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What Are The Seven Deadly Sins And Their Meanings?

Nobody in this world is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and sins. No one in this world can claim that he has never sinned. All the sins are the outrage of God or some are specifically considered as an abomination to God.

deadly sins

Besides these sins also bring harm to the person who commits them and these sins are also said to be deadly. This is because they destroy the soul of a person. In this article, we will describe what the seven deadly sins are, and if you are interested to know more, read the article till the end.


Pride or haughty eyes is when a person looks down upon others and it is in fact considered as the root of all sins as this sin gives way to the rest of the sins. The pride is characterized as the desire and persuasion of being superior, better and important than others, adopting a high level of confidence which leads towards vanity.


Feeling inferior to others is actually a psychological disease. To know more, read, “Inferiority complex: causes, symptoms and treatment.” 

In short, the sin of pride is, in reality, a selfish ego and a low opinion about others. Pride is also toxic for the person as when a person is proud no one likes to be in a relationship with him and he loses all the opportunities for success as nobody wants to do business with him.


Next is the sin of envy in which a person is jealous of the things others have and want to achieve or snatch them. Such a person can also be harmful to his fellows. Being jealous is a natural process but if a person constantly holds his jealousy it can be dangerous.


Being jealous is also based on the zodiac of a person. To know more you may read, “How to make each zodiac sign jealous?”

It is because the victim starts to think in a weird way and interprets completely wrong whatever comes his way. There are also many disadvantages of being jealous in a relationship as when one of the partners is stuck with the virus of jealousy the relationship is prone to suspicion and lack of faith.


An uncontrolled emotion and feeling of anger and hate are known as wrath. A person is said to commit the deadly sin of wrath when he adopts a fierce denial of truth and when he has a desire for revenge. One of the biggest disadvantages of anger is that we lose control of our body and mind and commit such things which we should not and we regret later.


Also, our anger leads us toward focusing on the negative things which can cause damage to us and to the people around us. Besides, we lose sight of the long term goals and focus only on the short term goals which are helpful in the present situation.

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Sloth is another deadly sin which generates depression and sadness in our attitude. Sloth or laziness is the negative attitude towards one’s responsibility, especially towards the spiritual obligation. It is also referred to as the denial or negligence of a person towards his existence.


Whatever we want or do in life demands effort from us. A person who is the victim of sloth is unwilling to do the thing which God wants him to do because of the effort required in it. It becomes a sin when we slow down our energy and even halt it which we must use in doing noble deeds.


When we eat and drink excessively it is also considered as a deadly sin. Moreover, it is also characterized as the excess of anything which can bring harm to us such as abuse of alcohol and drinks. Food is necessary for life but the sin of gluttony can lead towards the end of life.


There is nothing wrong in picking fine food but when it becomes an obsession it turns into sin because it leads towards many physical and mental diseases. Eating disorders can be really dangerous. When your food controls you instead of you controlling the food it can make you commit further sins as in that situation you will do anything to get food.

Want to know more about eating disorders? Then read, “What are the types and characteristics of eating disorders?


The deadly sin of greed is the desire of material or anything in excess. Sometimes it is only referred to the wealth and materialistic things. It is considered as sin when a person wants to be rich for his own benefit without considering others.


It can also lead towards other sins such as stealing, hoarding, plundering, and treason. Also when a person is greedy he desires to get wealth at any cost even if he has to harm his fellow. These people are selfishly idle and they do not spend money on society. Thus they become a non-productive member of the society.


When a person has excessive sexual thoughts and also has uncontrollable sexual desires, it is considered a deadly sin. Lust is also considered as sexual compulsion or sexual addiction. In a religious term, lust is about sabotaging the sexual act and using it for the means which are not productive.


Perhaps lust is considered a sin because it destroys love. It is a kind of sin where a person uses another person for his own sexual desire. Lust also makes us selfish and we always seek our body pleasure. Love is about giving yourself to others and respecting each other while lust is about taking self-satisfaction by using others.

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