13 Short Beard Styles For Men That Suits Best For Your Personality

Short Beard Styles– Styling the beard is the thing which most men love to do, there are various short beard styles. But you have to choose one which matches best with the face shape. There are some factors, on the basis of which you have to opt the beard style.

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It is easy to maintain and manage short beard as compared to long beard. Maybe it’s the main reason that many people go with a short beard, especially who has short facial hair. Short beard is smart and elegant if someone knows how to grow and style it.

Why Should You Choose Short Beard Styles?

Longbeard has its own look but I think the short beard is more attractive and styling. There are various reasons for opting the short beard, the main reason is that short beard is easy to maintain and grow. Short beard styles are cleaner than the long beard.

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Short beard is easy to trim yourself, style and groom short facial locks, just because of less hair. It’s easy to control, not because there isn’t as much of it. You are also less likely to manage with messes in a beard like food or miscellaneous detritus.

What Should Be the Lenght of Short Beard Styles?

Actually, there is no specific length mentioned anywhere, just because of different variations in the short beard.

short beard styles

The general rule about the length of the short beard is that it should not be extended more than a 1 or 2 inches. Any beard longer than this limit will be considered as the long beard, so tend to keep your beard trim.

Which Face Shape Look Better With Short Beard Styles?

Face shape matter a lot while looking for a short beard style, you should choose a beard style which suits on your face shape. Every beard styles did not suit on everyone face, you have to check first what is your face shape.

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There are various face shapes such as Round Face, Oval face, square, and rectangle face. If you are unsure about your face shape then maybe barber can help you to know it. After that, you will be able to select the most suitable beard style.

Square Face

Square Face with strong jaws looks perfect with beards which have short sides and full chins. You can also keep your beard full or shorter by letting the hair grow thicker there.

Round Face

A person with the round face should go for a diamond-shaped beard, which contains short sides and a bottom little longer.

Diamond Face

A person who has a diamond face with the narrow forehead and pointed chin can go with a short beard. A chin strap with a mustache maybe works well.

How to Maintain & Trim A Short Beard?

Short beard is easy to maintain and trim as compared to the long beard, but still, you need to take care of it. Moisturizing and combing are the two main components of a short beard. Shampoo your beard but remembered to use only chemical-free shampoo and also begin the conditioning regimen too.

beard style

Trimming and shaping the short beard is also essential in order to maintain the short beard appearance neat and clean.  You should start slow and never take off too much at the start.

Short Beard Styles

Here we have mentioned a best and top trending short beard styles:

1. French Beard Style

French beard is one of the most common short beard styles, and also it is well-liked beard style all around the world. This style is easy to opt.

beard styles for men

To opt this style, you need to grow the beard till you get the rough look. After that, you need to shave around the mouth to get the french look and also define the lines to make it better.

2. Short & Simple

As by name it is clear that this short beard style is elegant and simple. It looks close to the shaved goatee and a beard that fades into the sideburns.

short beards

This short and simple style is perfect for a person who is looking for a classy look.

3. Defined Lines

It is also the best short beard style, which is very easy to opt and maintain. This beard style has been defined to perfection.

beards styles

In this beard style, the goatee is partly shaved while leaving a small soul spot and hair below the chin. It emphasizes the manliness of the jawline and chin.

4. Thinner Goatee

Thinner Goatee beard is kind of short beard that is outlined pretty thin. In this beard style majority of the hair on the chin, are shaved off while leaving a small soul spot which extends down to the chin beard.

beard style

The neck hair has been left to grow as it naturally does, clean lines were attained along with the cheeks and sideburns.

5. Balbo

The Balbo short beard style is one of the top trending styles. This style looks suits on a person who has a narrow chin. This style makes you look smart and also it is easy to maintain.

beard styles for men

To opt this kind of a beard, you should not shave until your beard is fully grown. And also with the beard, you should grow a mustache. After that take off the hair on both sides, then shape the hair on your chin to get your Balbo style.

6. Short And Shaggy Beard

The Short and Shaggy beard is more suitable for college students. This style beard gives them a rough and carefree look. The beard is not trimmed and left to grow a little.

different beard styles

This short beard suit on a guy who has a long and oval face. You have to let your beard and mustache grow, to adopt this style. let it a little thick at the chin and thin on the cheeks.

7. Circle Beard

The circle beard suit on a person who has an oval or round-shaped face. This style is a combination of a rounded goatee and a mustache. This style of beard best option for a person who didn’t want a beard.

beard designs

For opting a circle beard, you have to grow a specific amount of hair. In my opinion, you should visit the best barber salon to trim the beard in this style. Maybe trying at home to get this style will be difficult.

8. Short Stubble Beard

The Short Stubble Beard one of the most popular styles amongst young men and it never goes out of the style. It makes you look rugged and fuzzy. But with the correct type of dressing style, it will make your appearance very formal and smart.

short beards

There is no specific method of growing this style of a beard because it grows in around 4 or 5 days and after that, you need to just keep it trim and clean.

9. Short Triangle Beard

The short triangle beard is one of the best short beard styles. It gives you an attractive appearance. To opt this style of beard, you have to grow the beard to a reasonable length, after that trim the chin and the sides.

beard styles pictures

With a trimmer or razor, clear off a patch of the beard near the chin, leaving a small triangle that is facing downwards. This makes you look highly sophisticated. You can wear this look to the office and be the center of attraction.

10. Short Boxed Beard

Short boxed beard is one of the most desired beard styles by people, who do not like to wear a full beard.  It is one of the best professional looks, so it will put you in a spotlight. This style is perfect for office going people.

cool beards

Short boxed beard suits a person who has a heart-shaped face or round-shaped face.  Such a style will not suit a person who has a square face shape.

11. Classic Goatee Beard

The goatee beard is considered as the best short beard style. It suits both adults and teenagers but mostly opted by teenagers.

Goatee beard is actually a chin beard and it is just below the bottom lip with no mustache while the neck and cheeks are cleanly shaven.

12. The Anchor Beard

The Anchor Beard is considered as an English style of beard. This style was one of the best short beard styles of 2018. This style makes you look very adventurous and gives you a perfect look.

In Anchor beard style the mustache is a pyramid style, which defines together with the chin and jawline region. The Anchor beard is very easy to grow and also easy to maintain.

13. Patchy beard

There are many people who have a not full beard, there are some patches in a beard. Just because your beard is patchy, it does not mean that you have to shave it all off.

Work with your patchiness to go with something that suits your face shape and the facial hair you have.

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