How to Remove Red Wine Stains?

Red wine stains are very difficult to remove especially if they are dried. So, you need to act fast if red wine is spilled on your clothes, napkin, table mats, and carpets. You should act fast to absorb the access liquid with an absorbent paper. Red wine stains require great effort to remove them because of their intense dark color which can easily be absorbed by any fabric.

  • You should also use best market products to remove such critical stains. Stains of red wine look so horrible but if you want to remove them you should learn some effective steps. So, here on tape, we are providing you some very easy and efficient steps on How to remove red wine stains.
  • Firstly you must read the tag on the stained garment and thoroughly read the instructions which should be followed and taken care of. You must follow the washing and drying instructions of the garment to prevent the garment from damaging. If it says you cannot wash it in the machine then you must wash it by using hands.
  • Similarly, it is most important then if red wine is spilled on your clothes or somewhere else then you must need to act as fast as possible to absorb the access liquid otherwise the red wine will be absorbed by the fabric and then it will become very difficult to remove the stain of red wine.
  • It is very common that on dinner or on parties you accidentally spilled red wine on your shirt or another piece of cloth and this result in a big red wine stain. We are providing you easy steps to follow for removal of red wine stains depending upon the situation whether the stain is recent or dried.

Removal of recent red wine stains

  • If the red wine stain is fresh and wet then cover the stain with talcum powder. Talcum powder plays a vital role in vanishing different types of stains. Leave powder on the stain for some time to absorb the access liquid. Now remove the residue of talcum powder with a soft bristle brush. Rub the soft brush on the stain in a circular motion to remove the powder and then wash the garment as you usually do in the washing machine or by using hands.

cover the stained area with powder

  • Second easy and common method is to use baking soda for removing stains. You should prepare a thick mixture of baking soda and water. Now apply the paste on stained part of the garment, it will absorb the access liquid and also the stain. Leave the mixture on the stain for two hours. After that time remove the mixture using soft cotton cloth. Rinse the garment with plenty of water; finally, wash the garment as you normally do.

prepare a mixture of soda and water

  • Another method to remove recent red wine stain is by using white wine. Put few drops of white wine on soft cotton cloth dab it on the stained part of the garment. White wine after mixing with red wine makes the stain neutral and helps the stain to remove it. Leave white wine on the stain for 5-6 minutes then wash the garment as you usually do.

Removal of dried red wine stains

  •  Dried red wine stains can easily be removed by using milk. Heat some milk in a pan or in the microwave; pour it on the stained part of the fabric. Leave it for some time on the fabric to act, after the stain starts to fade you should wipe the milk. Now after this process you can wash the garment as you usually do.

wine stains can be removed by using milk

  • Another method is to use vinegar and water for removing dried stains of red wine.  Prepare a solution by pouring an equal amount of vinegar and water in a cup. Now apply the mixture directly to the stained area. Leave it for some time to act, and then rub it with soft bristle brush having liquid detergent on it. You will notice that the stain starts to fade, and then you can wash the garment in Luke warm water as you do.

parepare a mixture of vinegar & water

  • You can also prepare a mixture of liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide for removing wine stains. Apply the mixture on stain; leave it for few minutes then wash the garment as you normally do.

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