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10 Tricks That Save Money When Eating Out in 2020

People spend more money at restaurants than they spend at grocery stores. We all love dining out, but to save money when eating out is valuable.

One can save money and eat delicious food into the budget at a restaurant by knowing the surprising tricks we have mentioned in this article, which tells about how to save money when eating out.

It necessary to safe money when eating out

Yes, we like ordering meals rather than cooking them. But to prepare food at home is way cheaper than having at the restaurant. Let’s see how many ways are there that can help you save money when eating out.

10 Tricks That Save Money When Eating Out

Let’s have a look at the top 10 tricks to save money at restaurants.

Use Coupons of Survey

Never go home without a coupon. Coupons are very helpful in getting discounts and to enjoy free food. You can get coupons by searching for your desired restaurant and entering the restaurant number printed on your visit receipt.

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They will ask you a few survey questions, after giving them your genuine feedback, you will receive a unique validation code, that code is known as your free coupon code from which you can enjoy free foods and discounts in your next meal.

use coupons to save money at resturants

Have Lunch At the Restaurant

Having lunch at a restaurant is relatively cheaper than having dinner because at lunchtime there are chances of getting extras like soup or salad with your meal at fewer prices as compared to the price of the main dinner dish. 

have lunch to save money

Get Birthday Discounts

Some restaurants offer birthday packages, so explore their websites and make an online birthday booking for your family. There are chances of getting suitable prizes as free coupons and free appetizers or any extra sweet dish.

birthday discounts to save money at resturants

Use Promo Code

You can avail of the discount at putting promo codes at your wish list. Few restaurants offer promo codes on special days or occasions. So you can get 10 to 20% off by using these promo codes. Always check for online offers on your desired restaurant’s website.

use promo to grab cheap food

Skip Drinks At the Resturants

Restaurants cost double for the same cokes and sprites which you can also have at home plus you drink almost every day. However, you are visiting a restaurant for food and not for drinks so avoid having fizzy drinks, just ask for water (drink the tap water) and you will save a lot of money for each person in your family.

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Also, after your meals, if you have the urge to take a sweet-dish then try to grab a gallon of ice cream from the store instead of ordering expensive scoops, because these scoops will cost double than the ice cream gallon, which will also be in good amount.

avoid drinks to save money

Skip the Appetizer

Most Restaurants offer free appetizers such as garlic bread, chips, and salsa. You don’t need any additional appetizers to satisfy your hunger. Just go direct with your main course to avoid spending extra money. To eat fully your main course, you need to eat a light snack before you arrive at the restaurant.

skip appetizers to save moeny

Share Your Portions At the Restaurants

Some deals in restaurants come with a good amount with some extras, so avail it. Two people can order one big meal and can share their portions without spending double money on the same meal by ordering in two quantities.

One can also try different types of meals in less money, for example, avoid ordering the same meals for both, try to order different and after that share each other portions to decide the best option for the next time.

share your meal to save money

Bring Your Own Drink

Restaurants that don’t serve alcohol allow their customers to bring their alcohol, similarly, some restaurants also allow to take your water. Avail these choices and rather than spending a lot of money on drinks. Bring your drink and just focus on food there.

bring your own vine to save money

Visit Restaurant on Monday and Tuesday

Weekdays are always busy as compare to working days. Try to go on Monday or Tuesday because they are slow days and they will keep more attention to your services plus they can also offer special deals to their customers to fill their booths.

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Also, try different restaurants each time, some restaurants do special discounts to their first customers. Also, you can compare prices of different restaurants and can decide your affordable place.

visit resturants on monday and tuesday

Pay with Credit Cards

One can also get discounts through their credit cards. So instead of paying all cash by hand try to use credit cards to get 1 to 5 % cashback on your purchase.

Also, do proper research about current deals and offers of restaurants without deciding to leave home.

pay with credit card

I hope these tricks would be helpful for you if you have already tried any of these tricks feel free to tell us your experience. Also, if you know some other useful tricks to save money, let us know in the comments. 


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