Best Walking Shoes: Running, walking or hiking is a very good and healthy activity. One needs to be very particular about it. It makes you physically as well as mentally fit. Running or Hiking seems to be a very calm and easy activity but actually, it is not like what people think, it’s the game of stamina, patience, and hard work.

If you want to be comfortable and avoid major injuries then you should be very careful about choosing your shoes.

How To Choose The Right Walking Shoe

In this Try articles article, we will let you know how to choose the right walking shoes.

What To Look For When Buying Walking Shoes?


The most important thing you have to check while choosing the perfect shoe is it’s sole, it should not be hard and it must be flexible. The back of your shoe must have a roll bar which acts as a cushion to support your foot as this part will touch the ground first while walking. A gel pad can also be used to protect your foot as it will reduce the impact, it can be inserted between the¬†lower and the top sole.


You should always be careful about the measurements of your feet, which means you know what arch your feet have, as you’ll need a proper shoe for that. Ask retailer about this and he will guide you properly especially if you are a flat foot.


The worst injuries are the ankle injuries whether it is a simple twisted ankle or it’s a ligament injury. You need to be very careful about your ankle’s comfort. The rear of the shoe should have a cushion to support the ankle to avoid the injuries. If you are having a ligament injury or your ankle twists more often then high ankles are preferable for you more like the basketball shoes maybe air jordans or lebrons whatever you like.



When you go to a shop to buy a shoe, the major issue you find is the fitting issue. The first thing to take into account is that there should be a free space make sure that your foot doesn’t touch the end as it hurts while walking. The width of your foot should not be very tight but it should be nice and snugly.


If your size is not easily available in the market as many people have a size more than 10 which is easily not available so then it is better to go to a shoemaker and order the shoes of your own choice by giving him the measurements, by the way, handmade shoes are the best and they look more perfect.


You should also make sure that the material you are choosing for your walking shoe is good. Avoid leather and other heavy materials. Choose a lighter material which is waterproof as well as durable. Fabric such as mesh is recommended. Lightweight shoes help you in running and maintaining your speed as well.


These were the basic requirements for choosing perfect Walking Shoes. For similar Tryarticles articles, you can browse around our Leisure category.