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How To Remove Coffee Stains When You’re Not At Home?

If you’re out with some friends or family and having coffee together and deliberately the coffee falls on your clothes and they get stained so what you will do? Not to worry, coffee stains are not very critical to remove from your dress. You can easily get rid of coffee stains from your clothes even if you are not at home.

removing coffee stains

Coffee stains are really stubborn stains, and if you are out then it is very embarrassing for you to walk out all day with a brown stain on your shirt so the stain should be removed immediately. For this, you just need to learn some simple and easy tips on How to remove coffee stains. So, here on, we are providing you some many easy and effective steps on How to remove coffee stains when you’re not at home.

Things required removing coffee stains when you’re not at home

  • Cold water
  • Paper towel
  • Liquid soap
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Small bucket

Steps to follow removing coffee stains when you’re not at home

  • Coffee stains are little hard to remove from your clothes. You will get strong stain if your coffee is very strong and black with a little amount of milk. For removing coffee stains you must need to follow the steps given below, and if you still see the stain after following all the steps then you should repeat the process until the stain leaves the cloth completely.
  • We will recommend you to act as fast as possible when you get coffee stain because recent and fresh stain can be removed easily as compared to old and dry coffee stain from your clothes. So you just need to act fast when you get your clothes stained with coffee.

do not rub the coffee stain

  • If the coffee stain is recent and wet then you should act fast and bring a paper towel. Now put paper towel and cover the stain with it, so that paper towel will absorb the excess liquid from the garment. Always remember that do not rub the stain, because rubbing will make stain more stubborn and the stain will absorb by the garment badly. This will later become very hard to get rid of from garment.
  • Another method is when coffee deliberately falls on your clothes, act fast rush to the washroom and run cold water from coffee stain. Put stained part of the garment under runny water from the backside of the stain, so by putting the stained part in cold runny water the coffee stain will not sit on the garment and can be easily removed later without damaging the cloth. After that, press the stained part with your fingers to remove all the residue of coffee left in your garment, this process will not allow any coffee to sit on your garment and it will remove all the traces of coffee from your garment.

use cold water for removing tough stains

  • Do not use hot or warm water otherwise, the stain will badly stick to the garment if you will use hot water to remove coffee stains from clothes.
  • If the stain is still on your cloth, then take liquid soap on your fingers. Blot it with a paper towel on the coffee stain and then when you will see that stain is lifting from the fabric, and then wash the garment with cold water to remove all the traces of liquid soap from the cloth.
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Always read instructions on the label of cloth

  • Always check the label or tag attached to the garment, carefully read the tag before applying any cleaning method or product on the fabric. Delicate clothes like silk and woolen garments should not be spin in washing machine spinner, they should be dry cleaned.

read the label carefully

  • If you will not dry clean delicate clothes like silk then they will get damaged by cleaning products on them. Bleach can cause damage or can result is fading the color of silk and woolen clothes, so always try to avoid using bleach and other strong chemicals on delicate fabrics.
  • Reading the tag carefully attached to the cloth helps you in washing them and label also tells you what should not be used on cloth. A tag of cloth contains washing instructions so by reading it carefully you will get to know that you can wash it in the washing machine or you can just wash it with gentle hands without damaging the fabric.

If a coffee stain is large and strong

  • If the coffee stain is large and strong then take a small bucket half filled with cold water. Put liquid detergent in the bucket. Apply some of the liquid detergent on stained part of the cloth and leave it for some time to act. Now take a soft bristle brush and gently rub the stain with a brush in circular motions. Now soak the garment in a bucket filled with water.

Strong coffee stain is hard to remove

  • After some time take out the cloth from water and liquid soap mixture and rinse it with cold water. Then wring it properly and allow it to dry it outside in sunlight. You will notice after drying of cloth that there is no stain left on the garment.
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Important points to remember

  • If you are using bleach or other chemicals in clothes then always remember to wear rubber gloves because bleach can be very harmful to the sensitive human skin.
  • Do not use bleach and other chemicals on delicate clothes like silk and woolen materials.
  • If you deliberately spill coffee on your favorite shirt then do not rub the stain with anything, quickly cover the stain with a paper towel so it will absorb all the excess liquid and then it will become an easy task to remove the coffee stain from your garment.
  • Always check and read the label on the garment carefully and follow the instructions given on the label while washing the garment.

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