Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Repeat 3 times a week to notice awesome results.


A good massage helps blood circulation, and a good blood circulation enforces cell growth and that is very good for your skin. A gentle massage around the delicate corners of the eye area will not only improve the blood circulation around that area but also help you relax.

To help with a good massage, we need to choose a good moisturizing oil, olive oil and almond oil are good choices. If you want to increase the benefits, you may go ahead and chose oils with anti-aging properties like rosehip oil. Go around in circular motion to stimulate that area.

Doing this every night before going to sleep will ensure a faster more noticeable result.

Internal Hydration With Herbal Teas

Tea For Youthful Skin

Fixing issues that show up on our skins should also be dealt with internally. A well-hydrated body will feel upbeat and the skin will show the effects immediately. Water is your best bet, but an intake of herbal teas is a bonus. Herbal teas come with certain properties.

  • White tea contains the highest content of catechin preventing the decrease in collagen and elastin. It also contains, even more, antioxidants than green tea.
  • Oolong tea is another herbal tea, full of beauty benefits as well. It decreases dark circles and helps improve the skin color and lighten blemishes.
  •  Kombucha tea is well known for detoxifying the skin. It helps maintain skin elasticity and aids in decreasing fine lines.

With all the goodness they contain, they’re worth trying! One cup daily would bring about the necessary result and your skin will look youthful instead of aged with time.

Our favorite pick is the application of Aloe Vera gel. It gives instant results. You will see for yourself, the mirror wouldn’t lie.  Also, adding the herbal teas in your routine will increase the chances of seeing the results faster.

If you enjoyed this article, and are interested to read more related articles, browse through our Beauty Tab to find more magic!

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