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How To Change Default Google Account? 5 Easy Steps to Follow

How to Change Default Google account– Gmail account is a free service by Google. Google provides multiple Gmail accounts feature. Many people have multiple Gmail accounts these days, one for the office work while others for personal use. Maybe they have more than two accounts.

new google account

It is difficult to manage multiple Gmail accounts on a single device. To resolve this issue Google provides a feature of “Default account” setting. Through which you can easily switch among different accounts. Here you will find an easy guideline with images about “How to Change Default Google Account“.

How to Change Default Google Account

Gmail account is one of the best services of Google, which is used everywhere. Gmail account is very useful in business, due to its various features making it easy to organize emails. Gmail account makes it easy for people to get in touch with their client and also save the conversation for the future.

gmail sign out

A new job changes the work priorities which indirectly means a specific account will become the top priority. For that, you will need to make one account as the default account.

It is easy to make an account a “default account”. For that, you need to remember all the accounts login credentials in order to get through this process smoothly.

How To Change Default Google Account on Chrome on PC

Multiple accounts might create a mess and it is difficult to switch accounts. This feature provided by Google makes it easy and simple for us. Now you can view the content of other accounts while one is logged in. But you can’t access some content of other accounts such as google drive etc.

create new google account

Follow the below steps to make a default account in Google Chrome on your PC:

Step-> 1

Visit or on your browser. At the top right corner, click on your profile picture or icon.

sign out of google

Step-> 2

A Drop-down list will appear, click on the sign-out option, located at the bottom of the section. Also, sign-out from all other accounts if you are signed in.

google sign out

Step-> 3

Sign-in into an account which you want to make your default account. After that, sign-out from the account and login-in to another account.

how to sign out of google

Step-> 4

To check that your desired account is set as the default account, you need to click on the profile picture or icon which is located at the top right corner. A drop-down list will appear with multiple accounts listed, in parenthesis “Default” will be mentioned with that account you set.

change default gmail account

Step-> 5

To change the account, want to make the other google account as default, just follow the above steps.

How To Change Default Google Account on Android Phone

You have to provide your Gmail account when you set up for the first time your android phone. After that, you will be able to access Google services such as Play Store, etc.

change default google account

You can also set a default account on android phone but for that, you need to make sure the below things:

  • Changing account may delete your contacts and data related to the primary account. So make sure you have done back-up important information.
  • Make sure that the account which you want to make default account is listed in the Settings> Account> Google.

Now you have to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to set a default account”

Step.1: You have to go to Phone settings and then tap Google settings.

Step.2: Go to Search now > Accounts & privacy.

Step.3: Tap the Google account option, at the top of the list. Select the account which you want to appear as the Default account.

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Easy Steps You Should follow about Hosting on Twitch

How to Host on Twitch: Twitch is the world’s top-ranked live streaming platform for the things we love and gamers. You can watch and follow to chat with millions of fans from all over the world.

Host mode is a channel feature to all users of the site. It is a new way to share live channels without leaving the comfort of your place chatroom. Any broadcaster can host other channels, and any channel can be hosted.

how to host on twitch

Host mode gives broadcaster the ability to host other channels on his or her own channel. Anyone on twitch with the channel can host other channels and any channel can be hosted.

This is a good way to support and share your preferred content with fellows. Moreover, to keep your circle or followers together even when you are not online. Gamers can also share games on Steam and can play at the same time.

How to Host on Twitch

Host mode allows viewers of your channel to view other channels without leaving your chatroom. By hosting you can promote your favorite content with your viewers. Furthermore, when you are offline you can keep your circle of followers together.

Host Mode

Assume you have broadcasted for the day, you are done with your content. Now you are about to sign off, rather than that you can join host mode. In host mode, your channel remains the same. Your video player is changed with an installed version whichever channels content you like to host.

Host mode works like an installed player on the other website, but it works on Twitch directly. There are two ways to use the Twitch App either on Mobile or Desktop.

 How to Host Twitch on Mobile

Twitch app is available on mobile for both Android and iOS users. So among other essential applications on the iPhone, you can also download Twitch on your mobile.

twitch mobile streaming

  1. Download the “Twitch” app on mobile. It is available on the Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS.
  2. Sign in to your Twitch account.
  3. Tap on your display picture. It will provide your content and profile options.
    On Android, it is in the right upper corner.
    On iOS it is in the left upper corner.
  4. Below your picture, tap on the fourth tab named as “Chat tab”. It will display the chat of your channel.
  5. To host the main Twitch channel you have to type ” host twitch” in your chat. Your viewers will now view the channel you are hosting. Your chatroom will remain online but all the views on your channel will count towards the hosted channel’s views.
  6.  To stop hosting, type “un host” in the chat.

How to Host Twitch on Desktop

The desktop version is available on all web browsers.

how to host a channel on twitch: twitch Desktop

  1. On any web browser, Windows or Mac go to ””
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. On top right corner click your user name. It will display a drop-down menu.
  4. Click on a channel, to display your channel with chatroom.
  5. To host the main Twitch channel you have to type ” host twitch” in your chat. Your viewers will now view the channel you are hosting. Your chatroom will remain online but all the views on your channel will count towards the hosted channel’s views.
  6.  To stop hosting, type “un host” in the chat.

Auto Hosting Feature

The auto hosting feature enables your channel to host a list of already approved channels automatically. Auto hosting is a great way your help grow your circle of followers. It can be approved by all broadcasters or is enabled by default.

Auto Hosting waits for three minutes before hosting. So, it is ideal to choose someone when logging off. Furthermore, it un host when your channel goes live.

Enable Auto Hosting

  1. Go to “Channel Settings”, select Auto Hosting at the bottom. Click to “ON”.
  2. To host your twitch team select ” Team hosting” by clicking it.
  3. To host-specific channels, click the “+” sign on the top right. Type channel names you want to add.
  4. Add as many channels as you want. 10 channels are recommended.
  5. Feature ” Auto host similar channels” give your followers to watch together. Your host list is still preferred first.
  6. Click Save changes.


Hosting supports other content creators too, keep your community together. Moreover, you are watching it with your friends on your own channel.

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How to remove a YouTube video that someone else uploaded 100% Working

How to Delete a YouTube Video? YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing services where users can watch, share, like, comment and upload their own videos. If you uploaded a video but there is a mistake in it and now you are looking for a way to delete it from your channel. In this article, you will find a way to delete a youtube video through the website or mobile application.

how to delete a youtube video

There may be several reasons for deleting a video from a YouTube channel, maybe the content is outdated, maybe there are some mistakes in that video or maybe there is a copyrights issue. So in such conditions, you will delete the video. You can delete the video either using a mobile app or website.

Reasons for removing videos

There are various reasons for deleting videos from your youtube channel or deleting the youtube channel. Considering the most frequent reasons that lead a user or company to delete a YouTube video, the most recurrent are these:

youtube video hot video

Not Following The Copyright

There may be a copyright issue appear, you need to delete the video because of unauthorized use of images or content. You can get rid of this issue by making your own videos and content. Or maybe something similar happens such as you use background music previously recorded by some musical group.

Content Updating

You may be removed the video from your youtube channel because the video is now outdated and it requires updating or now the video is worthless. So in such a situation, you will delete the video.

To Change Your Design, Brand, Business or Activity

Maybe the company changes the brand name or design so in such a situation user need to delete the videos on youtube channel or update them according to the new strategy they adopt.

For Change Of Strategy

There may be a situation in which you have observed, it is a better idea to upload your content to other social media networking sites which are more specific and related to your business.

Maybe you did great efforts to create your YouTube channel, but now you realized that it wasn’t the best way to communicate with your audience. So in such a situation, you need to delete the videos or even delete the Youtube account.

How To Delete A YouTube Video

Some people use Youtube on the mobile application while some use on the computer, You can delete the videos on both mobile and websites. Both methods are briefly described below:

How To Delete A YouTube Video Using the website

You are using YouTube through the website on your computer and you want to delete the video, here below simple and easy steps are given which you need to follow.

how to delete a video on youtube

Step-1  First, you need to go to the YouTube Official Website.

delete youtube video

Step-2 Click on sign-In option on the upper right corner.

Step-3 After Signing-in into your account, click on the YouTube Menu button which is located at the upper-left corner of the screen.

how to delete youtube videos

Step-4 Select My channel from the list that appears in front of you.

how to delete video on youtube

Step-5 Now Click on the YouTube Beta Studio option, which is located in the middle of the screen near the top.

delete video from youtube

Step-6 Click on the Videos option which appears after clicking video manager.

my videos youtube

Step-7 Locate the video which you want to delete, click on the dropdown icon, a dropdown list will appear.

youtube how to

Step-8 Click on the Actions button and then choose Delete option among the dropdown list which appears.

youtube video not playing

How To Delete A YouTube Video Using the Mobile application

You can also delete the video on youtube channel through your mobile phone, just follow the below steps:

how to delete videos on youtube

Step-1 Open the YouTube mobile application and Login to your account.

how to remove a video from youtube

Step-2 Tap a My channel option, which is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Youtube mobile

Step-3 Then tap My Videos which you will see near the top of the menu.

Youtube mobile

Step-4 Locate the video which you want to delete.

Step-5 At the far-right side of the screen, you will a three-dotted icon, tap at that icon.

Youtube mobile

Step-6 A drop-down list will appear, select the Delete which is in the middle of the menu.

Youtube mobile

Step-7 Tap the OK option and the video will be deleted.

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How to change your name on Facebook before 60 days?

How to Change Your Name on Facebook? Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking website, which is used by millions of people. The Facebook application offers an excellent user experience. There are several reasons for changing the name on facebook. In this article, you will find some facts about changing the name on facebook.

Some people maybe have outgrown your childhood nickname such as Billy, but now want to change and start going by Johnson instead. Some people may be changing the name as now they got married and want to use surname as a profile name on facebook.

Before going on the step by step method about changing the name on facebook, let me tell you some facts and facebook standard before changing profile. They are briefly explained below.

How often can you change a Facebook name?

There are some standards or rules while changing your facebook profile which you have to fulfill. The time limit for changing a name is among those rules. There is a specific time limit after which you can change the name on facebook.

change name on facebook

You will be able to change a name on facebook after the 60 days before this time you will be unable to do it. Why facebook do this restriction? Facebook does this to track people easily otherwise it will be difficult to find a person. So you should be careful before changing your name if you are unhappy with it, you will be stuck with it for the next 60 days. If you change your name too often, that can extend to 120 days.

What can’t I use in my name?

Remember that you have to follow some rules of facebook while adding a new name on facebook. There are some restrictions which you need to see before the changing name.

how do i change my name on facebook

There are some characters which you can’t add in your name on facebook. You can’t use symbols, numbers, repeated characters or unusual capitalization in your name. You also can’t use special characters from multiple languages, phrases instead of names or suggestive words or phrases.

Why can’t I change Name on Facebook?

Facebook is the famous social media site used in all over the world. Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a community where people use the name they are called by daily life.

how do you change your name on facebook

Always knowing with whom you are connecting with help keep you and the rest of the community safe from scams, and frauds. You may be having trouble changing the profile name if:

  • You were previously asked to confirm your name on Facebook.
  • Your name doesn’t match the name that appears on an item from the facebook ID list.
  • Your name doesn’t follow the Facebook name policy.
  • You changed your name in the last 60 days, or you tried to change it again.

If you have still faced the issue while changing name then you need to fill the changing your name form provided by Facebook and request a name change and confirm the name.

How do I change my name on Facebook?

The process of changing the name on facebook is quite simple and easy. Follow the below steps or guide to change the profile name on facebook.

Step-1 Login into your Facebook account.

change facebook name

Step-2 Click on the black downward triangle icon changing name on facebook at the top right side of the page.

Step-3 A dropdown list will appear, Click on the Settings.

Step-4 Now you are at the General Account Settings page. Now you need to click on the Edit Option which is next to your name.

Step-5 You will view boxes at the top of the page, provide the name that you want to add.

Step-6 Click on the Review Change option at the end of the form.

Step-7 Now you will face a popup page, check your new name and make sure you are fine with it, then type the password and click on the Save Changes option.

You now have a new name on Facebook. The name change will be immediately visible on your profile but remember that Facebook will review it and maybe they asked the reason for the change.

How do you add another name to your FB account?

Facebook also lets you with an awesome feature, in which you can add another name to your accounts such as nick_name or professional name.

how to change facebook name

It’s also an easy method, you need to follow the below steps to add a name.

  1. Click your name to view your Facebook profile and then choose About option.
  2. On the left side, you will see the Details About You and click on Other Names option.
  3. Choose the type name you want to add on the drop-down list next to the Name Type.
  4. Check the box marked, in order to show at top of profile your other name next to your full name.
  5. Click Save option and you have done.

If you forget to check the box marked, it will still appear in the About section of your profile. It will also be visible in the search results.

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Quick Way To Delete Your Amazon Account Updated 2019

Delete Amazon Account: Some Companies make it difficult for customers to delete their account permanently, customers didn’t find the way to delete their account. If you are facing the same issue with the Amazon, don’t feel bad. In this article, you will find the way about “How to delete your Amazon account“.

how to cancel amazon prime

You can’t delete Amazon account through your mobile phone App. Sadly, not all websites are created equal when it comes to breaking up, Some take few clicks to end with it, while some sites took time to delete your account permanently.

Why Delete Amazon Account?

Different people have different reasons for deleting their Amazon account. Maybe someone is moving to a country where Amazon doesn’t support shipping or maybe some other issues with Amazon’s policies. You can check the list of amazon global export countries.

how to delete amazon account

Deleting your account is a better idea if you have of not using it for a longer time. As Amazon Account contains some Confidential information or data that you will never want to access by someone else, especially hackers. So it is better to remove it from the internet.

What Happens When You Delete Your Amazon Account?

Your Amazon account is shared crosswise Amazons websites, so if you delete your account, you will lose access to some sites such as and also some international stores like By deleting your account your Amazon Payment account will also be closed.

how to cancel an amazon order

Make sure you understand what will happen if you delete your Amazon account. There are numerous services which are connected to your Amazon account, that will no longer work. You will lose access to many other digital contents also. Amazon will send you a list before you confirm the deletion of your account.

Take a quick tour of the following list of services which you will lose by deleting your account.

  • You will lose discussion posts, reviews, and other social content.
  • Your access to content in your Games & Software Library will be removed.
  • You’ll lose access to your other Amazon accounts, including and also your accounts on different country domains.
  • You will not be able to use your Amazon gift cards or other vouchers.
  • You will not be able to return or refund items ordered by the account you’re closing.
  • You will lose access to digital content linked to your account, like digital music, Kindle ebooks,  Amazon apps, and Prime video content.

You will have to contact the customer services team separately to remove accounts if you have Amazon web services or Kindle Direct Publishing account.

How To Delete Amazon Account

Below are the simple steps you need to follow in order to delete, remove or cancel your Amazon account permanently.

how to delete an amazon account

    1. Go To the Amazon Official Website, click on the sign-in, provide your email address and password then click sign-in button. If you are already logged in you will be redirected to your home page.
    2. You need to check first you don’t have any pending orders or transaction. If you have then you need to wait until they have been completed. If you want to cancel the pending orders then follow the below step.
    3. You need to click Orders at the top-right corner, Click open orders at the top page, click Cancel items and then cancel selected items on the right side of the screen.
    4. At the right bottom of the page in the Let Us Help You area click help.
    5. At the bottom of the “Browse Help Topics,” you will find Need more help, click on it.
    6. You will find Contact Us option on the top right side of the Browse Help Topics, Click on it.
    7. Click on the Prime or Something Else button, you will find this option at top-corner of the “What can we help you with?” area on the “Contact Us” page.
    8. Click on the please make a selection, this dropdown list box is located at the bottom of the screen, just below the “Tell us more about your issue“. By clicking on it a dropdown list will appear.
    9. Select the Account setting option on the dropdown list.
    10. In the second field, just below the Account setting field, Select Close My Account option from the dropdown list.
    11. After selecting both fields as described in the previous step, three contact options will appear. Email  Chat  Phone 
    12. Select a contact option, depending on your selected option your next step will vary:
      • E-mail – Provide the reason why you are deleting your account, then click Send E-mail.
      • Phone – Type your phone number in the area provided next to the “Your number” heading, then click Call me now option.
      • Chat – In this option, you need to Wait for a customer service representative to come online, then tell them that you want to close your account.

Rejoining Amazon

close amazon account

You can create an account with the same email address used before but all old information or data will not be stored. You have to start from scratch and all your previous digital content will not be restored.

Quick Wrap-up

There are many companies websites on which you can remove your account easily while on some you find it difficult to delete the account. Amazon is one of them, also you can’t delete your account through the mobile app.

People delete their account so that they didn’t need further and also to remove their important information from the site completely so that no one can access it.

By deleting your Amazon account, you will be blocked from many services affiliated with the Amazon website. Sometimes you need to also remove account separately on Kindle Direct Publishing account. You can create again a new account with the same email address but your last data will not be restored, they all are lost.

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Do You Know Snapchat Emoji Meanings?😕 No! Let’s Find Out 😏

Snapchat Emoji Meanings: Snapchat emojis are very unique features which track the path that you and your friends on Snapchat interact on the given party line. The emoji that comes next to a contact in the Friends tab of Snapchat may be affected by the span of time.

Initially, when Snapchat was launched they used a feature to show that who you have interacted with frequently, but this information was available for public. It was a basic version of the system for emojis that is currently in place.

Snapchat decided to remove the popular “Best Friends” feature due to this main reason. A few high-profile Snapchat users were getting concerned about any neglection of privacy that can occur due to their best friends being displayed on Snapchat.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

In total, there are 13 emojis on Snapchat and maybe the actual emojis are slightly different from the ones we will show in this article. But it depends on the OS that you are using for your device. So, here is the list of all the emojis with there meanings:

Baby Face Emoji: You may see this emoji 👶 a lot if you are just getting started with the Snapchat. You will see this emoji when you have just added your friends to the friend’s list. If you are new you will get to see this emoji a lot.

emoji meaning chart

Smile Emoji: This emoji 😊 will show that this person is included in your best friends list. It means that you communicate with them a lot on this platform which means you send them a lot of snaps and so do they. But if you are online you may see this emoji a lot.

Snapchat icons

Grimace Emoji: If you see this emoji 😬 this depicts that you share one of your best friends with this particular friend. This means that you interact with someone who interacts with someone other quite often. Sounds fun!

Snapchat icons

Sunglasses Emoji: This emoji 😎 tells that you also have a “close friend” with that person. A close friend on Snapchat means the one whom you send snaps very often, but not enough to be your best friend. 

Snapchat Symbols

Smirk Emoji: If you get to see this emoji 😏 This means that you are this person’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that they are also your best friend. This emoji means that this person communicates with you the most but not necessarily you also. 

Snapchat Emoji

Gold Heart Emoji: Wow! If you get to see this emoji 💛 on Snapchat it definitely means that you both are each other’s best friends. Thye share snaps with you a lot and you also share your snaps with them frequently.

Snapchat icons

Red Heart Emoji: The Snapchat emoji ❤️ depicts that you both are best friends to each other and you have kept this streak for at least two weeks. This is wonderful! Keep up the streak. 

Snapchat Heart emoji

Pink Hearts Emoji: If you an emoji 💕 like this on the Snapchat friends list you really are doing great. This means you are best friends with this particular person for at least two months and you deserve a pat on the back. 

Snapchat Emoji

Fire Emoji: If you see something like this 🔥 on your Snapchat friends list, this means that you are on the Snapstreak with that person. It occurs when you and your friend snap each other for at least three consecutive days.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

100 Emoji: The coveted 100. If you this emoji 💯 in your friend’s list on Snapchat, get ready to take a snapshot for that because you have been Snapstreaking with that friend for consecutive 100 days in a row. Impressive.

Hourglass Emoji: If you see an emoji like this ⌛ then it’s your time to get snapping. This emoji depicts that your Snapstreak with this person is ending soon. But you don’t need to worry about it you can continue the streak by sending them snaps. 

Sparkle Emoji: The sparkle emoji ✨ on Snapchat depicts that you have some groups in common with this person. Snapchat has recently released the group feature which lets you send snaps and chat with multiple users at a time. 

snapchat sparkle

Birthday Cake Emoji: If you are in your friend’s list and you see this emoji 🎂 with any of your friends, then know that it is their birthday. This Snapchat emoji appears on the date which that person has entered as their birthday when signed up on Snapchat.

snapchat emoji

Purple Zodiac Emojis

Those who have birthdays uploaded on Snapchat get a purple emoji with the proper zodiac symbol next to their name. Each zodiac emoji represents the birth date in the following date ranges:

  • ♈ Aries — March 21 – April 20
  • ♉ Taurus — April 21 – May 21
  • ♊ Gemini — May 22 – June 21
  • ♋ Cancer — June 22 – July 22
  • ♌ Leo — July 23 – August 22
  • ♍ Virgo — August 23 – September 23
  • ♎ Libra — September 24 – October 23
  • ♏ Scorpius — October 24 – November 22
  • ♐ Sagittarius — November 23 – December 21
  • ♑ Capricorn — December 22 – January 20
  • ♒ Aquarius — January 21 – February 19
  • ♓ Pisces — February 20 – March 20

Snapchat Emoji Meanings – Trophy Case

By tapping on the Trophy emoji 🏆 on the Ghost screen 👻 in Snapchat brings up the Trophy Case. Trophies show a Lock emoji 🔒 until each achievement has been unlocked. They are unlocked showing a new row in a grid of emojis.

Here’s a list of emojis available at You can see the exact use of each emoji here.

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How To Make Money On YouTube 2019

You might hear a lot of stories about people earning money online on YouTube, Freelancing sites, blogging. In this era, looking for a job may not be the only way to earn money. You can also earn money online with little effort through YouTube.

how to get paid on youtube

In this article, you will get all detailed information about how to make money on YouTube. It’s true, nothing is easy. It requires little hard work, creativity, and information in depth about YouTube usage, channel monetization, affiliate marketing. If you monetize YouTube videos you can earn easy money through Google AdSense.

Here are some amazing YouTube stats which maybe motivate you more.

  • Every day, 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube.
  • 87% of online advertisers use videos
  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos on social media websites

How To Make Money on YouTube Through Channel

You can earn money by making a YouTube channel. Create unique videos and upload them on your channel. How to make a YouTube channel? Everything about this method of earning is briefly explained below.

youtube views to money

How to Set Up YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is necessary for making money on YouTube. Why it is necessary? It is your identification or personal presence on YouTube, so it is necessary. You can make one channel against one YouTube account.

YouTube account is the same as google account, you can access drive, Gmail through a google account, same like that you can make a channel through a YouTube account.

To make a YouTube channel you need to.

  1. Sign-up for the google account and provide all necessary details required.
  2. Sign-in your google account on YouTube.
  3. Click on the icon at the right top and select “my channel”.
  4. Provide a channel name and then click on Create Channel.

Now you have a YouTube channel, you can customize it and also you can change the default images.

youtube monetization

Verify Your YouTube Channel

The next step which you have to follow to make money on YouTube is to verify your channel. Verification is also an easy step and necessary.

To verify channel you need to.

  1. Click on the top right icon, then click on the creator studio.
  2. Then click on “channel” then click on “verify” below your channel’s name.
  3. Then you will be asked to provide country and phone number to send a verification code through a text message or call. After that click submit.
  4. Then you will receive a 6-digit code. Enter that code and click submit.

Find a Niche For YouTube Channel Content

The next step which you need to follow is to find a specific niche and target that niche. Make videos on that niche. There are different niches on which many people are working and earning money. Select a category on which you have a strong grip. You can click here to find the method through which Youtube choose suggested videos. 

Few popular niches are mentioned below.

  • Vlogging
  • Food / Recipe
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Unboxing
  • Review about products

Add Content on Channel

Now you have the channel and also you have selected the niche, your next step should be adding content on your channel.

Try to upload your content which is of high quality and unique. The length of the video depends upon the category which you are working on.  But the small length content will be more preferable. Upload videos regularly and consistently.

Your first content will not be perfect but you have to keep it up, do practice and practice make a man perfect. Try to make a better video then the last one, in this way you will learn and will improve your content.

Use a better camera for making videos, also learn some video editing techniques to achieve a better result. A good YouTube should know the basic editing of videos on various tools or software.

How uploading videos on a regular basis will help you? People like to watch videos of YouTube which upload on a regular schedule, so maintain that schedule as much as possible.

Make sure that you have added keywords in tags and description of the videos. This will drive people to your video from YouTube Searches.

Increase Audience

The audience is the key factor in working on YouTube. So you should gain a maximum audience you can. How to gain an audience? There is no secret behind it, if you create good content then definitely people will watch your content and they will subscribe your channel.

Contact to the audience directly through comments and ask about suggestions, it will help you to improve your content for the next video. In this way, the number of subscribers will also increase. Subscriber is also the key to a partnership with YouTube.

Monetize Your Channel

In order to make money from videos, you need to enable the monetization. Through monetization, YouTube will place ads on your videos.

What is the YouTube Monetization Policy 2019

You can earn money after the monetization while the monetization policy 2019  have some requirements which are given below.

  • Your channel should have at least 1000 subscriber
  • You should have at least 4000 watch hours in last year videos

In order to enable monetization, you have to first fulfill these requirements.  

How To Set up A Google AdSense Account

After monetization videos, you need to create the Adsense account. Google Adsense account is necessary for making money. Google Adsense account is free and you can create it on the Google Adsense site. For Google Adsense account you should be over 18 years old.

You will need PayPal or any bank account and also a valid mailing address, so Adsense verifies who you are and to whom send the money.

How to Gain Traffic to Your YouTube Channel?

In this section, we will discuss how to gain the attention of users to your videos? Because traffic is everything for your channel. Uploading content on the channel is not enough, you need to share it on different social media sites, make a blog and upload there.

There are many tactics to gain the audience, few of them are mentioned below.

  • Give your video a stunning title
  • Design an attractive custom thumbnail and add it on video
  • Use the correct search keyword from Google
  • Share your channel videos on social media, blog, and sites
  • Enable people to embed your video
  • Make a weekly or monthly series of videos

How To Make Money On YouTube Through Affiliate Marketing

Earning through Adsense from YouTube is not the only way. Adsense will give you only 1$ on 1000 views, which means the payment is low if you have a low subscriber. The other popular way of making money on YouTube is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means that people or company will ask you to promote their product in your video and they will pay a certain amount. Maybe some ask about to add their product or services link in the video description. This is one of the easiest ways of earning on YouTube.

There is another of way earning other than the Adsense called Annotation leasing. Different may ask you to put annotations of their services or product on your videos.

What are annotations? Annotations are small transparent boxes on your videos, which will redirect to somewhere else after clicking on them.

You can earn about 150$ – 500$ a month and it doesn’t require the relevance to your niche.

How Does YouTube Pay You?

The most important thing is how you will receive payment after such hard work. After enabling the monetization and your channel connected with your Adsense account, you will start receiving payments. Once your balance exceeds the payment condition which is 100$, you will be paid by the AdSense. You will receive payment on a monthly basis.

Adsense will send payment in the following ways.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Check
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Wire Transfer
  • Rapida

Some Challenges Of Making Money On YouTube

Before start working YouTube everyone thinks that he will earn by simply uploading the videos, which is totally wrong. It requires a huge hard work and after some hard work, YouTube will pay you in a small amount.

In simple words, YouTube will pay you a small portion of the total amount of ads. Let me explain it with an example, Company pays 20$ for 1000 views a YouTube to display their ads on videos, while YouTube pays maximum 1$-2$ for 1000 views, which is nothing. In other words, you will make a thousand on millions of views. And getting millions of views is not easy.

Quick Wrap-up

You can make money on YouTube by little hard work and creativity. You need to make a channel, name it and customize it. Focus on a specific category and also search keywords related to your content niche, target them. Enable monetization and attach the Google Adsense account to your channel. Create a unique content video, with a stunning logo, thumbnails, and attractive titles. Uploading videos are not enough, you need to share your videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Fulfill the monetization requirement policy and enable ads on your videos.

There is also another way of earning then the AdSense, which is affiliate marketing. In it, you promote the product or services of other company and in return, they pay you a handsome amount.

In the end, YouTube will pay for all your hard work through your bank account attached to the Adsense account. Once you have reached the minimum 100$ amount in the account, they will pay you monthly.

If you want to earn money from Youtube then you can join Youtube Creator Academy or visit Google Adsense to know how much you can earn from Adsense.

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How to Add an Admin to Facebook Group?

How to Add Admin to Facebook Group: A Facebook group is a medium of communication, where many different people can interact with each other. It is basically a group of persons to share their common interests and give their opinions.

A Facebook group allow many people to come together around a common issue, cause, or activity to organize, discuss problems, express objectives, post photos, and videos and they can share content regarding the current matter.

How to Add an Admin to Facebook Group

When a Facebook group is created, the author of that group by default automatically becomes the admin of that group. So, that person is capable of adding and removing people in the group. That default admin can also make changes in the group which provides him with an edge over other group members.

Furthermore, in majority cases after creating Facebook groups the challenge is always How to add an admin to a Facebook group because many groups need more than one admin. A number of admins depend upon the type of group.

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How to add an Admin to a Facebook Group

Firstly, you need to log in to your Facebook account by providing your correct requested credentials.

Then, at the extreme left-hand side of your screen, you will find an icon of a group with “Groups” written at the side of an icon. You can see this option right under your profile and it’s directly seen under the “explore” option.

add an Admin to a Facebook GroupThen you have to select the group of which you have to set up an admin.

You will see some pending group invitations (Invitations you have not accepted yet), just below where it ends, you will be able to see something like “Groups You Manage” right there you will find all the groups you manage.

This is specifically for those managing more than one group. They will click on the specific group they want to set up an admin to.

Then you have to click on the Members. This will link you to a page where you have all members of that group in alphabetical order.

Furthermore, you need to click on the dotted text box next to a group member.

how to add an Admin to a Facebook Group

Besides the member you want to make an admin, you will see a dotted text box, you have to click on it. A drop menu will appear with three options, admin, remove as moderator and remove from the group. So you have to select “admin” to set up that person as an admin of the group.

A person you want to make an admin must be a group member. You have to be very careful while selecting an admin of the Group because she/he would have the same benefits on the group just as you.

Some Interesting features of a Facebook Group

Facebook groups have many advantages that maybe you don’t even know, most relevant features are given below:

Customer service

All the Facebook groups allow their admins to inform and respond to the questions directly in the group, so in this way, everyone in the group can read the answers.

Furthermore, this allows you to take care of all your customers and fans in a general way. The admins can easily resolve individual doubts in a very easy and simple way. At the same time, they can share some useful information with all the members of that group, who may find it useful in the future.

Link with other Facebook Groups

Admin of a Facebook Group can Recommend and Link other groups. All the steps to link your group to other groups are given below:

Facebook Group

To link a group you have to follow all the steps:

  • Firstly you need to have a PC or a laptop with a valid internet connection.
  • Then log in to your Facebook account and click “Groups” located in the left menu.
  • Select your group.
  • After that, you have to click on the three horizontal dots under the cover photo.
  • Then, select “Link Existing Group” option.
  • Finally, search for the groups’ name that you want to link with and then press the “Link” button to proceed further.

How to Turn On Membership Approval on Facebook Group

One of the main settings that can impact the dynamics of the group is Membership Approval. If it is a closed group then a user can join the group in two ways. Either the group admin needs to add the user to his group or the user can request group admin for membership.

Once the membership request is made, all the Groups offer two settings for membership approval and both settings are given below:

  • In the first one, any member of the group can approve the join requests.
  • If an admin wants to check every member of the group individually, then they can go with Second setting that is Only moderators and admins can approve or deny the membership request. This can only be done with the latter setting enabled.

Turn On Membership Approval

  • Moreover, to turn on the membership approval you have to Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then open your group and go to the Group settings.
  • Then you have to select Only Admins and Moderators beneath Membership Approval on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are given below:

Question 1: Can I add More than one admin?

Answer: Yes, you can add more than one admin to your Facebook group. There is no specific limit of admins.

Question 2: How to remove an Admin from my Facebook Group?

Answer: The steps to remove an admin from a Facebook Group are given below:

  • Firstly you have to click on the specific group, on which you want to make changes.
  • Then you have to click on Members.
  • After that, press the dotted text box at the side of an existing admin.
  • Finally, click on “Remove as Admin” button to proceed further.

Many people face problem while using facebook so, If you face any query then you can visit the Facebook Help Center to get solved your queries.

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What Happens To Memorialize Facebook Account When Someone Dies?

Memorialize Facebook Account: Everyone is signing up on various social platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap chat and Twitter accounts. As social networks are intended for us so that we can tell everyone about our daily life routine, we also publish content, connect with our friends and share our lives but what happens when life is over?

Question is that what happens to Facebook Account when any user dies? You can see that every day on Facebook notified you about friendship requests or someone’s birthday although they are dead. Can you not do anything? In this article, we will discuss with you about Memorialize Facebook Account when someone dies”?

What Happens If Nobody Warns Facebook?

As we share every possible thing on facebook so Facebook might be able to detect if a user has died by changes in their account and the messages they leave for their loved ones and now they are not using that information for anything.

So if the account holder died and Facebook don’t get any notification about death then nothing will change. Facebook will deal with it as the user has stopped using the social network, but for some reasons, their profile will still be on Facebook.

Memorialize Facebook Account Closure

When a friend or relative notifies Facebook about the death of a user then Facebook can close the account, so you must make a “Special request for the account of a deceased person”. For this Facebook will ask you for your information, the full name of the deceased, email, and URL of their page also, in addition, it will ask you what your relationship to the deceased was and what you want to do.

There are some options for you like one option is to delete this account. You will also have to provide the date of death and, if possible, a death certificate.

Conversion Into A Commemorative Account

You also have another option that you can choose from “Special Request for the account of a deceased person” is to convert their account into a commemorative account. By this, the account is maintained with everything that was published by the user.
“In Memory” will appear next to their name and, depending on their privacy settings, their friends and family may publish words of remembrance on their wall. These accounts, as is evident, cannot return to normal. Besides, no one can log into them.

Legacy Contact

Facebook has started thinking about their deceased users, that’s why they have recently introduced the concept of legacy contracts. So any user could choose within their Facebook settings who they want to deal with their account.

Who Owns The Data?

Here the question is can other people log into the Facebook account of a deceased user and see everything that was in private? If they don’t know the password then answer is definitely no. Facebook always tried best to protects the privacy of its users even after death so that these secrets will go with them to the grave and cannot be viewed.

What About The Facebook Account Username?

As we know that Facebook does not allow duplicate usernames but this rule changes when a user dies. In such cases, their username is released and other users could claim it and use it for themselves. The original account can be deleted or simply have become a commemorative account, but it will no longer be active.

Delete Or Memorialize Facebook Account

There are two options: you can get Facebook to delete the account or to memorialize it.

If you choose to delete the account, then all the comments, photos etc will also be deleted, unless you take legal steps to preserve them. This is a privacy issue as Facebook says: “The application to obtain account content is a lengthy process and will require you to obtain a court order.”

If you choose memorialization, Facebook changes a number of things:

  •  No one can log in to the account
  • You can’t change, add to or delete existing content.
  • Automated activities such as daily quotes or horoscopes are stopped.
  • Memorialized accounts don’t appear in “public spaces” like birthday reminders, People You May Know, or searches.
  • Memorialized accounts can only be accessed by the user’s confirmed friends.

However, the original content stays in place also Facebook adds, “Depending on the privacy settings of the deceased person’s account, friends can share memories on the memorialized Timeline”.

If you have access to the account, you could hide or remove some content, including any inappropriate posts that might have appeared on her wall. But this is risky as Facebook says: “it is always a violation of our policies to log into another person’s account”.

Facebook will not delete active accounts because any account activity after the reported date of death will obviously look suspicious. Although you could set up a separate memorial page, you would have to spend time managing it.

Memorialisation removes that burden. However, to be effective, the memorialization process has to be quick. In that context, a six-month wait looks unacceptable.

Thinking Ahead

It’s presumably not only Facebook most people have several personal accounts of various sorts, and some people have dozens. The most common ones are email services such as Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook, messaging services such as WhatsApp and Skype, and shopping services such as Amazon and eBay.

There are many others, including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Dropbox. PCs and smartphones may also be protected by passwords. It could take a lot of time to deal with all of these accounts, especially as most of them don’t seem to have a process like Facebook’s.

If you want your spouse or other family members to deal with your digital stuff after you’ve gone, it’s a good idea to make a list of the log-on names, passwords, and associated email addresses. You could put the details in a letter, but it would be better to use an encrypted file and leave the password with someone you trust.

Conversely, there may be sites or services that you don’t want family members to access. In which case, don’t store the details in an accessible web browser, but use a secure password manager instead. There are a number of online companies that will store this kind of information.

These include Legacy Locker/Password Box, Securesafe’s Data Inheritance, Asset Lock, and Cirrus Legacy, but I’m not sure they are necessary. Otherwise, a blog post by US-based Anderson Elder Law, Don’t Forget to Include Your Digital Assets in Your Estate Planning, provides some useful advice.

You can leave instructions with an executor, but don’t put password details in a traditional British will. When a will goes to probate, it becomes a public record.

An App That Handles Your Last Messages

One last option not accomplished directly via Facebook is a third party application called “If I Die.” “If I Die” has videos that explain the different things that can happen to your Facebook profile when you die.

The first and only application of its kind, “If I Die” allows you to create a video, message, or text message that can be scheduled to send after you pass. The application can be added on Facebook by adding the application on Facebook allows you to have it personalize a profile page for you.

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You can leave a video or report the death of somebody else directly through the application. Everything is done via the application. 

In order to schedule a message to be sent out after you die, you click on the “Leave a message” button, and it brings you to a screen, where you can leave and receive personal, public, and private messages from other application users after you or a loved one passes.

This application is useful in providing closure and letting everyone in your life know that you love them prior to having your Facebook account deleted or memorialized via one of the steps above. They have a YouTube channel devoted to video clips introducing the application, ways to best use it, and all of its features.

If there is ever a question of intellectual property related to the deceased’s profile, you can report a problem, ask a question, or seek further guidance from Facebook in how to handle it.

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How To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

Who Blocked Me On Instagram?: If you ever faced such a position where you try and view the posts of any of your friends, but you are unable to access their profile that means some problem has occurred. Maybe that person has closed their account permanently or, for some reason blocked your profile.

There could be a number of reasons why a user may have blocked you. For Example, some people decide to block their partner after they have split up, others don’t feel like certain users should be able to see their pictures, etc…

Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

On Instagram, you can’t find any legal way to check the blockers, but still, here we provide some guidance for you which is unofficial. You can check in various ways whether he has blocked you or not.

Steps To Follow

  1. First of all, you can create a new account on Instagram and then simply use the ‘Search’ function by putting his/her username in the Search Bar. If it shows you that person’s profile, then it is almost certain that they have blocked you.
  2. To find out if you have been blocked on Instagram you need to open the app then type in the person’s name who you think has blocked you.
  3. When you find the person you’re looking for, click on it. If you could see his/her pictures with no problem then there is no problem, but if you do not then there are chances that you are blocked or they have deactivated their Instagram account.
  4. If the person you are searching for haspublic account, then you’ll be able to find this person’s name in the search bar, but once you enter that person’s profile, you will not be able to see his or her pictures even though the top bar. You can also use apps like Unfollowgram, which lets you know who has unfollowed your account,
  5. If the person who has blocked you has a private account, then even if you search for the person’s name it won’t appear in your search, so you can’t find the person who blocked you.
  6. InstaFollow is an app by which you can manage your Instagram account and track your followers and also you can see who has stopped following you and this app also lets you keep a record of new followers, mutual friends and fans.

Find Through Tagged Photos

You can still find private accounts that won’t show up in search results so If the person you’re trying to look up has been tagged in someone else’s photos, you can get to their profile using tags or you can also try looking through Instagram posts from both of your mutual friends.

As there are chances that the person you’re trying to find appears in someone else’s photos and tapping on a tag will take you straight to their profile. But If that person has blocked you, you won’t be able to see any of the posts on their profile.

If the blue button labeled as “Follow” is replaced with a white bar that says “User Not Found,” or if you are unable to follow regardless of how many times you tap the follow button, then that person has definitely blocked you.

Look From Your Friends Account

If you want to confirm then it is not difficult you can know by just ask a friend to look them up for you. If your bestie find that person’s account and you can’t then there’s no denying that you’ve been blocked.

Luckily if you have a friend with access to that account you’ve been blocked and from your friend account you can still see all the posts that person doesn’t want you to see then you can also see everything from friends account.


If you want to discover who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track new followers, find mutual friends, view fans and more.

To guard your Instagram account use InstaFollow app as it’s fast, accurate and extremely intuitive. This app will track your followers on Instagram. This app will not only detect unfollowers, but it will also make them think twice before unfollowing you.


  • Login by Instagram account
  • Retrieve lists of followers and following
  • Detect new followers and unfollowers
  • Detect non-followers
  • Detect mutual friends and fans
  • Follow/unfollow users
  • Show user profiles
  • Support accounts up to 10,000 followers
  • Support multiple accounts
  • Engagement Package (Optional)
  • Show top likers
  • Show top commenters
  • Show best followers
  • Show worst/ghost, followers
  • Show secret admirers

So whenever the next time you asked yourself ‘Who unfollowed me on Instagram?’, then just use InstaFollow. It will answer this question plus more.

You can also find out who your best friends on Instagram are using our InstaBestFriends app and also you can generate ‘My Best Friends’ cards for sharing on Instagram.

How To Avoid Getting Banned Or Blocked By Instagram

Unfortunately for the young and inexperienced users, just a slight ‘unintentional‘ mistake will get them banned! And the worst part is more often than not you’ve got no clue that why you got banned! As sometimes, they don’t often give you a warning or message.

1. If you’ve just created a new Instagram account, do not start Liking or commenting on other people directly because this is what fake accounts usually do. So instead of doing this you can start with posting your own photos, at least 10 of them, but not at the same hour, do it 2 per day. After one week past, you can start with your liking or comment.

2. Complete your Instagram profile, including uploading your profile photo and write a short bio.

3. Do not stop posting photos! Again this is a typical thing that spammers do, so posting twice a week is enough if you can’t do a daily post.

4. Do not like excessively! This will surely get you banned as the limit is 350 per hour.

5. Do not follow people en-mass! This is considered to be a spammy and bot-like activity as the limit is 20 per hour. Also remember that you can only follow as many as 7500 people, no more. So choose who you follow wisely.

6. Do not post multiple duplicate comments – including emoji. As soon as Instagram detect you doing this it will put you straight away in ‘detention‘!

7. Do not mention users that don’t follow you on other people post, unless they mention you first! This usually happens when our photo has been selected to ‘win’ some competition/weekly challenge etc.

8. Do not ignore the Community Guidelines!

When you get banned it usually takes Instagram from 4 hours up to 4 weeks to reinstate your account.  So what can you do to speed things up?  You can try some of the following actions which had been reported could make the process quicker, though they don’t always work:

  1. If you get pop-up messages (the Action Block), use the ‘Tell Us’ button to tell Instagram that they’ve made a mistake.  After they use the button, Instagram came back and was asking for some more security information.
  2. Instagram then ask the account holder to write the full name, username and a code Instagram sent to them on a piece of paper and take a picture of themselves holding the paper.
  3. After sending the picture to Instagram their account got reinstated after a few days.

Ok, I’ve been looking for other ways to contact Instagram, and here are some of my findings:

  1. From the Instagram app, go to your profile page on tap on the Options menu. Scroll down until you find ‘Report a Problem’ menu item, select this and choose ‘Something isn’t working’ from the popup menu. At last fill in the form and tap on the Send button.
  2. Go to this Instagram Form for reporting Hacked Account. But say that you cannot access your email account when asked to, then fill in the rest of the form.

I hope now you are able to use Instagram easily and if you like to read similar articles like How To See Who Blocked Me On Instagram? then you could visit our Technology category. Moreover, if you have any question then you could tell us in the comment section below. TryArticles will try to answer your question as soon as possible.