If you go with the trend of changing up your nail color with whatever is the current fad, then you’re a die-hard fashion follower. Even if it’s an accent nail or a whole array of new nail art trends, a nail polish remover is a must!

But what if you run out of nail polish remover and are having a major fashion emergency! Don’t start chipping off your nail polish yet. We’ll tell you a nifty little trick to get rid of your current nail color with a very common household item. A toothpaste! Yes, you read that right!

Removing Nail Paint With A Tooth Paste

This Try Articles will help you deal with the shock you just received. Let us expand your knowledge and tell you how this works!

What Does A Good Nail Polish Remover Contain?

A common ingredient used in most nail polish removers is acetone. Acetones belong to a class of ketones. Ketones are synthesized for various industrial purposes and are also a byproduct of human metabolism.

Acetone is not harmful if used in the right way. Deliberately inhaling it can cause acetone poisoning. It can lull your nervous system to a sleep, slowing down important functions like heart rate, general metabolism, and respiration. Other than that it is highly flammable and should not be used in an area with open flames.

Good nail polish remover
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Some nail polish removers boast that they’re acetone free, instead, it uses acetate. Other than acetone, Ethyl acetate is another solvent that is often used in nail polish remover. All of these with a dash of vitamin E make a good nail polish remover. The vitamin E prevents your nails from turning yellow.

Toothpaste As A Nail Polish Remover

Most kinds of toothpaste contain “ethyl acetate”, a chemical also found in nail polish removers which helps rub off the nail polish.

Use a toothpaste that’s white in color and of a creamy consistency. Gel kinds of toothpaste have different ingredients than cream ones. White toothpaste contains ethyl acetate which works as the remover here.

What you’ll need:

  • Toothpaste.
  • An old toothbrush or a nail file.
  • A small bowl or plate.
Toothpaste On Nail Polish
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Take a small amount of toothpaste and spread on your nails. Keep it on for a few minutes and let the plaque removing chemicals also work some magic on your nails this time. Scrub away with an old toothbrush or paper towel. You’ll be able to see the diminishing bits of the nail paint while you scrub. Repeat till all nail polish comes off. Wash your hands and apply moisturizer to newly nail polish removed nails.

Other Alternatives To Nail Polish Removers

Other alternatives to nail polish removers are given as below.

Products With Alcohol As An Ingredient

Products that contain ethyl glycol to be specific will be effective in fighting nail polish off your nail. Household products like deodorants, hair and body sprays and hand sanitizers can all be used. Even old perfumes can be used if you don’t have any of the above products.

Go Natural

Even if it’s not an active ingredient in cooking, everyone always has a bottle of vinegar stashed somewhere. Vinegar is a natural all-purpose acid. Combining it with citrus fruits like orange or lemon increases its “removing” power.

Vinegar Mix
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Soak your fingers for 10-15 mins. Then remove the nail paint with a paper towel or cotton ball. Gently rub over with either of the two materials repeatedly over your nail. It should come off easily. Repeat if necessary.

Do not try to chip the nail polish off as it will weaken your nail.

Use A Topcoat Nail Polish

The oldest trick in the book. Every 12-year-old go-to method for removing nail polish. Take a top coat nail polish, any other nail polish can also work here. Apply to your painted nails and immediately wipe off with a paper towel. The polish on your nails will come off with it. Repeat till all of it comes off. It mostly works very well for the first time.

Top Coat
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You are probably going to have to stock up on toothpaste after reading this! Especially if you have an addiction of keeping your nails painted throughout the year. And we are guessing it’ll be used more for removing nail polish more than cleaning your teeth! Haha!

But, seriously don’t forget to take care of your pearly whites while you go about this wicked nail-polish-removing-hack. Who knew toothpaste was such a multi-tasker, right? Wek, now you know and that makes the two of us!

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