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How To Choose Antivirus Software?

There are numerous kinds of infectious viruses, which could be summed up as spyware, adware, Trojan Horses, ransomware, keyloggers, rootkits and worms which have to ability to get into and taint your PC framework. When they do, they can degenerate your records, take touchy data and even utilize your PC for detestable exercises. Due to these reasons and numerous more should lead you to pick an antivirus program.

Choose Antivirus Software

It can give you genuine feelings of serenity by recognizing and expelling infectious from your PC and also keeping their quality in any case. There are various antivirus programs, each asserting to be superior to the others. However, which one OS most appropriate to you? In this article, we will disclose to you how to pick antivirus programming as indicated by your own prerequisites and inclinations.

Comprehensive Assurance

Comprehensive assurance With Antivirus

The antivirus program you pick ought to offer security from viruses, as well as against digital wrongdoing, firewall, ransomware, control, outsider checking and other common online dangers. This implies it has to ensure your PC framework against the accompanying:

  • Virus: can increase itself and harm different gadgets on your system.
  • Trojan horse: disguises itself as a blameless programming program which you may get deceived to download and keep running on your system. When you do as such, it opens up different types of security dangers to enter your PC.
  • Worm: exploits security escape clauses in your web program and taints your framework.
  • Spyware: intended to spy and gather data from your framework and send it to programmers.
  • Rootkit: once inside your PC, it enables programmers to have remote access to your framework and control your gadget.
  • Ransomware: takes control of your framework and scrambles your information, including archives, recordings, and pictures. When they do this, they constrain you to pay cash to recover your records.
  • Adware: shows promotions on your PC screen, genuinely harming your PC’s execution.
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Unwavering Quality Of Antivirus Program

Unwavering quality antivirus

One vital thing you have to look in your antivirus program is its unwavering quality. A solid security program will do the accompanying

  • Secure your framework without causing strife with other introduced programs on your gadget. For instance, if a comparative program is as of now present on your PC, it will ask you whether you need to evacuate the first before you can run it.
  • Protect its own procedures from the suspicious end. Effective viruses will abuse the powerless focuses in your antivirus program and even attempt to expertise it’s preparing with the goal that it can pick up control over your PC. Dependable antivirus programming will secure its own procedures and keep them caution against the suspicious end.
  • Provide refreshed security. Antivirus that still makes utilization of obsolete antivirus definitions is a feeble program. Dangers continue advancing, and an obsolete antivirus program won’t have the capacity to stop a refreshed infection. A dependable antivirus program ought to consistently refresh itself every now and then.
  • Automatic security checks. Programmed security filters are vital for dependable security assurance of your framework. A decent antivirus program enables you to plan your sweeps and it is surprisingly better on the off chance that it accompanies filter plans effectively actuated. A portion of the best antivirus programs begins running the scan when they see your PC sit out of gear for a couple of minutes.

PC Execution With Antivirus Program

PC Execution With Antivirus Program

With a specific end goal to carry out their activity, all antivirus programs need to utilize a portion of your figuring assets. Notwithstanding, a great antivirus program will have least effect on the execution of your PC. In the event that you have an old PC with obsolete inward frameworks, at that point, this viewpoint would be a key thought for you while picking antivirus program. A decent security program will have the following highlights:

  • It will have an insignificant effect on your PC’s boot timings. It should begin and close down at nearly an indistinguishable speed from it used to do before introducing the antivirus program.
  • It won’t influence the execution of your PC without hindering it. It should utilize your PC’s assets so as to not influence its response.
  • It will be quick to examine your PC for malware.

Easy To Understand

Easy to understand Antivirus Program

The antivirus program that you pick ought to have an easy to understand interface. Indeed, even an easygoing client with the insignificant learning of PCs ought to have the capacity to utilize it to keep the Computer secured. It ought to be outfitted with the accompanying easy to understand highlights

  • It could be anything but difficult to explore and give a natural arrangement of perusing through its settings, menus, tabs, and windows.
  • It might likewise be perfect with touch screens. Since plain old screens are presently viewed as outdated, your damaging programming ought to be sufficiently responsive to keep running on a PC with touch screen innovation. It ought to be furnished with substantial size of tiles, catch and switches, so the client can choose them effectively with fingers.
  • It has to be straightforward, which means the settings and things would be instinctive and not overcomplicated.
  • It should give you simple access to their documentation, incorporating reports with data on their assistance, credits, possession, beginnings, improvement, and so forth.
  • It will provide you full control over how the program functions. It ought to permit you to arrange every last detail of the product as per your own or expert inclinations.
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Client Bolster

While utilizing the program, you may think of an issue that you might need to get settled by conversing with an expert client mind officially. The antivirus program you pick must accompany a decent client emotionally supportive network. They ought to be contactable through the telephone, email, and face to face if necessary.

A few producers likewise give you the alternative for a live visit as well. This choice enables you to illuminate the issue while chipping away at your PC. Most essential thing is that it will not cost you any additional cash for the administration it gives.

Device Packs With Antivirus Program

The antivirus program that you pick must be finished with extra packaged devices also. These may incorporate parental control, encoded storage room, secret word wallet, and so on. In spite of the fact that these instruments could not be your first option while picking an antivirus program, they can help pick one comparable program over another.

For example, in the event that you have youngsters utilizing the PC and you need to limit the substance they can get to, you can pick the program which accompanies a parental control device. Likewise ensure the packaged apparatuses it accompanies are security situated, valuable and work without influencing the protection, security, and execution of your PC framework. The program that offers your coveted instrument for nothing, without bringing about any additional charges except the membership.

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Essential Apps For A New IPhone: Beginners Guide

Today, there is an application for all that you may conceivably require. On the off chance that you are considering purchasing an iPhone or have recently made yourself with another gadget, you should outfit it with some fundamental applications. Having your iPhone legitimately sorted out from the earliest starting point will guarantee that you are associated with other individuals, educated about the most recent news, approach your key data and are making the most utilization of your new bit of venture.

Essential Apps for a new iPhone

In this article, we will provide you with the information about the basic applications for another iPhone that you should download if you are a learner or beginner with a new iPhone.

Connectivity Applications

Although every one of the highlights accessible and the administrations offered in only a little gadget, the main role of a telephone is to remain associated. For that, you require applications that enable you to call, message and keep in contact with others.

Facebook App For iPhone

Facebook App For iPhone

There are in excess of 1.5 billion Facebook clients around the world. Considering the planet has around seven billion individuals on it, that is a great deal of Facebook clients. Which implies, on the off chance that you utilize Facebook, you’ll need to get the iOS application immediately. In addition, you can interface your Facebook record to your iPhone and empower Siri to post notices for you.

Twitter App For iPhone

Twitter may not be very as soaked as Facebook, but rather the microblogging webpage still figures out how to penetrate our day to day lives entirely well. In the event that you have a Twitter account, you’ll need this application. Some will reveal to you that there are better outsider Twitter customers out there, however in the case that you need Siri to post tweets onto your twitter account, you’ll require the original application.

Instagram App For iPhone

With regards to social photography, Instagram has none other like this. In case you are following your companions, famous people, and drifting themes, you’ll be showered with pictures of nourishment, feet, and humorous pictures as well. In the meantime, you’ll have the capacity to beauty the world with your splendidly balanced selfies.

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Messaging Applications For iPhone

Skype For Messaging

Skype For Messaging

Skype resembles FaceTime, yet for all stages. You can utilize it for video conferencing, aggregate visits, and simply keeping in contact with loved ones. Regardless of whether your grandparents don’t comprehend what an advanced mobile phone is, odds are, they have the innovation to Skype with you.

Google Hangouts For Messaging

In the event that you have a Gmail or Google+ account, you’ve most likely as of now been using the “Hung out” with different clients through Google’s talk window or long range interpersonal communication site. This Google Hangout is similar to Skype, yet just for Google account holders.

Messenger For Messaging On iPhone

Trust it or not, the application for the most prevalent informal communication site in the whole world which influences you to utilize a totally isolate application for talking. Uplifting news for you with Messenger, you don’t need to be Facebook companions with somebody to be in contact with them. In this way, it resembles having almost 1.5 billion companions in your to be contacted at any time.

Productivity Applications For iPhone

1Password App For New iPhone Users

1Password App For New iPhone Users

In the event that this is your first advanced mobile phone, you’ll rapidly acknowledge exactly what number of passwords you’ll require for various applications and sites. 1Password stores all of your passwords for you, alongside Mastercard data, profile information, and a mess more. The best part is, you will just need to really recall the one secret key you use to sign in. Shockingly better, if your iPhone has Touch ID (iPhone 5s and more up to date), you can sign in with your unique finger impression.

Microsoft Office App For New iPhone Users

If we observe Word, Excel, PowerPoint. These are the fundamental software of the normal PC utilizing human. There is a truly decent possibility that you utilize one or these projects in your office condition. Even Microsoft’s Office 365 membership, you can get to the majority of your imperative documents on your iPhone. Furthermore, you can make, alter, and share reports in a hurry. It’s an absolute necessity have for a large portion of our community.

Apple iWork App For New iPhone Users

Apple doesn’t generally call it “iWork” any longer, yet it is the organization’s response to Microsoft Office. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will get you similar outcomes with an alternate interface. What’s more, if your working sidekicks are on Microsoft, it’s no issue. You can trade your archives in their partners. Through iCloud, you can store the greater part of your work in the cloud for simple access from any iOS gadget, or on the web, regardless of whether you are utilizing a Mac or PC.

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Music Applications for iPhone

Apple Music For iPhone

Apple Music For iPhone

Since you are a piece of the Apple environment, the time has come to expand your advantages. One of those decision rewards is Apple Music. With it, you approach Apple’s abundance of tunes. You can tune in to full collections completely, make your own particular playlists with your most loved tracks, and tune in to fresh out of the box new music without buying it. You can likewise download everything for disconnected tuning in.

Spotify For iPhone

Spotify is like Apple Music, however fundamentally simply isn’t Apple Music. On the off chance that you are new to the Apple operating system, odds are you are a Spotify client. All things considered, keep the greater part of your history and playlists close-by with the authority application. The advantage of having Spotify around is that you can at present stream music without paying for it, you simply need to tune in rearrange mode.

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Why Is Telegram Better Than WhatsApp?

The telegram app is a cost-free cloud-based viewable framework and offers a standout amongst the most secure informing stages around. It utilizes end-to-end encryption and implosion conventions to keep your security in place. Discharged in 2013, the (generally) new child on the square has turned into a hit with numerous energetic texting fans.

whatsapp vs telegram

The reason is that of its high-security component and the immense scope of Telegram stickers. As far as dynamic clients, WhatsApp still remains the big cheese, however, with 450 million contrasted with Telegram’s normal of 100 million. In spite of this, numerous individuals are doing the change to Telegram.

All in all, why is this application so well known? Why is Telegram superior to WhatsApp? In this article, we will answer this and the and much more from there.

Which Is Better Telegram Or WhatsApp

The telegram and WhatsApp basically share a similar foundation. Both applications utilize your telephone number as recognizable proof and allow you to interact (chat) one-on-one and in group chats as well, share recordings and pictures, and they both have a fundamentally the same UI.

In spite of their same properties, there are numerous distinctions that figure out which application is the better one. After WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014, an ever-increasing number of individuals have been doubtful to keep utilizing it. There have been worries that the new lead may begin ordering client information keeping in mind the end goal to bring advertisements into the application. Besides, WhatsApp clients have been grumbling at the speed of times in which it’s loaded.

telegram vs whatsapp which is better

Obviously, Telegram has defects as well and there are a couple of issues with its private chat highlight, which we will expand on later. Outstandingly, you can screen capture the discussions substance. It might be somewhat unexpected to make them destruct messages in the event that they can be spared by a brief instant screen capture, without your notice. The two gatherings are told when a screen capture is taken, however, this is still most likely one of the weaker highlights in the application.

After stating this, there is a scope of favorable circumstances to demonstrate why Telegram is better. Give us a chance to show them to you.

Cloud Storage Ability

Telegram app has Cloud Storage feature. This implies every one of your messages and records is spared to the untouched Cloud. You can sign in and out any number of times as you need from any gadget and not lose your information. Besides, you become more acquainted with the devices in which it is at present being utilized so you don’t need to stress over making your backups.

cloud storage

This additionally guarantees you can download any document, as many times as you can. The creators of Telegram are so sure about their application’s level of security that they are putting forth a $200,000 abundance to any individual who can break into ‘MTProto’, the establishment of Telegram.

File sharing Feature of Telegram

You can just exchange sound or video records from your device gallery while using WhatsApp, while Telegram allows you to 1GB of continuous information exchanges. Practically any archive or media of any sort, for example, PDFs or regular configurations can be shared inside the domain of Telegram. Moreover, the application enables clients to send HD pictures and recordings, they can pick whether to compress a picture or video or send it as in its original form.

Telegram Enable Public Channels And Super Groups

A typical group limit in Telegram is around 200. In any case, when this is achieved the Group changes to a Super Group – with a limit of 5000. It additionally demonstrates the number of online clients in a Group discussion. A channel then again has no restriction on the number of individuals and can be utilized to communicate messages to vast crowds.

These channels can be open with a URL and every post in a channel of telegram it has its own counter. The maker of the channel can choose who can post on that channel (heads) and different individuals can only view the posts. You can likewise make a channel only for yourself. This is helpful for putting away web links, and so forth.

Username Feature Of Telegram

Dissimilar to WhatsApp, you can speak with another client regardless of whether you don’t have their contact number. This is enabled by including a username. Its usernames must be at least five characters and can contain letters, numbers & also the underscores.

username feature of telegram

This element, that bears much closeness to a Snapchat highlight, is an incredible path for clients to speak with numerous individuals without passing out their telephone number. All things considered, you do require a telephone number to enlist with Telegram.

The Secret Chat Feature

The apps secret chat features are end-to-end encoded and cannot be hacked in any manner. They are essentially made by going to Contacts then go to New Secret Chat, choose your contact and begin talking. Besides, clients can set a self-destruct clock that will delete the messages after the set measure of time. As said already, clients can screen capture these messages, yet the sender will be informed about this.

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How To Remotely Access My PC From iPad

The iPad has rapidly turned into a prevalent gadget among enthusiastic innovation clients and Luddites. With its entire host of uses and highlights, it can be utilized to do even difficult office works. In any case, in the event that you utilize the iPad for business, it is uncommon it will totally supplant your PC or workstation. It can be utilized in a hurry, yet you may need to get to records from your PC as the iPad has restricted space.

Remotely Access My PC From iPad

 You may likewise essentially need to stream a file saved on your PC. Regardless of whether you are in the workplace and you need a document put away on your PC, you can get to it from your iPad in various ways. In this article, will disclose to you how to get access to your computer through iPad so that will be very helpful for you in every way.

Apps You Can Get On Your Ipad

The best and natural approach to get to your laptop or computer through an iPad is to utilize a basic application. Some of them are free of cost and some require a credit plan, however, there are a couple of the best

LogMeIn Ignition App To Access Remotely

This application regularly turns into the primary focal point of the individuals who as of now utilize LogMeIn for its different highlights. New clients will likewise discover it unimaginably natural and charming. You have to Download LogMeIn application on your iPad, make a LogMeIn free account and sign in to it. When you log in, you will see the work area of your remote PC appropriate on the screen of your Ipad.

LogMeIn Ignition App To Access Remotely

You will likewise get a toolbar with each element accessible on your PC. From this toolbar, you can do everything that you can do on your PC, for example, controlling the console, giving orders, redoing application controls, and so on. For example, you may even choose whether a screen tap would mean a left snap or a correct snap of the mouse. You may tap anyplace to snap, or tap utilizing two fingers for the right snap.
You may likewise utilize the skimming cursor controller for upgraded exactness. Despite the fact that the application is free, you can decide on a Pro membership for additional highlights, for example, HD quality, coordinated record director, better cloud application incorporation and others.

TeamViewer HD To Access Ipad Remotely

This TeamViewer HD application for Ipad works on the other side of firewalls, enabling you to effortlessly get to your computer remotely. You are not required to make any sort of account. It chips away at Macs moreover. It is honored with various highlights that are essentially the same as on a personal computer. One noteworthy advantage of this application is that it additionally has online coordinated effort capacity.

TeamViewer HD To Access Ipad Remotely With this component, you can get your PC from your iPad, as well as work with your companions or group as though you are appropriate beside them. It can naturally alter your speed association and change the determination of your remote PC. The application is very quick and can deal with numerous screens at once. Maybe the best thing about this application is accessible for nothing to individual clients.

Splashtop To Access Ipad Remotely

This is presumably the most instinctive and speediest remote access application for iPad clients. For example, tapping implies clicking and tapping and dragging emulates moving. Using such sort of controls, it is precisely what the clients anticipate that it will be.

Splashtop To Access Ipad Remotely

You will have a keyboard on your screen just by clicking one button available on the base of the iPad screen. In this way, you don’t have to spend a few minutes looking for the keyboard through the whole application. At a low value, this application ends up being a brilliant instrument for remotely getting to your computer through your iPad.

Access Ipad Remotely Through GoToMyPC

This application is secure, quick and pressed loaded with highlights. One of the greatest advantages of this application is that it has an amazingly simple to-utilize interface. All that you have to run is shown at the highest point of your iPad screen. You simply need to tap it and every one of the highlights of the application will immediately show up before you. The application has highlights of remote printing and screen blanking too. You may likewise exchange a record from one gadget to the next utilizing this magnificent application.

Access Ipad Remotely Through GoToMyPC Cursor control is a half-breed setup in which you may tap anything or drag the cursor around by its handle. It highlights upgraded content contribution with great picture quality. It switches Windows into UI mode to make everything smoother and faster. There are a couple of additional items likewise, including clipboard synchronizing, Bluetooth console bolster, and so forth.
Despite the fact that it is more centered around organizations than purchasers, it is justified regardless of a strive for even lay clients. You even get a free trial form for one month. Every PC associated with the application can be gotten to by its own particular password as it were. Since it is secured with various validation levels, it is a safe application that can be gotten to by approved clients as it were.

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How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life

In today’s world, there have been many small tips and tricks to be used which could make our life easy. There are several small applications these days which could be very effective. The correct use of these could help us schedule our life events to save plenty of time. Evernote is one of these low memory required application which should be used for better time management.
How to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life
Evernote is light size application which is the answer to all your problems if you have all the things messed up and want everything to be done on time according to the requirement. The Evernote is available for all of your devices including all the android devices and for iPhone as well.
This could be very useful if you have some urgent emails to be scheduled, arranging documents etc.  You don’t need to keep some sticky notes around with you on your mobile phone and would work on a to-do list. This is very handy due to its good user interface and ease of use.

Why Should you Choose Evernote?

A question might arise in your mind that why should we choose Evernote to structure our whole day activities. The answer to this question is the very basic reason which is its ease of use, Evernote provides with interactive and simple ways for you to manage tasks. It will provide you all in one service to get rid of all the notes you carry along with yourself to see your daily routine works. It has the best user interface to overcome all the problems in one place.

How to Utilize Evernote?


Here is the step by step guide on how to utilize Evernote
In the first step, you have to select the option named as New Note, which would be present in the file menu. Then you have to make a “new note”. Every note that you would create would be included in a notebook. You don’t have to do anything all this happens by default. All you could do is change the name to make it appropriate for your knowledge.
  • In case that you want to create several different notebooks then you can do that depending upon your required task. after that, you can fill up these with your required notes.
  • After that you are done with all the different notebooks you have created in Evernote then you could arrange them according to your requirement so that it would be easy for you to look upon.
  • When you have created several notes that you are having trouble finding the particular one then you also have the option to add the tags to your notes. This will make it much easier for you to locate.
  • One of it’s best features which could include is the addition of the reminders for your notes. This will keep reminding you about that task which you have put into the remainder until the time when you check it as completed. This would also give you remainder using the email.
  • This is the best way for you to know about all your pending tasks and you won’t be worried about any task to be left. This also helps you save time when you are doing your work by scheduling everything for you.
  • Another incredible feature of Evernote is that it could transform all of your notes into Slides to create an amazing presentation. This all could be done with just a single click on Present Button.
  • It also allows you to add the location of your documents which is another amazing way to organize them in a unique way.

Ease of Using Evernote

Ease of Using Evernote

Evernote is an amazing tool to be used where you can save your all notes and when required could be converted into XML extension or too many other useful formats. If you want to add some images to your note then you also have the availability of doing so. One can get if for free and to get extra features you have to pay a price yearly.
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How to Give a Killer Presentation

Once you step into your professional lives, giving the presentation to your audience becomes a necessary part of your career. No matter what career you have chosen for yourself. If you are working on some project or want to define your set of skills to the panel of judges your Killer presentation skills really matter along with some quality content presentation.

GIVE KILLER PRESENTATION The presentation you are going to present in front of your audience should be eye-catching through the use of visual effects and animation. This will help you to gain the attention of your audience. In case that you are presenting your thoughts about some specific thing, then your presentation should be gathered in a way that it should be easy for the listeners to understand and catch your ideas.

On the chance that you could not gain the attention of the audience then it isn’t worthy to present. in order to accomplish that you have to use some of the tips to engage your audience and give a killer presentation. It would be an ideal presentation if you have been successful in conveying your thoughts to the panel without getting them bored. Some of the useful tips are provided below through which you can make it more attractive.

Use Prezi to Create Attractive Presentation


  • If you want to make some extraordinary presentation with some great display of visual effects, then this tool is made for you. Using Prezi you would be able to come out of the usual powerpoint presentations. Through this you can create some tremendous presentation, which could consist of zooming effects, moving animations and amazing display of your pictorial representation.
  • It would appear like elaborating the items to explain them in further details.Now moving on to the usage of Prezi, firstly you should be visiting their online web portal and then choosing the appropriate account that you want. After that, you should be sure about the point about which you are going to present. Select the related template which appears to be appropriate according to your presenting ideas.
  • if you don’t want to choose any template and create your own custom one then you can also do that. But keep in mind that it could become difficult for you with doing so as you have no experience of utilizing it. You can download it as well, to use it for offline use. Utilize it to make so visually attractive presentation and impact your audience.

Make Killer Presentation Using Emaze


The second priority for making a killer presentation is considered to be Emaze. This is also an amazing tool for making quality content for presenting. in case that you are in a hurry and you have to make a presentation within the very short span of time, then this becomes the best option to choose. This will be the best option to make it with some amazing effects, it has some similarity with the Prezi but doesn’t have all of that features. This is very easy to use which saves much of your time.

VideoScribe for Making Presentation


The next tool which you could use for creating a good presentation is the VideoScribe. This could be very handy for use, as it has a unique way to describe the thoughts of your presenting ideas. You could make use of different objects and icons to help to describe your ideas. If you want to add some of the sound effects, you can also do it using VideoScribe. It allows you to use it as a trial version for 7 days time.

Using PowToon to Make Killer Presentation


PowToon is also among one of the best tools out there to create an astonishing presentation is PowToon. This is made for those who love to insert the cartoon animations into their presentation. Using some animation videos to make a great display of your ideas is best to gain the attention of the listeners. You don’t have have to know anything about the complex programming needed to do it, you can do it just by simply clicking on it.

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How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Gmail is a standout amongst the most mainstream emailing instruments and this is a direct result of how well it functions and all that it enables us to do. Notwithstanding, there is something exceptionally commonsense that on a fundamental level the mail benefit Google does not provide, the delightful choice to Schedule your emails in Gmail which can be sent later, at a predetermined time.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

This can be extremely helpful for example in case you’re doing your office work on a weekend evening however you need those emails scheduled to be sent on to the specified addresses on Monday morning. Luckily, numerous engineers have understood this issue and there are numerous approaches to illuminate this problem. Now in this article, we are going to help you with the ideas on how you can schedule your prescribed emails in Gmail.

Ways to Schedule Your Emails in Gmail

  • To genuinely schedule the emails that you want them to be sent to the specified mailing addresses, you’ll have to introduce the use of an extension in your email account. A standout amongst the most utilized and dearest ones to be used is Boomerang, which is likewise free. You can install it for free from the internet.


  • Tap the huge icon that appears as “Add this to your Gmail now”. A little discourse box, in which the authorizations will show up, ought to take permission about the expansion on the case that when you, really have a need to open it. For this situation, you, can read and adjust your information, and deal with your queries, applications, and subjects. This is an ordinary case where you have to tap on the Installation button to get this extension

ADD BOOMERANG EXTENSION to schedule emails in gmail

  • When you have done with the installation process, you’ll first come to know that the extension has been included. After that, it will automatically open the Gmail and in the middle, you will see a window that will lead you to the steps on how to schedule your emails in Gmail through the use of Boomerang. Tap on the “start” icon to see the little instructional exercise.


  • When you have the Boomerang extension introduced in your Gmail account, compose an email to a program that has to be sent. You will see that in the base of the window, you can compose messages utilizing another toolbar. Which is through Boomerang. Tap on the red Button where it appears “Send later” to make preparations for later on to be sent.


  • When you tap on the icon “Send Later” drop-down options will show up where you’ll see numerous alternatives like send off inside 1, 2 or 6 hours afterwards, amid the morning or evening, a few days after the fact, weeks or after a month or, at last, you can choose precisely when you need the conveyance to be sent off. Select the choice that you incline to be confirmed.


  • Then a new screen (which you don’t have to allow) will show up. Google will open requesting that you give it the authorization to utilize Boomerang for two things which include see and deal with your email, and know your identity on Google. Overlook that and tap on OK to proceed with the scheduling procedure for the email.


  • The message will then have been customized for conveyance. To see all messages that you have customized with this extension, tap on the symbol of a boomerang that has shown up on the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop-down options, choose Manage Schedule Messages. One more window with all the data will appear on your screen.


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How To Get Weather Channel Widget

Weather channel can be extremely unexpected. any sort of sudden change can be a genuine headache, particularly in the event that you are out somewhere in public and are not at the house. In the event that you are arranging an office tour or on the case that you are away on a vacation trip, basic data about up and coming climate can enable you to remain aware of the upcoming weather.

Weather Channel Widget If there are sudden climate conditions coming up, you can keep away from going out and out or if nothing else carry the fitting garments with you. Since individuals now totally rely upon their cell phones and tablets for everything going ahead in their lives, the Weather Channel gadget introduced on their smartphones or tablet can keep them be educated and aware of upcoming weather situations. Read this until the end to discover how to get Weather Channel Widget, alongside other supportive data.

What is Meant By The Weather Channel Widget?

Climate Channel is a simple and straightforward widget which you can introduce on your cell phone to stay refreshed about the present and future climate conditions. You can depend on this application to when you have to pack your baggage for a major outing or regardless of whether it merits packing out for a few staple goods as opposed to requesting it. It was created by The Weather Channel, situated in Brookhaven, Georgia, US.

What is Meant By The Weather Channel Widget this widget application has been installed over 100 million times by the users till now, it is a standout amongst the most solid and reliable wellsprings of data about climate. It is accessible to install on your smartphone and utilized on various types of cell phones and tablets, including cell phones, tablets, PCs, workstations, iPads, iPhones and so on. Getting it on your device can keep you pressure-free, as you won’t have to stress over sudden climate changes along the day.

Which sort of Information Does It Provides?

To the extent current climate conditions are kept in mind, The Weather Channel gadget gives you extremely precise data about the climate, dew point, stickiness, wind speed, dawn and nightfall, permeability, barometric weight, UV record and significantly more. It will likewise give you a thought of what the climate conditions are, and also a thought of what they feel like.

WHAT INFORMATION DOES IT PROVIDES You can keep track of the weather condition as of the storms and the hurricanes coming, it will let you know about them before they hit your area of living. This will let you keep updated on the weather situation. Check the speed of the wind, temperature of the water, the density of snow along with many other features that are provided by the weather forecast.

Think about occasional street conditions, tides, climate patterns and climate estimates in the goals you are making for your coming days. Get notices and warnings about storms of the sea, tornadoes and extreme storms issued by the administration. Get most recent neighborhood and national climate news cautions. Get continuous cautions about lightning strikes occurring close to your GPS area

Get day by day precipitation and rain reports in your area zones. Discover the dust tally close you, with the goal that you can remain safe from any dust sensitivities.

Why is it good to have this weather widget?

Not at all like most other climate-related gadgets, The Weather Channel has probably the most astonishing instruments and highlights you can use to get the most recent data about the present and up and coming climate conditions. For example, in the event that you intend to go for a run, at that point you can utilize the Outside method of the widget. It gives master data about when you should run, to what extent should you keep running for and what you should wear as per the climate conditions.

is it good to have this weather widget You may make a warning bar for your widget, where you will see current temperatures and climate states of all your most near areas over the globe. This application and the weather widget are easy to understand and the screen captures look delightful as well.

You have the choice to set diverse foundation pictures to coordinate your climate conditions too. It will make your home screen change its view according to the climate, area and time. In the event that a tropical storm, tempest or tornado is drawing nearer, you will likewise get wellbeing tips to protect you.

Methods for getting Weather Channel Widget

As Weather Channel is launched as an astonishing and helpful gadget, it’s an extraordinary expansion to your application administrations. This is whether you are utilizing an Android phone, an iPhone or some other stage. Take the directions to get the weather widget on your phone.

For Android Users

For all the Android users, they can get all the application from the app store which is Google play store. Regardless of whether you are utilizing an Android empowered advanced mobile phone or a tablet, you can visit Google Play Store from your PC or open the Google Play Store application on your Android phone. Take after these well-ordered guidelines


  • Subsequent to opening Google Play Store, type The Weather Channel in the pursuit box and tap on Go/Enter Search for the blue symbol that has The Weather Channel composed inside it
  • In the next step open the application
  • When it opens, you will have the capacity to get all the data with respect to the application’s similarity, measure, audits, engineer data and others
  • Then you will be able to see the Install icon in the upper area
  • Tap on the install icon and sit tight for the procedure to finish Once the application introduced on your phone, launch it, set your inclinations and begin utilizing it immediately.

For iPhone Users


In case that you are utilizing an Apple phone, regardless of whether an iPhone or iPad, you can download the application on it by going to the App Store.Launch the App Store from your phone and take after these directions

  • When you open the App Store, scan for ‘The Weather Channel’ application, and search for the blue symbol
  • Tap on the symbol, read the data and tap the ‘Install’ icon
  • Sit tight for the application to be installed
  • Launch the application once completely installed on your device, set your settings and inclinations and go ahead.

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How to Know How Many Megabytes WhatsApp Uses

Whatsapp is one of the social media apps which is catching fire, also it is was the work of art for the modern technology. Keeping aside the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used social services these days, the consumption of technology is also crucial these days. As we talk about the consumption then,  you might want to know how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. Whatsapp might seem for many of you as the cheaper app to communicate. so, let’s talk about how many megabytes Whatsapp uses.
This might be a free messaging and video calling service for you, but it need’s an internet connection. It could be either the Wi-Fi connection or the mobile data connection. There might be any reason why you want to know that how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. This might be due to the reason that you are losing your megabytes within no time and want to know that is it the WhatsApp which consume much of it.
In case you are using your WhatsApp on wifi then it’s not a headache for you because it won’t bother you much. But, if you are using it over your data plan then it might worry you a lot. In this article, we will help you with the way how you can get to know the number of megabytes WhatsApp uses.

Steps to Know How Many Megabytes WhatsApp Uses

  • So, beginning the procedure to know the number of megabytes WhatsApp uses on your mobile phone. To do so, you should launch your WhatsApp application. In finding how many megabytes WhatsApp uses we’ve seen the difference in method, as the updates are made in WhatsApp. But now it is present in the separate folder.


  • If you are using the android device or windows phone then you should go to setting. On reaching there you will be provided with several options. Before moving ahead to find there will be another option for seeing the data usage.
  • Again on reaching there you will have many options regarding the Data Usage of WhatsApp. There you will also be provided with the option if you want to download multimedia over wifi or your mobile data plan. if you see at the top you will have an option of Network Usage.

Data Usage about how many megabytes WhatsApp uses


  • Now Click on that to see how many megabytes WhatsApp uses. There you will be able to see how many megabytes WhatsApp uses, you can see there the fi count of messages you have sent and the calls you have made through the WhatsApp application. If it’s over to your data limit then you could restrict it over to your wifi connection.
  • Since there is no much difference between the WhatsApp on Android and iPhone but there are some slight changes you will notice when you are using the iPhone. The storage method for iPhone is different from the android. iOS not only tells the number of texts you’ve sent but also the number of messages sent to the individual person. This makes it easy for you to remove them.
  • To find this in whats app you have to follow the same procedure as told above but the Network Usage setting will be on the bottom of your screen.
  • All of that is pretty much same in android and windows phone as well. The important thing to be noted is when you make a call over your mobile data using WhatsApp then it would consume around 1.4 MB per minute. This is both for incoming and outgoing calls, so it is recommended that only receive/make calls over wifi.

incoming and outgoing calls to know megabytes whatsapp uses

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How to download music free online

When we talk about the technology advancement then, it is up to the use of the people and the knowledge to use it. If someone is not using it the right way then you could not blame it. Everything in this world has positive as well as negative aspects. But today when we use the internet to download music online for free then many of the folks have made some useless web pages when you visit them all what you find are ads. They are just using the sources to make money but not to provide the content which is needed.

How to download music free online

So, if you want to download music for free and you don’t know what is the correct source to download music. The basic purpose of writing this article is to let you know how to download music for free. Many of you might have been annoyed because whenever you visit any website to download music you get to know that it’s fake. These things have made downloading music difficult these days.

 Websites such as Dilandu & Spotify have been the best option to listen to your favorite music.  They have made it much easier for us to get our playlist ready within no time. So, we will begin with top 5 best sources to download music.

Download Music Using Spotify

Download Music Using Spotify

When we talk about the most trustworthy source to listen to your music is Spotify. It has been the most popular app if you want to listen to your favorite music. Its popularity could be known as it has over 10 million users. You might be thinking that how you could use it to download music free online. You can use the download manager (jDownloader program) This will allow you the easy interface to download your music easily from Spotify.

Download music through Dilandau

Download music through Dilandau

The second priority that you can choose it dilandau. This was supposed to be the project for the university. Later on, it also gained much fame due to its services it has been providing for such a long time. It has accomplished to be the frequently visited website as well. It is providing its services for more than two years. You can listen to your music and get it within few minutes.

Download Music from YouTube

Download Music from YouTube

You might think of it as an old technique, but it’s not like that when you need Peer2Peer software to download music from YouTube. The method we are going to discuss is easy and doesn’t use any Peer2Peer program normally known as P2P. In doing so you should visit VidToMp3 web portal which makes it easy for you to download.

By Using Ares Program

download music By Using Ares Program

In case you want to point out the top-ranked P2P software’s then you should go with Ares. Using it you can search & allows you to download all types of data and for sure music is also included in it. This software could also increase your internet speed, along with that you can also download files which have large data size.

Download Music through Jamendo

Download Music through Jamendo

The 5th on the list is Jamendo, it allows to download and stream music freely. You can have access to unlimited music and download as well. It has the music which you can also use in your videos and you won’t get a strike for any copyright issues on YouTube. This service is entirely authentic and secure for private use. It also has over 45,000 music albums present in its record from several artists.

It is an amazing platform for new singers who have not gained popularity till now they can post their songs there which would be shared with millions of users.

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