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What Does it Mean? Top Trending Slang Words in 2019

Slang words are shorthand terms which are used on the internet. Slang words are now very commonly used in online chatting platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. There are numerous slang words which are quite popular, What do they stand for? In this article, you will find each and everything about them.

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You might be getting familiar with text abbreviations during texting or chat on different applications. As much as technology change, so our language also. People are used to using text abbreviations in their conversation instead of complete word or sentences. If you didn’t know such slang words and you are on social media platforms, don’t worry, I will tell some trending internet slang.

List of Top Trending Slang Words 2019

You will find different slang words on the internet but among them, few are most commonly used and popular which you should know. Top Trending slang words are listed below:

LMAO — “Laughing My Ass Off”

What does lmao mean? LMAO stands for “Laughing My Ass Off”, it is used to express your feeling of extremely funny or great happiness moments.

What does lmao mean

You can use LMAO in online chatting when you find something extremely funny, you just response with it and share your expression. There is also another slang word called ROFL which can be used in such a situation. People use sometime ROFLMAO which is used to describe that something is extremely hilarious.

HMU — “Hit Me Up”

What does HMU mean? HMU stands for “Hit Me Up”. It has many meanings which depend upon the conversation context.

what does hmu mean

HMU is a slang word which is used when you have to say “text me” or “Contact me”, but explain earlier that its meaning depends upon the situation. It is a new way to invite a person to communicate with you later.

SMH — “Shaking My Head”

What does smh mean? SMH stands for “Shaking My Head”, It is used to express physical body language of head shaking in any situation such as Disbelief or Disagreement.

What does smh mean

It is a Slang word which is used when someone says or do something that you don’t approve of whatever. People use this text abbreviation to show their physical body language reaction during online chatting or conversation. SMDH can also be used if you need a bit more emphasis.

WCW — “Women Crush Wednesday”

What does WCW mean? WCW stands for “Women Crush Wednesday”, It has different meanings. It is used to salute the women who are taking part in changing the world and demanding stereotypes norm.

What does WCW mean

It is a hashtag which is made for Women and this is the reason why Wednesday is dedicated to women on the internet. Sometimes we found some people use WCW hashtags to apologize from their loved ones.

TBH — “To Be Honest”

TBH Meaning– TBH stands for “To Be Honest”, it is used when you have to emphasize that you are stating an honest opinion. It is the most popular acronym among slang words.

TBH Meaning

TBH is used in online chatting when you have affirmed that you are stating an honest opinion about something in front of someone.  These days such Text abbreviation is very common and they are invented by teenagers which frequently use social media, for an instant reply they people use such slang words.

OFC — “OF Course”

What does ofc mean? OFC stands for “Of Course”, which is used in online chatting when you have to give permission to someone. It is a polite way of accepting someone’s request.

What does ofc mean

OFC is used when you agree with someone statement. People use this internet slang in there chatting to give permission or show agreeing with them. They just reply with OFC instead of typing full word. Slang words cannot be apart of formal conversation.

WBU — “What About You”

WBU meaning– WBU stands for “What About You”, which means getting someone opinions about something. It is a slang word which is used on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

WBU meaning

WBU is used when you need someone point of view or suggestion about some discussion or matter. Avoid the use of such slang words in a formal conversation. It may have different meanings in other fields such as technology, business, etc.

LMK — “Let Me Know”

LMK meaning– LMK stands for “Let Me Know”, which is used when you need any information from someone’s, in such situation you can use this text abbreviation.


LMK is a polite and casual way of requesting information from someone, It is mostly used in online chatting or on social media. You can not use such Slang in Formal conversation. If you think the second person didn’t know the meaning of LMK, never use it, it will cause confusion, avoid it for better communication.

MHM — “mm-hmm

MHM is an abbreviation of “mm-hmm”, which is used in a place where you need to answer any question with yes or no.

new slang

MHM is a slang word, which is used as a response to any question. It is used in both real life and online conversation. In real life, its meaning changes with the sound or tone of the voice. It is very popular in both face-to-face conversations and on social media platforms.

TFW — “That Feel When

TFW is a slang word, which is used on social media platforms. It stands for “That Feel When”. It also stands for “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”.


TFW is a way of expressing feelings or emotion about something in a text form. People use this term in their comments, posts on social media when they feel awkward, ridiculous, uncomfortable, annoying, or strange things that happen to someone.

DM — “Direct Message

What does DM mean? It is an internet slang which is used on several social media sites and applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. It stands for “Direct Message”.


DM meaning is Direct message, it is mainly used while two-person messaging each other. people ask an individual person to direct message them up while they are having a discussion. People also use “PM”, which can be used instead of DM. PM stands for “Private Message”.

YH — “Yeah”

YH is an internet slang, which stands for “Yeah”, which is used in response to any question asked. This term is used in online texting and it is used in informal conversation, it can never be apart of formal conversation.


YH is used in a text conversation and on social media platforms. It is used in conversation, the exact same way as it is used in normal life face to face conversation. YH is used as a response to any question or maybe it can be used agreeing with someone’s comments or opinion.

YW — “You Are Welcome”

YW is an abbreviation, which stands for “You are Welcome”. It is used on social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Internet slangs are very common in online texting and chatting.


YW is used when you do a favor with someone, he says thanks, you response him with this term.  It is a basic rule of kindness, it signals that you accept the expression of obligation or maybe it shows that you were happy to help.

AFAIK — “As Far As I Know”

AFAIK is an internet slang which is used in online chatting on many social media networking sites. It stands for “As Far As I Know”.


AFAIK is used when you are sure about something is true, but you are not completely sure about that information, you have partial knowledge about that matter. You can use such short terms in informal conversation, they can never be apart of a Formal conversation.

ILY— “I Love You”

ILY is a slang word, which stands for “I Love You“. It is used to express your feeling or genuine love for someone. It has the same meaning as used in real-life face-to-face conversation.


There is no specific way of using it, you can use it anywhere or at any time. You can also use ILU instead of “I Love You”, both have the same meaning. The opposite of ILY is IHY, which stands for “I Hate You”. For more quotes Kindly visit 35 Best Friend Quotes and Sayings

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