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How To Tell If Your Child Is Intelligent?

It is the dream of every parent to give the best to their child and if their child is blessed with a high intelligence, it is like finding a treasure for the parents.

How To Tell If Your Child Is Intelligent

They become so happy because a high IQ in a child will set a better standard for a fulfilling and productive life in future. Being an above average child as described by definition is quite rare, but nothing could be better than finding out that your child is gifted.

An intelligent child will also need to be appreciated a little differently. In this article, we will describe how to tell if your child is intelligent, so if you want to know more, read the article till the end.

Communication And Language

Communication And Language 

Nonverbal communication is the key to find out whether your child is intelligent or not. This is because the children who grow early will show the sign of high IQ before they speak. But it does not mean that you have to give your newborn baby an IQ test as soon as you can.

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Let your child develop naturally and encourage him in a way which complements his natural progression. Intelligent children quickly understand certain lingual concepts and they reach more quickly a speaking level than other children.

It also means that they easily remember words and begin establishing a good vocabulary very early. While some intelligent children can be more contemplative and quiet and it can be difficult to know what is going on in their mind.

Problem Solving Skill

Problem Solving Skill

A child with high intelligence means that he has great problem solving skills. And the math’s problems are the first which he will come across. It is a good indication if your child shows earlier capability for sorting and counting as such child has above average intelligence.

If your child is able to solve simple math’s problem at the age of four years then it is an indication that he is a gifted child. Often an interest in numbers and language is self-propelled in a child with above average intelligence.

He completes the tasks which are set out for others and also shows his ability for independent erudition. Such children are so clever that they sometimes teach themselves the math problems spontaneously.

Social Interaction

Social Interaction

It has been seen that a child having above average intelligence may solve many logical problems very quickly but does not has the same quality when it is about social interaction. This is because if he has an above level of intelligence he can get irritated and frustrated very quickly in a social group of children.

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The activities which other children find amusing may seem boring to this intelligent child as he can reach certain milestones very quickly. This can often cause jealousy in the groups.

Above average intelligent children are mostly idealists and this can lead to irritation when they see other kids behaving in a way which they find out of order. When they could not find the things in the way they idealize, they burst into tears. That is why they are often sensitive.

Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination

An intelligent child can often has very active and clear imaginations. He might play games which include high concepts. Another common characteristic among these children is that they can use objects for some other functions which usually require high imagination.

When it is about a task, they can come up as great creative thinkers. Not just this, they can sometimes solve difficult problems or come to a conclusion which was not generally set out for them.

They also show their artistic and creative abilities in design and drawings. The same case is in understanding and musical skills. A child with high intelligence possesses an acute memory. You may hear him repeating the information he overheads from adults.

Interaction With Environment

Interaction With Environment

Another way to figure out that your child is intelligent is that a child with high intelligence has a curiosity and desire to explore new things. A clever child will often try to go to the places he should not for example, into the cupboards or climb the stairs.

He might also systematically investigate his toys, games and the objects in his surroundings. Also, they stick to the task once they find interesting or find difficult to complete.

Usually, these are the tasks which other children will ignore. These intelligent children are also able to complete the task with minimal instructions with a great perception which other children might be unable to complete at this age.

How To Encourage A Child With Above Average Intelligence?

How To Encourage A Child With Above Average Intelligence

Appreciating your child can be a little tricky. This is because a child with above average intelligence can become quickly bored with the routine tasks and the games. You may have to replace new ones in order to help your child to meet his potential and to stop being frustrated.

Note: You do not have to force your child as it can have detrimental effects on him. This means that he will require time to develop a skill, let him develop on his own speed, do not force him and be supportive.

Another way to test the intelligence of your child is IQ test but this is not a helpful way as it can put pressure on the child and give a false impression of cleverness.

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