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What Succulent Plant Should I Get?

Succulent plants or more often referred to as Succulents are a unique type of plants. Succulent plants are those plants, which can store water in their fleshy stems and leaves. These plants have some abnormally thickened parts that are fleshy as well, where water is retained by them, mostly in arid climates. The name succulent is derived from a Latin word “sucus” which means juice.

There is another type of plants known as Cactus, which are also known to retain water in them. But the succulent plants are a different type altogether. To better understand the difference between Cacti and Succulents, remember that almost all Cacti are Succulents but all succulents are not cacti.

Succulents are more often used as ornamental plants and are widely used in household for adding beauty to your house. There are many different families of plants, which have succulents. Out of 25 such families, Cactaceae, Aizoaceae and Crassulaceae are such families of plants that have maximum species within them, which are succulents.


Though succulents can be grown indoors, almost everywhere, the natural habitat for these plants are the areas receiving minimum rainfall and having the higher level of temperature. Basically, these are plants which can survive and successfully grow in the water scarce areas.

Due to development of water-storing tissues, these plants attain a fleshy and swollen shape, especially the leaves and the stem. This gives them a unique decorative appearance; hence widely used in household decoration. Succulents need the minimum level of care that makes them a better and favorite choice for home gardening.

In this article, we will let you know some basic things about succulents that may help you decide better on what succulents should you get for your home.

Cultivation Of Succulents

Owing to their ability to grow successfully without much care and with the minimum of water requirement, succulents are the most favorite choice for any household to add beauty to their home. These can be grown quite easily in Containers or Pots, indoors. Only care you need is to avoid overwatering. Remember, overwatering may permanently damage and may result in the death of succulents.


Succulents can be grown through vegetative propagation, such as through cuttings having the good amount of stem and leave. When the stem with leaves is cut, it instantly starts healing and form callus. After about a couple of weeks, roots start growing and your succulent is ready for placing in containers or pots inside your home.

Succulents can also be grown through division. In this method, you have to uproot an overgrown clump and pull the roots and stem apart and allow the callus to form.

Care And Maintenance

Being a drought-resistant plant, succulents need the minimum of care at home. However, while planting them indoors in your rooms keep following things in mind.

  • Containers or pots used for planting succulents should have ample holes at the bottom for quick and effective drainage of water. Overwatering may cause the death of succulents.


  • Never give water to leaves of succulents, always water them at the base. Idea is to moisten the soil instead of watering the plant directly.
  • Wait for the soil to dry before next watering. Normally a gap of 3-4 days would be sufficient for the soil to get dry.
  • Regular trimming may be required in some species whereas some may not require it so often.

What Succulents Should You Grow At Home?

There are so many varieties and species of different succulents that can easily be grown and kept at home for various purposes. Apart from the prime purpose of the decoration of your home, succulents have many other purposes as well. So, while selecting the succulents for your home, you will have to consider what you actually want from them. The utility of succulents ranges from decoration to healthcare, cosmetics and many other natural remedies.

Out of hundreds of different varieties, we may suggest the following for your home garden or for your room decoration.


This is a sturdy rosette shaped succulent. Its sap can be converted into agave nectar, which is a natural sweetener that can be an alternative to sugar. Its leaves are hard having white linings. Queen Victoria Agave may be the best option, which is a smaller one and is so beautiful.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is quite a famous and beneficial succulent plant that can be grown easily in your home. It has many medicinal utilities such as the treatment of burns. While planting or cutting the leaves, handle with care, as its leaves are very sharp edged that may injure your hands.

Crinkle Leaf Plant

These succulents have wavy leaves and are so beautiful that can be used as decoration in your home. But they need plenty of light, so, make sure they get it frequently.

Jade Plant

This is another beautiful succulent plant for your home decoration. It has shiny leaves. Its stem is elliptical, which has branches. You may give them any shape you like, through pruning and trimming.

grow at home

Maxican Rose

Another very beautiful addition in your home decoration. It has velvety and reddish leaves. Care is required for their leaves. Don’t allow water to touch the leaves otherwise, they will lose their beauty.

Firestick Plant

Firestick plant has fine red branches. It needs plenty of sunshine to grow well. Remember, its latex is very much toxic and irritating. So, take care not to allow it to touch your hands.

Zebra Haworthia

It has white striped leathery leaves. Grows well in the indirect bright light. Very beautiful looking plant, you must have in your home.

Snake Plant

As the name suggests, its leaves are quite long pointy green leaves with yellow patterns. Can be grown in moderate light.

Cobweb Houseleek

It is a rosette-shaped plant that can grow equally good under shade or in the sunlight.

Common Houseleek

It is also a rosette-shaped plant having smooth edges. It may prove a good addition to your room decoration.

There are hundreds of varieties of succulents that are well known for their decorative touch but the ultimate choice will mainly depend on your own aesthetic sense and the decoration layout of your room.

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