How Often Can I Apply Revolution To my Cat? Revolution is used to remove pests from cats and kittens. One monthly dose of revolution to your cat is enough to protect her from fleas.
Revolution To my Cat remove flea
If you think your cat still has fleas then you can use revolution plus which is 6 in 1 parasite protection. I will help you vanish all the eggs, ticks, fleas, roundworms, hookworms ad heart-worms from your cat. You need to apply one small volume of monthly topical solution of revolution to kill all insects.
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The monthly application of revolution on your cat full of fleas will prevent their eggs from hatching for about one month.
Revolution can be applied to the cat of eight weeks of age. It is also safe for a pregnant cat. To provide cat continuous protection the product should be applied once in a month.

Can I Apply Revolution To my Cat Every Two Weeks?

You can apply a revolution every two to four weeks if you feel necessary. It takes time to get absorbed, it may take at least 36 hours to kill fleas. Remember to keep in the notice the age of the cat, it should be at least 8 weeks and older.

Reaction to Overdose Revolution in Cats

When you start giving overdoses flea medicines then the cat can show the following reaction:
  • Vomiting
  • Tremoring
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Seizures
  • Weakness
  • Agitation
  • Shivering
  • Increased heart rate
  • Diarrheas
  • Bloody stools
  • Quick respiration
  • Drooling
  • Tremors

Why We Use Revolution For Cats?

Revolution protects cats from harmful insects and ear mites. It is also very helpful in killing adult fleas and prevents its egg protection.
Revolution To my Cat

What to do Before Putting Revolution?

Before putting revolution on a cat you should consult a veterinarian as they are best suited to discuss your cat’s drug. They will examine and recommend the required amount of drug for them.
It is suggested to provide your cat health history to the doctor appropriately, to get a suitable recommendation of revolution usage.

Which Cats Can’t Hold Up Revolution?

Sick and underweight cats can’t bear this strong drug. Also, make sure that your cat has heartworm disease before giving them drugs. There exists a heart-worm test to check if this disease is present in your animal.
underweight cats

Is it Safe to Reapply This Treatment Early?

If you still find fleas on your cat skin after giving it the first treatment, then you might consider re-applying it early. However, it is not recommended and it is not a good approach because it can be an overdose for your pet.

How Can I Apply Revolution To my Cat?

You should apply a 2.7 mg dose of this drug per pound of body-weight of your cat. Also, make sure that your cat is not wet before applying the drug. Let me explain to you in detail all the steps for applying this drug:
  • Open the packet of this tube
  • Open the seal of its cap
  • Keep the hair of your cat in one side and make its skin visible
  • Apply the revolution from the tube directly to the skin of your animal
  • Squeeze the tube on the skin at least three to four times.
  • Make sure that the tube is empty
  • Leave this drug for a few minutes to let it dry
  • After 2 to 3 hours you can wash your cat because liquid of revolution is waterproof.

Note* It is suggested to not wash your cat at least two days after putting revolution, to get long-lasting effects. This drug will take at least 36 hours to kill all the fleas and parasites.

If I Forget a Monthly Dose?

It is necessary to give a monthly dose of this drug to your cat. But if unfortunately, you forgot to apply a monthly dose then you should immediately apply and also notify your veterinarian to check your cat’s current condition.

Why My Flea Treatment is Not Working?

Incorrect application of revolution is the most common cause of flea treatment failure. This drug tube is expensive, so don’t waste its dose. If a person will apply this solution on the cat’s hair or fur then, of course, it will not work.
To make it useful you should apply directly to the skin of the cat. Before applying a solution read the instructions carefully. Some people suggest to apply it on the neck on the animal, whereas some people apply on several spots on the skin.
Revolution To my Cat with flea

What are the Benefits of Putting Revolution On the Cat?

As we have discussed above that this drug kills all the harmful insects which are bad for your cat’s health. Following are the harmful insects that this drug is capable of controlling and preventing:
  • Prevents heart-worm disease
  • Kills fleas
  • Prevent roundworms
  • Prevent hookworms
  • Prevent ear mite infestation
  • Prevent flea eggs from hatching
  • Control flea infestation

Is Revolution Safe for My Cat’s Health?

Yes, it is safe for cats older than 8 weeks. One does in a month is enough to kill and control heart-worms. But for some unhealthy cats, it may show its side effects, such as hair loss, decoloration and skin irritation. They are temporary effects and will go with time.

To safely apply revolution avoid these things:

  • Never rub revolution into the skin
  • Don’t apply on wet cat
  • Don’t apply to an injured or unhealthy cat
  • Prevent the cat from licking the medicine on the treated area until it’s dry

What are the Possible Side Effects of the Revolution?

The following can be the possible side effects:
  • Your cat can experience an upset digestive system
  • Hairs can befall from the place where this medicine is placed, but this loss will be temporary. Hairs will come back soon.
  • You can also experience stiffer or clumping fur

Note* These side effects are not for all the cats. Only one percent of them will face these issues because these side effects are very rare.

Wrap Up:

Regular monthly usage of a revolution will provide the health safety of your cat. It will show its results after absorbing on the cat’s skin. Will also control the infestation of ticks.
Avoid touching your cat until the area in which the revolution is applied is dry. The flea cycle will be stopped after six weeks. As they take the blood of your animals to produce eggs, so they should be killed for your cat’s health and safety.