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Reasons Why You Should Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people all over the world are planning to celebrate this day with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this blog post is about Why you should not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

shouldn't celebrate Valentine's day

14th February is designated for Valentine’s Day celebrations for ages. The history of this day dates back to 3rd century ancient Rome. This day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Saint Valentines who stood up for his love and got killed.

valentine's day

However, this day has set many unrealistic patterns and is creating havoc in reality.

Why you Shouldn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Consumerism and Valentine’s Day

Yes, you heard it right! The countless love tokens, fluffy bunnies, chocolates, Cupid signs, heart-shaped balloons are just a few starter packs of this day. Consumerist markets make billions of dollars through sales on 14th February every year.


According to an estimate, the sales reach up to 19.6 billion US Dollars and on average, each American spends $143 for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Similarly, food businesses and event organizers generate a lot of profit through food and luring people into the idea of a perfect romantic date. This way, masses are fooled to spend more money and buy branded products as a token of their love.

valentine's day

Well, let that sink in you guys because numbers never lie!

Marketing On Point!

The whole year, advertising agencies and brands spend a considerable amount of time in preparing for Valentine’s Day celebrations and sales. This is another great way of making the audience actually listen and pay heed to various marketing agencies.

don't plan Valentine's Day

Earlier print media was the only way for marketing, however, in recent decades, digital media is the biggest avenue for attracting the global audience.

Approximately 51% of the global population celebrates this day each year. Besides, this is not a noble cause and let’s not forget, our planet and lives have more important issues to deal with at the moment.

Unrealistic Expectations

When it comes to human feelings and emotions, they are both pure and raw at the same time. The idea of celebrating a single day to prove your love and devotion to someone is absolutely exaggerated. 14th feb

Valentine’s Day creates unrealistic expectations about love and romance. Couples looking for a day to appreciate their partners or spouses just to live up to modern societal notions. Life is more than happy and flashy figures appearing on the digital screens everywhere.

Not Eco-Friendly

Valentine’s day about showing love and to quote a popular opinion “love is in the air” but what happens when a lot of paper, plastic, and garbage actually pollute our air with the previous day’s celebrations.

Non Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

A lot of goodies and items are manufactured from plastic and the use of fireworks destroys nature. Our planet is literally on the verge of collapsing because of industrial waste and garbage.

It’s a Rat Race

This age is all about following the trends, creating new hashtags and following a rat race in general. Materialism has taken over the pure emotions of love and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Celebrating this day is a total waste of time and money.

By practicing gratitude and practically showing love every day is the real game-changer, trust me. Couples do not practice love by celebrating Valentine’s Day, it becomes more of a social ritual instead.

Social Pressure

For single people, Valentine’s Day becomes problematic as they are looked down upon and it is expected from every single person to be with a significant other on this eve. Single people may face a mental breakdown or irritation due to this overly and unnecessarily hyped day.

should not celebrate valentine's day

Take the sincere advice and say no to Valentine’s Day to save your wallet, relations and most importantly, planet earth!


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