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Is Sterilization Good For Dogs?

Dogs are most likable and lovable breed of animals but it is also true that thousands of dogs each year are abandoned. Sometimes Dogs which are raised by individuals do not have any idea how to treat newborn puppies and as a result, they try to get rid of them. it is observed that most people do not know the concept of dogs sterilization or even the know about it, still, they ignore the benefit of sterilization.

Sterilize Your pet

One of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy in the female dog is through sterilization, in this way the percentage of dogs abandonment can be decreased, moreover, there are many other benefits of sterilization and many vets recommend to sterilize your pet. Sterilization of dogs is very highly beneficial for dogs health too.

If you are interested to know more why sterilization is good for dogs then keep reading this article because we are going to explain what is the process of dogs sterilization and benefits of it.

Sterilization VS Neutering

  • Neutering (Castration of males, spaying for female) has slightly different procedure then dogs sterilization. First of all we differential these two different terminologies then we will explain you the benefits of neutering and sterilization.
  • Generally, these two procedures are used to prevent pregnancy in dogs and these procedures neutering and sterilization can be performed on both male dog and a female dog.

What is Neutering?

  • Neutering the process of removing animals reproductive organs so that the hormone production in animals are stoped or say it ceased. Benefits of Neutering is it prevents pregnancy in female dogs, it disappears heat in animals.
  • Neutering also affects the behavior of animals like it reduces the aggression and the need of a mate. If neutering is applied to male dogs then it entails the removal of testes which is known as the castration.

What is Neutering?

  • If neutering is applied on the female dog then two different procedures can be entailed such as the removal of ovaries which is known as the ovariectomy or the removal of both the uterus and ovaries which is known as the ovariohysterectomy.

What is sterilization?

  • Sterilization process does not involve the removal of animal sexual organs. Pregnancy in female dogs is avoided through two different methods.
  • Vasectomy: it is used in male dogs and it consists of cutting the vas deferens, which is basically a tube which carries the sperm from the testicles to the urethra.
  • Tubal ligation: this process involves the surgical procedure performed on the female dogs, The purpose of this process is to close the fallopian tubes which are connecting the ovaries to the uterus.

What is sterilization?

  • The main benefit of sterilization is hormone level of dogs are not altered by such a procedure that’s why the behavior of dogs do not change. After sterilization animals keep their mating instinct and show behavior which is typical of dogs that have not sterilized.
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  • In most of the animal shelters, it is mandatory to sterilize an abandoned dog. If the abandoned dog is a puppy then they are sterilized after few months.

Ideal age of dog for sterilization

  • The question can arise in your mind what is the best age for neutering or sterilize a dog. Most of the times it is recommended to carry out the intervention when a dog reaches 6 months of its age. Although there are some cases in which it is better to wait until dogs reach its maturity level. Once a pet reaches its maturity level then you should sterilize him.

Ideal age of dog for sterilization

  • The best approach is to visit a vet and get information about the sterilization of a dog and know the best age for the sterilization.
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  • Sterilization of dogs involve very little surgery and dogs recover within 24 to 48 hours with very little postoperative care. You must make sure your pet does not feel any pain after 48 hours of this process. In case your pet is feeling pain then we recommend you to call the vet immediately.

The benefit of sterilization in dogs

  • Longer Life: This process increases the life expectancy of dog and it prevents testicular cancer and diseases such as leukemia and immunodeficiency. In females, sterilization prevents infections in the uterus as well as breast and uterine cancer. It also disappears heat and phantom pregnancies.
  • Birth Control: Sterilization of dogs prevent females from getting pregnant and it prevents males making female pregnant. Therefore this producers is helping in decreasing the percentage of abandoned dogs.

Prevents overpopulation

  • This process prevents females from getting pregnant and it prevents males making female pregnant. Which is contributing to decreasing the number of abandoned dogs In the streets and in the dog shelters.

Prevent Dehydration in pets

  • In case you observe your dog is lazy, sleeping a lot and it is difficult for them to walk or run then you should touch its nose if it is dry then it is a sign of dehydration.
  • To make sure either your pet is hydrated or dehydrated you must check the gum of a dog, if dogs gum do not look wet and their tongue also lacks wetness, then it is confirmed your pet is dehydrated. Bad breathing In dogs is also a sign of dehydration.

Prevent Dehydration in pets

  • When your pet is facing dehydration it is important that your dog should recover the minerals and liquid which it has lost. You should give them water slowly so that your dog does not vomit.
  • It is observed that pets which have diarrhea and vomiting refuse to eat anything. If your pet has the similar condition then you should insert the liquid with a syringe needle constantly throughout the day.

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