Ringworm In Dogs: How To Treat Ringworm in Dogs? Best Treatment

Ringworm in dogs: Despite its name, ringworm is not a worm. Actually, it is a fungus. It is very common to get this fungal infection by dogs across the world. Ringworm is named for the raised, round, red ring appearance.

Scientifically ringworm is known as dermatophytes. This fungus lives and grows in the outermost skin. Also, it can be seen in the hair follicles of the dogs, and sometimes in the nails.

Ringworm in Dogs

Though this infection is superficial, however, in most cases a few areas of the body of dog are affected. Adult dogs, puppies, and dogs with an immune deficiency often suffer more from it.
This article will help you get a guideline about symptoms of ringworm and treatment. So if your pet is suffering from this infection then read the article till the end for the best treatment.

Symptoms Of Ringworm In Dogs

Some of the most common symptoms of ringworm in dogs include:

  • Hair loss, which may be circular or patchy
  • Broken hairs and poor hair coat
  • Reddened or ulcerated skin
  • Dandruff
  • Darkened skin
  • Crusting of the skin
  • Itchiness may or may not be present

Sometimes nilas nad claw fold may also get infected by fungus. Brittle or mishappen nails may appear in such a situation.

Many times dogs are classified as a silent carrier or asymptomatic. It means that the disease is present but there is no visible sign of it. These dogs can still pass the disease to other dogs and human.

Treatment of Ringworm in Dogs

In order to diagnose ringworm, a vet will perform a physical exam and a Diagnostic test.  Probably he will take a sample of skin cells and hair of your dog for a fungal culture. He will also examine the infected hair under a special ultraviolet light, wood lamp.

Treatment of Ringworm in Dogs

After the diagnosis of ringworm, your vet will discuss a treatment plan for your dog. The treatment plan depends on the severity of the case. Treating ringworm in dogs usually  consists of the following:

  • Topical therapy
  • Oral medications
  • Environmental decontamination

Topical Therapy For Ringworm

In this treatment, an ointment, a cream or a medicated shampoo will be used to help treat the infection.
Topical Therapy For Ringworm
Also, your vet will suggest clipping long hair dog. Also, shaving the hair from affected areas to speed up the treatment. It may take several months two fully eliminate the infection.

Oral Medications For Ringworm

 Oral therapy is usually used along with topical therapy.

Oral Medications For dogs

Oral medication help prevent infection. Just like topical therapy, it may take a minimum of six weeks to fully treat the fungus. However, in some cases, it could take months.

Environmental Decontamination

The sports that live inside the hair follicles remain stuck for months. They remain on grooming tools, couches, bedding furniture, and clothing. Therefore cleaning all the hairs is not just only the part of treatment. You need to clean all your rooms too.

Environmental Decontamination

Some dog owners keep their dogs in rooms that are easy to clean when they are affected by ringworm. So it becomes easier for them to clean hairs and to mop with the disinfectant.

If you cannot contain your dog to hard floors than daily vacuum or remove the hair from furniture and surfaces. It will help prevent ringworm from spreading.

Preventing Ringworm In Dogs

Most pet owners do not worry about ringtone prevention on a regular basis. They only care about it when they have a case of ringworm in one or more facts. 

Preventing techniques

The best way to prevent reinfection of ringworm in dogs is to fully clean the environment of the home. Also, the tools and bedding that at the animals regularly come in contact with must also be cleaned.

Ringworm in dogs can also transfer to other dogs and human as well. So it is necessary for all the pet owners to get suggestions from a veterinarian. Also, the treatment duration must be completed otherwise, your dog may get reinfected by the fungus.

I hope you like my post about ringworm in dogs and if you have any query or want to give any suggestion then hit them down in the comments section.

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