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25 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women 2019 [Latest Hairstyles]

You may hear the motto “Short hair, don’t care“, it is easy to manage and take care of short hair as compared to long locks. Black ladies are more fashionable and most of them love to wear short hairstyle. Short locks have more styles than you think. Here is the list of 25 best short hairstyles for black women.

black women hairstyles

Most people think, there are limited hairstyles for short locks, but they are wrong. There are many different and attractive short hairstyles such as pixie cut, bold bobs, and ultra-short crops, that suits all women’s, especially black ladies.

25 Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women 2019

Which hairstyle will suit you? This is the most difficult and time taking question. Well, there are numbers of factors on the base of which you have to decide the best short hairstyle, that will suit you. Face shape is the most important among that. Before going for any hairstyle, it will be better to consult with your hairdresser.

short haircuts for black women

Black women’s locks are little different, they have special texture. Long length locks styles will not match them. I think short hairstyle is perfect for afro ladies. Many black female celebrities opt short hairstyle and they look great.

Below is the list of 25 most popular and beautiful short hairstyles for the black women:

1- Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Short bob is considered one of the most classic and attractive short hairstyles for black women. It can be opted by any age of women, but it will suit more on teens.

short black hairstyles

There is two option in this hairstyle, you can opt longer bob or you can wear grown-out pixie cut. It is your choice, you can select either one. The long side bangs are a bonus with style.

2- Short Afro Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Afro is another best short hairstyle for black women. This style will glow your personality. This style is the most popular in Africa and that’s why it is called afro.

african american hairstyles

A lady that has curls hair, they can opt this style instead of fighting with it. This style will add strength to your locks due to their natural volume and texture.

3- Short Blonde Hairstyles For Black Women

The short blonde hairstyle is an amazing hairstyle for the black beauties. This lock style looks amazing with the curls at the crown. To wear this hairstyle you need to use the hair rollers or hair curler.

hairstyles for black women

One thing you should remember while going for this style, to cut the locks short and leave them in a little loose style. This style can be transformed into a mohawk with shaving the sides.

4- Faded Glory Hairstyles For Black Women

Faded glory haircut is perfect for the black ladies, who are looking for a change in their hairstyle. This style will look more amazing with arched eyebrows.

short black hair

You can make it more attractive by adding color to black hair. Faded glory haircut will add extra beauty and you will look like new ear piercing.

5- Temple Shave Pixie

Temple shave pixie is another beautiful hairstyle for short locks lover ladies. It is for the ladies who have edgy hair. They need to shave the sides of edgy locks to wear this hairstyle.

black short hairstyles

There are many options in this style, that will rock this style, but the most popular style is a forward style with smooth side-fringe.

6- Short Natural Hair with Twists

This is an amazing style for black women, you need to leave the side sleeks and twists the curls to crown. This will make a unique and impressive short locks style.

short hair styles for black women

Without going overboard, highlights are an easy way to change the short hairstyle. Golden and honey blonde color will look perfect on a darker skin woman.

7- Half-Up Dreadlocks Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Long Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that suits only on the black ladies, because of their hairs texture. Same like long Dreadlocks, short or half-up dreadlock looks amazing with the black women.

short hair styles for black women

To make you short dreadlocks more fashionable and fun, wear this half-up dreadlocks hairstyle. This style is perfect for occasional parties.

8- Tapered Scarlet Pixie with Layered Top

You can try different colors on hairs of all length, but short hairstyles for black ladies are much better for exploring with hair color.

women with short hair

A pixie cut itself looks great and sexy but colors add extra effects in it. The bold color with primary hue such as red will appear great.

9- Short Straight Hairstyle

The short straight hairstyle is another great hairstyle for black women. Most of the African American women wear this style because it is simple and easy to opt.

cute black girl

Most black ladies have naturally curly hairs, So to opt this style you need to first straight the locks. To add more fun and attraction, dye locks with your favorite color. The cold shade of blonde and gray color will look fantastic.

10- Long Tapered Pixie with Springy Curls

As most of the black women’s natural locks have a different texture and it is difficult to style such hairs. For such people long tapered pixie with springy curls is perfect.

black short haircuts

This style is safe in the sense that you do not need to heat the locks to make them little curly, so saving the hairs from damaging. This style is easy to achieve and it appears amazing.

11- Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bang is one of the most adorable and loving short hairstyles these days. This style looks more beautiful with the young girls.

black women short haircuts

You can add more taste in this style by dying the locks with your favorite colors. This hairstyle emphasizes on the face features.

12- Curly Blonde Bob

Curly blonde bob is a lovely short hairstyle as it looks fantastic with the highlights and makes the haircut effortlessly chic. This locks style appear amazing in every kind of situation.

female haircuts

Curly blonde bob is perfect for those black ladies, who are looking to brighten up their curls. You can also choose other colors too.

13- Fiery Pixie with Voluminous Angled Top

Well, all the short hairstyle look awesome with the black women, but for fun, you can try the bold with red-orange hue. You can also try the electric shades, they will also suit you.

short hair cuts for black women

Fiery pixie with the voluminous angled top short hairstyle is perfect for the lady who is looking to add more attraction in pixie haircut.

14- Extra Short Blonde Pixie Cut

There are may pixie hairstyles, all of them are fantastic. Few are mentioned above. It is another kind of pixie haircut. It is perfect for women who prefer short hair.

black women short hairstyles

You can spice the extra small locks with the blonde hue, this option is perfect for making the pixie style stand out.

15- Curly Pixie Mohawk

Curley pixie mohawk is the better haircut for short hairstyles lovers. There is another option that you can shave the sides to make it further better.

fine black women

To wear curly pixie mohawk style you need to slick the locks down in finger waves form for a retro vibe.

16- Short Maroon Tresses

black women hair

17- Long Bobs with Dark Roots

Long bobs with dark roots is a perfect short hairstyle for black women. With the locks coloring techniques, dark roots of locks can be seen further often on stylish gals.

sexy short hairstyles

To opt this style you need to leave the roots of hairs black while dying the rest of hairs with a light brown shade.

18- Bob with Bangs

Bob with bangs hairstyle is similar to the simple bob haircut, it is one of the most popular styles these days.

thick black woman

A thick and full bob looks amazing itself, but you can make it more attractive by adding the bold bangs. The bangs make the bob haircut exciting and stylish.

19- Extra Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Most of the black women hate this hairstyle but this style is opted by the famous American singer Solange and she looks beautiful with this hairstyle. Now people are wearing this style.

black people hairstyles

The famous American Singer Solange loves to opt the natural hairstyle, she always wears box braids, afro, and extra short hairstyle.

20- Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

Asymmetrical blonde bob hairstyle is amazing for black beauties who decide to opt the short hairstyles. A simple tapered pixie with curly long bangs will give you a sophisticated and gorgeous look.

short hair black women

You can refresh this hairstyle with other shades that you love.

21- Short Twist Braids

The short braids are the amazing short hairstyle for black women. I know twist braids took time for making, but it lasts for a long time as compared to other short hairstyles.

short hairstyles black women

You can try this style at home with practice. For comfort spray the mixture of olive oil and water each section before braiding, this will make it easy.

22- Grey Mohawk With Shaved Sides

Well, the simple mohawk style is explained earlier, to take that simple style to an extreme level, shave the sides locks of head and apply the gray highlight.

african american short hairstyles

Earlier the gray color was considered the aging symbol, but now it is no more. Many young black teens are wearing this grey color hairstyle.

23- Long & Straight Pink Bob

These days dying locks with various colors become more popular. A bright pink highlight will work better with the darker skin.

pink bob girl

The transformation of dark brown color into the light pink will looks cool. This hairstyle is best for those who do not want to cut the locks too short.

24- Short Blowout Hairstyle For Black Women

Short blowout hairstyle is an amazing and easiest hairstyle to opt. In this hairstyle, you need to wash and brush your hair, you are ready.

Blowout CURLY

The best thing about this style is you do not need any high maintenance. The layers of locks in this style create volume, that makes it more stylish and fashionable.

25- Sleek Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

There are hundreds of hairstyles for black women, few go with the blonde while few try reddish brown. The problem is to find the perfect hue that suits you.

Sleek Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

Try the ash-blonde pixie bob haircut, if you are looking for something new and eye-catching. You need to highlight the locks with ash hue, this will add wow factor to your appearance.

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