FPL Secrets: How to play fantasy premier league?

Fantasy Premier League is one of the most popular virtual football game played online. Every season almost 3.5 million players play this game. You will need the best strategy for choosing the right players so have a look on fantasy premier league tips if you want to come out on top.

Selecting the right formation is so important that you should understand the formation to beat your rival. If you want to give yourself a competitive edge to win the Fantasy Premier League, read this post.

Fantasy premier league

We will also discuss how to change formation in Fantasy Premiere League so rad this post to know about FPL tips. We’ll show you how to create fantasy football league, how to play fantasy premier league.

Fantasy Premier League Tips

It is hard to have any one formation as the best formation. One of the most traditional formation is 4–4–2 also popular British magazine named it. There are also two other formations which are becoming quite popular for FPL.

It is the most commonly known and also become one of the easiest formation to defend against. It easy to defend as many people see it as a sign of weakness.

If you consider other formations in which points are awarded, you can use 3-4–3 or 3–5-2 formation, it may bring tactical advantages as it allows players to field more attacking players.

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There are other formation that you can choose like 5–4–1, 5–3–2 and 4–5–1. Remember these formations are more defensive so if you not want to lose points select the more attacking players.

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is unpredictable so you may have to change your formation many times. You can’t play fantasy premier league only with one formation so decide the right one and best one.

You need to wait for the game to end after the game week deadline as after that you will be able to know if your chosen formation has been successful or not.

How to Play Fantasy Premier League?

It is really very simple, sign up on Fantasy Premier league’s page as there are around 3.6 million players/managers are playing FPL. After signing, you will be given 100 pounds and you have to select your team within given pounds.

How to play fpl

You will see that price of players varies from 4.0 – 13.0 pounds and that depends upon their performances. Initially they start with a price depending on the player played last season, then the price may change depending on current performances.

Here we provided some rules that you should consider while selecting your team.

  • Select 15 players consist of:-
  1. 2 Goal Keepers
  2. 5 Defenders
  3. 5 Midfielders
  4. 3 Strikers
  • Select up to 3 players from a single Premier League team
  • Your squad will look like this depending upon your selections

After this you have to select 11 players that you want to field. If one or more doesn’t play then they will be automatically substituted and all points will be gotten from these selected 11 players.

  • Selecting of Captain and a Vice-Captain

From your starting 11 you have to nominate a captain and also a vice-captain. Your selected captain’s score will be doubled and if your captain plays 0 minutes in the Game week, then will be changed to the vice-captain.

Remember if both captain and vice-captain play 0 minutes in a Game week, then also no player’s score will be doubled.

  • Prioritizing Your Bench For Automatic Substitutions

Based on the priorities that you assign, substitutions will process automatically at the end of the Game week as follows:

  1. If your Goalkeeper plays 0 minutes in the Game week, he will be substituted
  2. If any outfield players play 0 minutes in the Game week, they will be substituted by the highest priority outfield, that played in the Game week
  • Transfers

After selection of squad you can buy and sell your players in the transfer market. Unlimited transfers are available at no cost until your first deadline. If you do not use your free transfer then you can make an additional free transfer the following Game week.

  • Chips

Only one chip can be played in a single Game week and available as follows:

  1. All Out Attack:- Allows you to play a 2-5-3 formation
  2. Bench Boost:- The points scored by your bench players in the next Game week are included in your total
  3. Triple Captain:- Your captain points are tripled instead of doubled
  4. Wildcard:- All transfers in the Game week are free of charge
  • Scoring

During the season, your fantasy football players will be allocated points based on their performance in the Premier League.


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