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21 Short Hairstyles For Round Faces 2019 [Trending Hairstyles]

Round faces are sometimes tough to style. But there are so many Short Hairstyles for round faces. You just have to know which hairstyle will suit you better.

Most often, you heard that if you have a round face then don’t cut your hair short. This is not true for many people who love to do experiments with their hair.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

Short hairstyles on round faces are very popular among celebrities. You can have short hair it doesn’t matter which face shape you have. Do whatever suits you best and make you look amazing.

Moreover, not every short hairstyle looks good on a round face, you have to pick the right hairstyle for yourself.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

So, if you have a round face then, your hair cut must cover your cheeks and ears. Short haircuts are normally set with little hair mousse and a blow dryer. Big faces can be covered with bangs or fringes. Round faces look slim with bangs.

All the short haircuts like pixies, grated cuts, and short bobs complete their look with bangs. Retro haircuts also look amazing on round faces.

You Must Know if You Have a Round Face

You must have a round face if you have the following features given below:

  • You don’t have any sharp features. Having soft features and round angles show that you have a round face.
  • The length and width of your face are almost the same.
  • Your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead lie in the same line. They contain almost the same width.

Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

mentioned below are some trendy hairstyles of 2019 especially for round faces:

1- Balayage Long Bob

Chrissy Teigen, twitter queen is a style and fashion icon. It means you can get trendy hair ideas from her. Long bob suits everybody having a round face.

round face short hair

Shoulder length long bobs parted on one side looks very elegant on this diva. Blonde balayage has taken this look to another level. It looks so amazing on her.

2- Short Bob with Purple Highlights

The short bob on the round face looks very cool. If you add a touch of purple soothing highlights with straight hair.

Hairstyles For Round Face

This look is amazing for any season.

3- Short Bob with Loopy Curls

Miranda Kerr had short bob with loopy curls in them. Her hairdo in this picture is amazing. You can jazz up your short bob with cool bends that will fall below your chin.

Trendy short haircuts

This hairstyle will make your jawline prominent.

4- Parisian Short Bob

The one lady who always flaunts short hairstyles with styles and grace is Ginnifer Goodwin. She can pull off almost any hairstyle. But, this time she is seen with Parisian Short Bob with aplomb.

short haircuts 2019

She looks adorable in this short haircut. Slightly feathered hair with one side worked so well for her round face.

5- Cropped Hair for Round Faces

Cropped haircut looks very cool on women. Many hairstylists choose cropped and short haircuts for their clients having round faces.

Short Hairstyles For Round Face

Cropped hair slims down a person’s face.

6- Delicate Feathers Style for Round Faces

Moreover, if you have thin short hair with a round face. Then layered feathers will suit you a lot. They will stay all day.

stylish haircuts for round faces

This is one of the amazing hair cuts for people having round or big faces. Delicate feathers help to soften your features.

7- V-Cut Outgrown Pixie

It is fun to go with a very short haircut. A cool boy cut with wispy layers looks amazing on round faces.

V-Cut Outgrown Pixie

You can also add fringes or bangs to the boy cut to keep the hairstyle ladylike. Bangs also brings balance to the haircut. So, if you have the courage to cut your hair really short then this look is for you.

8- Side-swept Layers for Round Faces

Side-swept bangs also look awesome, but have you ever thought of making all your hair side-swept?

Best hairstyles for round faces

This hairstyle looks cool, especially on short hair length. You can easily do side-swept just by parting your hair from one side. Layered hair on one side of your face helps to reduce the roundness of your face.

9- Voluminous Coils for Round Face

The actress Kiersey Clemons looks amazing in her voluminous coils.

Kiersey Clemons

This is her naturally curly hair. She looks badass in her short haircut.

10- Dramatic Pixie for Round Faces

Mylie Cyrus, in dramatic pixie hairstyle, looks amazing. If you also want to copy her then you must try this look. Her dramatically swooped up pixie looks so cool.

Mylie Cyrus pixie haircut

She has enhanced her look by shaving sides. You can pull off this look like a bad-ass person that you have always wanted to be.

11- Asymmetrical Bob for Round Faces

Emo hairstyles are now back with a bang. You can also try them if you have a round face.

Asymmetrical Bob

Start with asymmetrical Bob, then you can also color them Lavender ombre to give a classy cool look. Color the longer side to complete the look.

12- Modern Textured Bob

This chin-length modern textured bob looks amazing. It has a slight angle from one side.

Modern Textured Bob

This look is modern and fun. You can also elongate the length of your hair if you have a round face.

13- Tucked Sides Pixie Faux Hawk

Tucked Sides Pixie looks so amazing. This technique can take your haircut to another level. To give volume and height, you can use a hair product for that.

short hair round face

You can leave the edges sleek straight and then tuck them in. You will look so cool.

14- Barrel Curls Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

The tip for styling short curly hair especially for round faces is that the curls should be on the bottom half of your hair.

haircuts for round faces

Do not style with tight curls starting from roots, they will not look appropriate for this look. This bob cut is styled in barrel curls on half hair. Part your hair from one side to complete the look.

15- Messy Lob Hairstyle for Round Faces

A messy lob is an effortless hairstyle, and it looks really amazing. You don’t have to add layers or anything to give volume.

Short Bob haircut

Its messy styling adds volume on its own. You can add an asymmetrical hairline, to complete this chic look.

16- Stacked Bob Hairstyle for Round Face

To follow this hairstyle you have to make sure that your hair must be short from back and long from the front. Moreover, your hair should fall lower around your chin. This style reduces the thick bulk of hair from the back and gives you an edgy look.

short haircuts 2019

You can style this stacked bob with curly or straight both hair. If you want a little formal look, then you can go for curls. This haircut will look amazing on you if you have a round face.

17- Asymmetrical Curled Bob

The asymmetrical bob is so easy to maintain, even if you leave them curly or wavy. If you will leave them curly, it will look edgier and more formal.

Asymmetrical Curled Bob

Set your asymmetrical bob in this way that your curls fall on your chin line.

18- Short Elongating Locks

Every lady doesn’t try short haircuts as they do not know-how to carry the short hairstyle in a stylish way.

Curly hairstyle for round face

You can style your tapered pixie in an upward position, you can get a fabulous volume and texture.

19- Wavy Blonde Bob for Round Face

Wavy blonde bob looks beautiful on women with round faces. Wavy bob cut can reach another level if you color it blonde.

curly hairstyle for round face

It will give a stylish and soft overall look to your face.

20- Power of Bangs

You can reduce the round look of your face by having short bangs. Haircuts with bangs help to soften your features.

power of bangs

Bangs also make your face looks longer. Try to keep them edgy to enhance your look and set them accordingly.

21- Boyish Haircut for Round Faces

Michelle Williams has this boyish haircut and she looks amazing. You can also experiment with your hair.

round face short hair

So if you want to keep your hair really short then try this boyish haircut, if you think you can carry them.

Tips for setting Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Deciding a right haircut is a tough task. You must know which haircut will suit you and will give a compliment to your face. Yet, if you have a round face, then mentioned below are some points that you have to keep in mind before setting your short haircut:

  • You can go for a curly short hairstyle for your face. Set curls according to the0 shape of your face. Focus on the curls close to your crown.
  • Soft waves look so beautiful on a round face. You can easily get this look by wrapping a large section of your hair around the hot curling rod.
  • Some hairstyles like buns and top knots look amazing on round faces. These hairstyle helps your face to look long.
  • Round shape face girls can also go for long hair. Try shaggy layers, it will enhance your neck shape and hide the roundness of your face.
  • You can also go for layered bangs or fringes instead of bangs that are straight.

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