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Separation Anxiety In Dogs | Best Way To Keep Your Dog Calm

Separation Anxiety In Dogs: Have you ever returned home and found out that your house is being destructed? Do you have a puppy who is not behaving normally and is always distracted?

When you enter your home do you see bite marks on the walls or doors? Do you see furniture lying in the house is overturned and ruined?

Separation anxiety in dogs

If your answer to all these concerns is yes, then you must know that your dog is facing separation anxiety. A few years back this term was discovered when one dog went through this. He was reportedly struggling hard from anxiety due to separation. Just like humans, dogs also face anxiety and it is sometimes severe.

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

It is quite natural in dogs and other mammals to face anxiety. It mostly happens when they are being separated from their family or guardians. It becomes very severe in some cases. Your dog may never be normal again if he faces severe anxiety. Even the wildest animals die due to separation anxiety.

anxiety in dogs

Most people like to adopt adult dogs who are well-groomed and trained. But when a dog is separated from his family someone from them will definitely suffer. Sometimes kids are taken away from their parents and they suffer from anxiety. Wild animals suffer because they don’t have any pack to hunt for food.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Whenever you see the following signs in your dog or at your home, know that your dog is suffering from anxiety. These signs are:

  • house soiling
  • fear in the dog
  • inappropriate house training
  • lack of access to the elimination areas
  • the excitement in the dog
  • submissive elimination
  • physical incontinence
  • destructive behavior

Destructive behavior is also due to the separation anxiety. It can also be due to the normal puppy behavior that he is playing or barking. Separation anxiety can also be caused due to excessive howling or barking of your dog. This behavior can be stimulated when a random person passes by, hearing street sounds, playing, fear and aggression.

How To Overcome Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

None of you want this to last forever. It is hard to see your pet in such a condition when he is stressed and destructive. In this situation, you will want to help your dog to fight his anxiety and depression. There is no such magic that could help you but there are few things that you could try:


This is a method in which you can try to teach him that separation has some rewards. When your dog knows that you are about to leave him then he is conditioned to go in the stress. Give him some special treatment right now. Try giving him a bone or any stuffed toy that is filled with peanut butter. This will help him keep his behavior normal.


Sometimes nothing helps no training or conditioning. You must consider your vet for this behavior of the dog. Veterinarians will suggest medicines like amitriptyline. This is mainly used to treat alprazolam or depression. This also prescribed for panic disorders and anxiety in animals.


Just be sure that your dog is getting enough exercise, both mental and physical. A dog who is tired and contented loves having playtime and walks with his owner. It will be easy for him and you to leave him alone. He will get through his stress and anxiety easily.

Herbal And Homeopathic Treatments

You can also try giving him homeopathic medicines and natural supplements. They are very efficient in helping the dogs get through their anxiety. These include amino acid L-theanine, passionflower, chamomile, valerian and St. John’s Wort. These genuinely help your dog in depression and anxiety.


According to a few experts,  you can use both therapies and medication. It may be a complicated process but you can try more with helping him with behavioral therapy. It is not always preventable, as it can lead to deaths as well. But with some care and patience, you can help your dog to get through the rough patch.

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