How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

Towels are a very important thing in our daily life routine, doesn’t matter if you have a large or small family, you use towel every day, this is a big question that how often should you wash your towels? Every morning also after washing your face, after taking bath, after having facial you dab towel on your face, even if you are in the kitchen you use a towel to dry your hands, so towels play important role in our daily lives and they should be clean and washed properly.

If you will use dirty and dusty towels, there are great chances that you will get skin infections, skin irritations or even severe acne on face.

How often should you wash your towels

So cleaning and washing your towels twice in a week is very important for proper hygiene. Sometimes we use small hand towel especially if we are traveling we prefer to carry small handy towels with us, we also use large towels for spa or after a shower to dry our body. So all of them should be washed on a daily basis that’s why here on, we are providing you some many easy and effective tips on How often should you wash your towels without damaging them and their softness.

Steps to how often should you wash your towels

  • After taking bath and cleaning your body with a towel it becomes wet or damp then you must hang it outside in open air or in sunlight to let it dry. Drying towel in sunlight also removes all the foul smell from them very quickly and easily. So you must wash towel after 3 uses, like you have to wash a towel after using it three times after bath, even if you are taking bath three times a day, or if you are taking bath one in three days, your towel should be washed after three uses.

Towels should be washed properly

  • If you wash towels daily or regularly then they get hard, and they also tore quickly. So cleaning and washing of towels correctly help them to stay longer in good and perfect condition.
  • After using towels it collects your dead skin cells and many germs any bacteria, so washing your towels is very important otherwise you will face skin infections and other skin irritations. Damp towels contain lots of bacteria and germs, when you dry them in sunlight it lower the effect of germs and bacteria but germs are still there in the towels.
  • So washing your towels properly removes all the germs and bacteria’s from them completely. Damp towels can easily absorb the foul and nasty smell, and then you cannot use it again because sometimes that smell is unbearable so it only goes when you wash towels in the machine with liquid detergent.

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Steps to follow for Washing of towels

  • It is also important to maintain the softness of towels, by washing them with suitable liquid detergent. You can also add white vinegar while washing your towels in the washing machine to retain their softness. White vinegar helps towels to removes all the bad and nasty smell from them and making them, even more, whiten and brighten.
  • Another method which you can apply is to soap towels in white vinegar and water solution for just 1 hour before washing them in the washing machine. This method will also retain the originality and softness of your towels for daily use.
  • White vinegar is also a very effective natural disinfectant, so by soaking your towels in white vinegar it also removes all the germs and bacteria’s from towels very quickly and making them hygienic to use them on your skin. Always dry your towels in sunlight.

always dry towels in sunlight

  • If we talk about face towels then you should pay more attention to their cleanliness because we use face towel more often than other towels, we dry our sweat from them, we clean and dry our hands after using the washroom, we also use face towels to dry our face. When we go out and there is heavy traffic of lots of dust and dirt, we come home to wash our face and dry our face with face towel so face towel needs proper washing and cleaning.
  •  Face towel should be washed regularly, or after one day it depends on how many persons are using the same face towel. Face towels absorb more dust, germs, and bacteria as compared to other towels so they should we washed more often using effective methods of disinfecting and cleaning them properly.

Washing of kitchen towels

  • Now when it comes to kitchen towels, you use them in the kitchen and do lots of things like clean your dirty or greasy hands with them, you also clean your counters surface with kitchen towels. Kitchen towels are also used to hold hot utensils; you also clean dust and dirt from dishes in the kitchen with a kitchen towel. So kitchen towel also needs proper hygiene otherwise it will absorb more germs and bacteria’s which will affect your food and family.

kitchen towels should washed daily

  • Kitchen towels should be washed after every meal, if it’s difficult then you should wash them every day. Use 3-4 kitchen towels so if you wash two of them then you still have one or two in spare. Kitchen towel needs proper cleaning otherwise germs in the kitchen means germs in food, and then all the family members will suffer from different diseases so you should be careful when it comes to the hygiene of your kitchen.
  • What most people do is they dry their towels in washrooms on the handlebar, that’s really inappropriate way to dry your towels. As washrooms have a damp or moist atmosphere so you towels cannot become dry completely. Nasty and stinky smell develops in your towels from that moisture. So you should always dry your towels in sunlight or in the open air.

how often you should wash your towels

  • Sunlight did not allow germs to grow fast; sunlight also kills germs and bacteria from towels. Sunlight helps towels to get rid of that nasty and stinky smell from them. Do not put towels in sunlight for so long periods of time or for a whole day. If your towel is colored than sunlight can also fade the color of your towel. So put towels in sunlight for 2-3 hours.

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