What Is Your Spirit Animal Totem? Find Out!

Animals had a great importance in the Native American culture. They were not only being with whom they lived but they were also considered as their protector and guide and in some way, their superior beings. They were called totems, the animals of powers or spiritual animals.

What Is Your Spirit Totem

It is believed that you do not choose your totem animal in fact, they choose you. The Native Americans believed that people born on certain dates had characteristics similar to animals. In this article, we will describe, what are the totem animals and their characteristics, so read the article till the end.


The people who are born between the time span from January 20 to February 18 have the otter as their spirit animal. These people are usually independent and possess a different vision of reality.

otter totem

The otter is characterized by his creativity and intelligence as well as his way of finding solutions in the face of adversity where no one else sees them. They are helpful, attentive, honest and understanding and on the other side, they can be lonely, rebellious, ruthless, lonely and lascivious.


People born between February 19 and March 20 have the wolf as their spirit animal totem. These people are very emotional and passionate.

wolf totem

Wolf is the Native American sign which is most associated to the philosophy and heart, that is why the wolf is one who most understands the emotions of those around him and is always willing to give love to everyone who needs it.

Wolfs are great advisers and on the other side, they can become obsessive, impractical and stubborn in some situations.


People born between March 21 and April 19 possess falcon as their totem. The falcon has a clever mind and is incredibly good at making decisions at the worst condition.

falcon totem

He has a natural quality of leadership and always focuses on achieving his aims. They always take advantage of the opportunities and never hesitate to put opinion in front of others. On the other hand, they may have a little patience and seem selfish, disrespect and somewhat complacent.


Beaver is the spirit animal totem of those born between April 20 and May 20. Beavers love to take control of the situations. The beaver is calm and efficient.

beaver totem

You will always find him as a great professional while performing a task, as he seeks to perform the work perfectly. Beavers are intelligent and smart, loyal, compassionate, helpful and generous but if we talk about their negative side they can be coward, lose their grip on the situation, stubborn and possessive.


Those born between May 21 and June 20, have this spirit animal totem. In Native American totem, Deer represents creativity. Deer are cheerful, witty and inspiring.

deer totem

They usually stand out for their ability to make others happy. They are also great speakers and friendly as well as care about nature and the environment, and can even be demanding with the issue of personal appearance. On the contrary, they can be egocentric, lazy, temperamental, and sometimes even a bit bipolar.


The woodpecker is the spirit animal totem of the people who born between June 21 and July 21. Woodpecker is one most understanding of all the totems and the one that most often listens to others.


Therefore it is considered that those who born under this spirit animal make very good parents, great friends and excellent partners. They are usually dedicated, romantic, loving and organized and can be a bit jealous, possessive and angry.


People born between July 22 and August 21 have salmon as their spirit animal. The salmon is intuitive, focused and full of vitality. Creativity and enthusiasm is their strong point.


Salmons are usually very sociable in addition to this they are very intelligent and generous. Salmon is a very calm, dedicated stable and sensual person in sentimental relationships. However, they can also become somewhat vulgar, self-centered and full of prejudices.


If you are between August 22 and September 21, then the bear is your spirit animal totem. Bear is the firmest and pragmatic when it about handling situations.


The bear can be very generous, devoted and full of unconditional love for others. A bear person is humble, shy and perfect for teaching because he can transmit his knowledge with a contagious temperance for others. However, in their more negative side, they can also be somewhat skeptical, vague and reserved.


People born between September 22 and October 22 have a raven as their power animal. It is another of the most enthusiastic signs.


Crows tend to be entrepreneurial personalities and have a very positive and charismatic energy. They come up with great ideas. Crows are also idealistic and at the same time can be a little calculating.

On a positive side, these people are delicate, romantic, and very easy to deal with. While on the negative side, they can end up holding a grudge, can annoy others with their attitude and being incoherent.


Those born between October 23 and November 22, have this snake animal totem. It is considered as people born under this sign are closely related to the spiritual world.


On the positive side, the snake is a very helpful, fun, sensitive and affectionate person. While on the negative side the snake is violent, discouraging, volatile and somewhat dark.


If you were born between November 23 and December 21, then the owl is your spirit animal. These people natural, easy to get along with, affectionate and very friendly.


The owl is passionate about living new experiences and adventure. The owl knows how to take control of the situation but here the owl can fall, because he can become reckless, careless and inconsiderate.

The owls are very passionate, delicate and very attentive to their partner in the relationship. While on their negative side, the owl can be aggressive and hardly forgive others.


People born between December 22 and January 19 possess the goose as a spirit animal totem. They are very perseverant, ambitious and tenacious.


They are also impulses by nature that is why they always move forward at all times in their life. Goose always loves professional and physical challenges.

They will always help their friends, therefore, their friends always come to them when they need help. Thus, in turn, Goose makes great friend and adviser. While in a relationship, the goose can be sensual, kind and passionate.

Note: Goose are also a symbol of love but on a negative side, they can fall into networks of obsessions and addictions.

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