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Tbh Meaning

Tbh Meaning: Nowadays, social media is filled with many acronyms. So many of them that it is hard to keep up, so you might be curious whenever you see “TBH” in a text message, either to you or one of your kids. To be honest, what you need to know is very simple.

Tbh is a texting abbreviation, it is used in casual speech. It stands for the Phrase “To Be Honest”. YW is an internet slang which is used on social media and is an abbreviation of “You are Welcome“ which is used in response to thank you.

TBH meaning

Furthermore, this phrase can be used after or before a statement to emphasize that you are stating an honest opinion. Many different variations on this phrase include “In all honesty” “In my opinion” or “To be perfectly honest (with you)”

To be honest, has become such a common phrase of English that it literally deserved its own abbreviation.

So if you find difficulty to search the meaning of TBH slang then you can read this article, we are discussing “Tbh Meaning” in this Guide.

Tbh Text Meaning

There are tons of new words that we have written down on the internet or in text messages like Slangs TBH. And it is the main reason that lots of new phrases and words come through social media. These words have become very famous that these words also include on the dictionaries.

For instance, a selfie is one of the new words. This word is so much famous all over the world. That is why it has been called as word of the year for Oxford Dictionary.

Nowadays TBH is one of those words that is written down very frequently on social media. Teenagers have invented this word. The acronym HMU is another very famous slang word used by teens. It has been used in different ways. This credit goes to the teenagers for their different types of utilizing this word.

Full-Form of Tbh:

A short time ago TBH was one of the very famous words using on social media. Moreover, this word was mostly found on Facebook. Many people were using this word frequently on Facebook while chatting with friends, families or partners.

Full form of TBH stands for “To Be Honest“. Furthermore, this word was majorly used to get free and closer to the other person. While discussing something uncomfortable or arguably, this word helps to describe that.

There are no other words like this one, which helps to describe something controversial. This word is very popular among teens and young adults.

Furthermore, To be honest, is a lengthy word and it is old now, on the other hand, TBH is tiny, looks stylish and similarly easy to learn. TBH is a helpful word to express something what you honestly feel.

To Be Honest Examples

TBH started out as the acronym for “to be honest”. This word was originally used and still it is used by a few people. When some is trying to be frank while discussing a controversial or uncomfortable topic. For instance:

  • 1st User: How can we take in all these refugees? Our country can hardly take care of its population now.
  • 2nd User: Tbh, refugees are good for our society. We could use more employees, and we must get ourselves out of bronze-age thinking.

Tbh Meaning in a Text

Particularly along the line, TBH was embraced by teenagers, predominantly teenagers on Tumblr and Instagram, where it was used to attract attention. Furthermore, it took on a complementary meaning, and the TBH acronym itself became a positive comment. Especially, it was used to request likes on Instagram, such as when used in some post that says “like for a TBH” or replies such as “Reply to my Photo for a tbh”.

As a result, depending on the context, tbh can be both complimentary or critical. TBH can be harmful when it is used to sarcastically comment on another person’s physical appearance.

When someone posts a picture and gets a comment “TBH, this is an amazing picture of you!” the intent is in an appreciative manner.

A mini-movement that is built up around TBH that encouraged teenagers to express their honest and humble feelings about an idea or a person, but like many other gullible ideas, this one was co-opted and by few people online to vent or bully. Another internet slang used on social media sites is “DM” and it stands for “Direct Message“.

tbh meaning in text

In the end, the term fell out of popularity. The tbh blog is no more there. For some time, there was a TBH application. Facebook obtained in 2017, the tbh application was shut down, and then Facebook deleted all the user data.

The problem, of course, is when one’s reader is among those unlucky uninitiated. If the wielder of an opaque abbreviations does not know about the reader’s uninitiated status, the reader has to guess the meaning or walk away to discover it.

Not at all needed, IMO (In my opinion). If you want to express an amount of rejection of diffidence, then you can use IMNSHO or IMHO: “In my not so humble opinion” or “In my Humble Opinion” Respectively.

“By the way” BTW, abbreviation like these are not a new phenomenon. We have evidence of (“Oh my God”) OMG dating to 1917, and (“for your information”) FYI dates to at least as early as the 1940s.

However, it is definitely true that computers have led to the dissemination and creation of scads of new ones. (“As far as I know”) Afaik, most of the other abbreviations mentioned so far date at least to the early of Usenet, which started in the 1980s.

And yet, most of these abbreviations have yet to be entered into our dictionaries. Why is that so, you may ask? Lexicographers encounter these abbreviations in the same way every other person does, that is, in informal written communication, and not as a rule, in a usual surrounding of good dictionary participants.

Love TBH

To qualify for entry, abbreviations must demonstrate what any definiendum shows: Evidence of an established meaning in sustained, widespread usage. That evidence is harder to gather when it is concentrated in the text messages sent between you and your best friend forever.

That is not the only place they exist, although, and (“As far as I am concerned”) Afaic, these are participants worthy of Consideration.

Tbh On Instagram

On Instagram, Tbh has other meanings also. It worked like the currency of Instagram. On Instagram, one can exchange her or his likes, comments or follows on his or her pictures by TBH.

It’s like after getting comments and likes you need to revert it.

The Rate On TBH:

The rate on tbh means the status which one has updates with a rate for TBH. Furthermore, you can see many people on social media who update their statuses with TBH and rates. Although, the rating starts from 0 and ends at 10. 10 is the best case and 0 is the lowest case.

Final Words

Those days are gone now when one wants to make a belief to someone by saying the full form of tbh. But now the teenagers have made some changes. Although, they have used the short form of it which is very easy to say and it’s cooler. They have made a way of secured and supplementing the connection. Now, tbh is so helpful for us to use it.

Similar Internet Acronyms

Probably because of the increased awareness of cyberbullying, TBH has fallen out of the top fifty (50) trending Internet slang words as of mid-2018. However, there are many related “Honest” acronyms, some are listed below:

  • TBTH: “To be totally honest”
  • MHO: “My honest opinion”
  • TBCH: “To be completely honest”
  • JBH: “Just being honest”
  • IIH: “If I’m honest”
  • 2BH: “To be honest”
  • IMAHO: “In my absolutely honest opinion”

Parents Be Aware

Social Media Acronyms are part of the online experience, and your kids may know more of them than you do. But, they might not understand that few acronyms can be upsetting. What can parents do about that?
Always remind your children that words can also cause pain to others. So, just because they have the technical skills to communicate on social media does not mean they have the maturity to handle every situation they experience.
When your kids are mature enough, explain to them the concept of cyberbullying. For immature kids, it makes sense to continuously monitor their actions and communications on social media. If you see any text messages that are suggestive or of a bullying nature, then you must discuss the potential harms of that action with your child.
Social media is filled with many acronyms so you can visit Lifewire get a list of Internet Slang word, Acronyms, Phrases, and Idioms.
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