How to get rid of Nail Polish Stains on Clothes?

Removing nail polish stains from your clothes, it seems to be a very critical task but it is not very difficult to remove nail polish stains from your clothes. It happens with all of us while applying nail color we deliberately touch our clothes or sometimes nail paint spilled on our trousers, shirt and leaves very horrible marks on the garment. The stain may look horrible but you do not need to worry because here on we are proving you some very easy methods to get rid of nail polish stains from your clothes without damaging them.

Removing Nail Polish Stains

Steps for Removing Nail Polish Stains

  • The easiest and usable way is to use acetone for removing nail polish stains from clothes. If the mark is fresh then you need to act very fast and clean it with a towel to remove excess of nail paint on the garment, and if it’s already dry then take off excess nail paint with help of knife. Apply acetone on a cotton cloth and rub the small inner portion of the garment to see if it causes damage to the cloth or not.

acetone for removing nail polish stains

If NOT, then put a cloth under stained part and with acetone cloth gently rub the stain until it starts to disappear. Then you can wash the garment as you usually do. This method is very helpful, especially for cotton or linen fabrics.

  • If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work properly then use insect repellent spray. Take off excess nail paint with the help of a knife, or if it’s fresh mark then clean it with a towel. Use insect repellent spray which is available in your home. Apply the insect repellent spray on the stained area and leave it to act for 3-4 minutes. Then rub the stained area with soft bristle brush in circular motions.

absorb the fresh stain with towel

Then wash the garment with Luke warm water and see if the stain is disappeared or not. If NOT then repeat the same process until the mark is gone.

  • Now, this is very easy and useful tip for removing nail polish stains from clothes. If acetone causes damage to your clothes then try putting talcum powder on the nail paint stain. Leave powder on the stain for few hours, we will suggest you do this before going to bed and leave it for a whole night to act. Now in the morning rub the stain with a soft bristle brush and you will see the stain is no more there on the garment. Now you can wash the fabric as you usually do.
  • Do not use the above methods of removing nail polish stains from silk or woolen clothes. Take off excess nail polish with the help of the knife, or if the mark is fresh then absorb it with a towel. Now put a piece of cotton cloth under stained area and apply few drops of ether on other cotton cloth then rub the ether on stained area until it is disappeared. If some nail polish bits are still there on cloth now apply alcohol on the cotton cloth and rub it on the stain.
  • Now soak the garment in Luke warm water with liquid detergent in it, and a full spoon of ammonia in each liter of water. Now you can wash the garment as you usually do.

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