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Small Growth In Mouth: Causes And Treatment

Sometimes a small ball-shaped growth originates in the mouth, either on the lips, on the tongue side areas, or at the backside part of the soft palate. It may also appear on the mouth floor. Pain and irritation may also occur in case of some growths. The most immediate question that may arise in anyone’s mind is, whether or not this growth is malignant.

Most of these growths are not so serious or malignant. However, these growths are categorized into three types, Benign or Noncancerous, Dysplastic or Precancerous and Malignant or Cancerous.

growth in mouth

Studies have proved that most of the small growths in the mouth are non-cancerous. Whatever may be the type of these growths, these are definitely a cause of trouble or nuisance. The affected person feels it somewhat troublesome and wants to get rid of it at the earliest.

As such, it is very important that we should have at least a minimal level of information about these growths in the mouth so that these can be cured before the situation gets worsened. Here we will provide a basic information about small growth in mouth and its causes and treatment.

Types Of Growths

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the growths in or around the mouth area are non-cancerous. There are different types of growths as under.


Fibroids may appear inside the mouth, on the palate, on the inner side of the lips and throat. These are all noncancerous or benign. These may be in shape of a ball and are mostly hard and bright. Fibroids are generally formed in the mouth due to friction. Normally this type of growth automatically vanishes without any treatment. But in case of fibroids get bigger, the doctor may opt for its removal, though it still poses no considerable threat.


Mucous Cyst

Mucous Cyst (mucocele) may appear on any of the following areas in the mouth:

  • The inner side of lips.
  • Floor of mouth.
  • Cheeks.
  • Gums.
  • Palate.
Mucous Cyst

Mucous Cyst is also in shape of a round ball, which may vary in size. These are filled inside, with liquid. Though not painful do cause the nuisance for the affected person. A person having the habit of sucking the inner parts of his or her lips or sucking the cheeks is most likely to experience these mucous cysts in the mouth. These don’t require any specific treatment and may disappear at its own, after some time. However, the doctor may opt for its removal, if the patient feels discomfort.

White Growths

While the above two types of growth may not cause any serious threat, the white growths in or around the mouth are somewhat more serious and need urgent medical attention. These may appear inside the mouth or on the tonsils as well. Possible causes of white growths in the mouth may be as under:

Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is caused due to Candida Fungus. Candida Fungus appears in the form of white lumps which are painful while swallowing. These may also result in bleeding when the patient brushes his or her teeth. This is a serious type of growth which should immediately be attended.

White Growths

For an immediate cure, doctors normally rely on drugs that are antifungal. This helps to control the growth of this fungus.

Oral Herpes

HSV – 1 (herpes simplex virus type 1) causes this infection in the mouth which results in white growth in the mouth. It may cause itching and burning and patient also feels pain while swallowing. Fever may also occur in this case.

Antiviral medicines can be used to get rid of this growth in the mouth. However, in some cases, it disappears after some time, on its own, without any medicines. These are not so serious in nature.


This is another infection that may appear in throat or tonsils due to dead cells accumulated in the affected area. This causes a bad smell in the mouth and may also result in a sore throat. In this type of infection, yellowish or white growth may appear in the affected area of the mouth. For an immediate cure, you must consult the ENT specialist.


While the above-mentioned types of Growths in the mouth are categorized as non-cancerous, there are chances of a cancerous growth in the mouth as well.

Cancerous Growth In Mouth

People addict to alcohol or smoking are most likely to be a victim of Mouth Cancer. A person experiencing one or a combination of any of the following symptoms, he must immediately consult his physician, as he may be a victim of mouth cancer.

  • Bleeding growth in the mouth.
  • Weakened gums.
  • Thickening of the skin of the mouth.
Cancerous Growth In Mouth
  • Pain in jaws.
  • Difficulty while chewing.
  • Pain in tongue.

Most likely victims of mouth cancer are the people who are in middle age group. But not restricted to this age group, sometimes it may also appear in younger ones as well.


Immediate medical assistance is necessary in case of appearance of any of the above symptoms. However, in following events, you must also consult your physician without any delay.

  • When the growth in the mouth turns into an ulcer.
  • If the growth in hurting you.
  • When you feel it difficult to speak, chew or swallow.
  • In case of inflammation in lymph nodes.
  • When you start losing weight without any reason.

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