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How To Delete Spotify Account? Easy & Step By Step Guide

How to delete Spotify account? Spotify is a Swedish firm that is still struggling to make money from the service though it has 71 million paying subscribers and 159 million free at spotted service users.

There is increased competition among Spotify and other music apps such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited and more. 

How To Delete Spotify Account

If you feel that you are no longer enjoying listening to music on Spotify. Maybe the music streaming services of alternative platforms like Apple and Google have come up with better services that might be the case.

So, in this scenario you want to switch to those services and to delete your Spotify account then in this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Spotify account.

If you are interested to know the easiest way then read the article till the end.

How To Delete Spotify Account?

In order to delete your Spotify account follow these steps

Step 1

On your computer, open any web browser and head over to Spotify contact support page.

sign in

Now you have to sign in to your account.

Step 2

click on account

You will see a list under “Hello. How can we help you?” section. You have to click on account.

Step 3

close my account permanently

Now click on “I want to close my account permanently.” 

Step 4

close my account

Next, you have to click on “close my account”.

Step 5

close account

In the end, you have to click on “close account” to confirm. Your account is deleted.

Important Things To Note While Deleting Account

While deleting your Spotify account there are some important thing you have to keep in your mind:’

Important Things To Note While Deleting Spotify Account

  • First, you will lose your username and you will not be able to get a profile using the same username in the future
  • Also, you will lose all your saved music
  • You will not be able to retrieve your deleted playlist
  • Besides, you will lose all your followers

Despite having strong competition with Apple Music, Spotify still remains by far the most popular music streaming app across the world. Its pretty intuitive user interface makes this app so impressive.

Besides, Spotify offers more personalized suggestions. But again it’s of the demand of everyone and there is a variety of options so it is all up to you to delete Spotify account or to continue enjoying music.

I hope you like my post about how to delete Spotify account and if you have any query then ask us in the comments section.

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how to change minecraft username

How to change Minecraft username? A lot of people are struggling to change their Minecraft username once they create it. The good news is you can change your Minecraft username. However, there is some limitation to change your Minecraft username.

change minecraft username

In this post, we will step by step guide you on how to change Minecraft username. We will also discuss the limitations of changing the Minecraft username.

How To Change Minecraft Username?

Follow the given below step by step guide to change your Minecraft username.

  • First of all, you need to open this URL  in your web browser.
  • Then click on the “Account tab” which is on the top right side.

mojang username

  • Once you click on the account button another page will open. Click on the “Login Link“. In case you are already logged in then skip this step.

how to change Minecraft username

  • Then you have to enter your account details in the given fields. Give your valid “E-mail” address and “password” in the required fields.


  • Once you enter your E-mail and password then click on the “Login button“. A green button just below the password field.

Game account Login

  • Now, find the “Profile option“, located in the middle of the page.

Profile option

  • Now, click on the “Change” link that is available on the right of your current username.

change profile username

  • Now, you need to enter your username in the “New Profile name” area.

Rename Profile Minecraft

  • Once you enter a new user name in the “New profile name” field, then press the “Check availability” button. If the entered username is not taken then it will turn “Green” which means you can use this name.
  • On the other hand, if the color turns “red” then it means you can not use this username. You have to choose another name.

Availability of username

  • In the “Password” field below the New profile name. Enter your password which you used to login to your account.

how to change minecraft username

  • Finally, click on the “Change Name” button. You will see the changes next time when you log in to your Minecraft account.

how to change minecraft username


  • You cannot change the username in console editions and Minecraft PE, because these versions use your Xbox Live or PlayStation Gamertag.
  • You cannot change the username if you have created a new account in 30 days. After 30 days you can change the username.
  • You are allowed to change Minecraft Username once in a month.
  • Whenever changing your username make sure the new username which you choose is not Taken by anybody.
  • Your name must be longer than 2 characters.
  • You can only use a number, letters, and underscores.
  • Changing your in-game username does not mean your Minecraft profile name also changes.
  • If you want to use your old username after changing it. Then you can get your old username within 7 days. It means you have only one week to change your new username back to the old username.

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Easy Way To Delete Unwanted Pages In Word Document

How to delete a page in Word: Have you ever been stuck by a task that is actually very easy to perform? Deleting a Microsoft Word page is one of those tasks which we find hard to perform. After we have done all the work, we could not figure out how to delete an unwanted page.

How to delete a page in Word

Besides this is very frustrating and a common occurrence. In this article, you will get a step by step guide on how to delete a page in word so if you are interested to banish that annoying extra page then read the article till the end.

How To Delete A Page In Word

There are several different ways through which you can delete unwanted pages. The step by step guide is given below:

The Backspace Key

In this method, you just have to move the cursor to the bottom of the unwanted page and then press the backspace key multiple times until the page is finally deleted.

The Backspace Key

Most of the time it only requires two or three backspace presses and sometimes it requires more. Besides if you are feeling frustrated then this might be a good way to release some steam.

Delete The Page Content

In Microsoft Word, press Ctrl+G  in order to open the “Find and Replace” window. Automatically, it will appear on the screen with “Go To”  option. In the field box saying Enter page number” type the page number. 

Delete The Page Content

After that, press “Enter” and click on “Close”. Now all the content that is present on that page is selected. In the end, simply hit the backspace and banish the unwanted page.

View And Delete

SImply you just have to go to the “View” tab and then check the box next to the “Navigation Pane”.

View And Delete

A sidebar will appear on the left with each page of your document. Click on the page you wish to remove. Hit backspace until the page is deleted.

Making Paragraphs Smaller

One of the reasons for several pages on Word can be the extra paragraphs at the end of your document. If you want to check them then click “Show/Hide P” button on the “Home Tab”. P is the symbol of the paragraph.

Making Paragraphs Smaller

If the extra paragraphs are making leaks to another page then you might be able to delete them simply. If you do not want to delete them then you can make them smaller and pull them onto the above page. You can also change the font size in order to force them onto the above page.

Delete A Page Break

While you have the paragraph marks showing on Word, check to see if there are any manual page breaks above or on the page in work. In case, there is a page break simply delete it.

breaking page

When it is removed, the extra page will be gone with it. Also if you want to hide the paragraph marks then hit the ‘Show/Hide P’ button again.

Check Your Sections

You might face problem deleting the page when the sections are not set up correctly. In order to check it, go to the “Layout” tab and then select the Margins. You will see a dropout menu. Now click on “Custom Margins”.

Check Your Sections

A pop-up window will appear on your screen. At the top of the window, look to the drop-down menu next to Section Start. Make sure that the “New page” is selected. 

how to delete a page on word by section

After that click on Ok. The unwanted page will be deleted.

Surely, one of these methods will work for you and now you can resume working without this problem hindering you on Microsoft Word Document.

I hope you like my post about how to delete a page on word and if you have any query then ask us. Besides, if you have tried these tips or another which you want to share with us then hit them down the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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How To Turn Off Avast? Three Ways To Disable Avast With Easy Steps

Avast is considered as one of the most effective and free antivirus software that is easy to install. Like all other antivirus softwares, it also protect your system against a threat from the local files, emails, and p2p connections.

The best thing about Avast antivirus software is, it offers services for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. This software is designed to detect and remove the malware from your system.

how to disable avast

After updation, now it protects your computer from many other dangerous threats such as browser hijackers, keyloggers, trojan, and spyware, etc. But sometimes you need to disable it or delete it permanently due to many reasons such as it blocks your favorite website or software.

Why Need to Turn Off Avast?

Well, the avast antivirus software is the very powerful and best software that should be installed on your system. But sometimes you just want to disable it temporarily or permanently, because it stops you from installing your new favorite application on your system.

avast behavior shield

It does not let you install the new application because maybe the program is from an unknown source or not recognized. In such a situation, you need to either disable the software or keep that application away. You have to choose one thing.

Three Ways To Disable Avast With Easy Steps

Avast antivirus provides various options for disabling it. You can disable it temporary or you can disable its specific shields. You can also delete it permanently from your system if you think you did not need it further.

disable avast

Below are the three methods with which you can disable or delete avast antivirus, it depends upon your requirements. So choose the method and follow the steps.

01 ⇒ Turn Off Avast Antivirus Temporarily (All Shields)

Step-I: Click on the small triangle-shaped icon in the notification area. Now right-click the avast antivirus icon from the list.

Step-III: Once you click on the option, a confirmation message window will appear. Click on the Yes option.

Step-II: Now hover the cursor on the avast shield control option in the list. Another list will appear, choose the suitable option.

02 ⇒ Turn Off Avast Specific Shields Temporarily

Step-I: Open the main user interface by clicking the icon on the desktop.

Step-II: Now click on the Protection and then select core shields.

Step-III: You will see all avast shields. Find the one that you want to disable. Click on it.

Step-IV: Four option menu will appear on the screen, select the desired one and proceed forward.

Step-V: Once the shield is disabled successfully, you will see the message “File Shield is now off“. That’s it.

03 ⇒ Uninstall Avast Antivirus Permanently

Step-I: Click on Start menu and search for the control panel app.

Step-II: Click on the control panel and then select programs and features.

Step-III: Search for the Avast free antivirus, right-click on it and choose the uninstall option.

Step-IV: A pop-up window with several options will appear, select the uninstall option.

Step-V: Uninstallation process will start and it will be deleted permanently from your computer.

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