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What Does TFW Mean in Texting? Internet Slang

TFW is a slang word, which is used on social media platforms. You may get familiar with this internet slang on a social media post or a comment, maybe text that starts with TFW and followed by a sentence. What is TFW meaning? Where we can use it? You will find detail description of TFW in this article.

tfw meaning

TFW is an abbreviation on social media and online texting platform that usually means “That Face When”, but it has also some others meaning which depends upon the context of the conversation.

What Does TFW Mean

TFW is an internet slang which stands for “That feel when“. If you are using any social media application such as Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp, you will face such slang words. There are also many other slang words which are quite popular such as OFC, WBU, LMK, etc.

what does tfw mean

TFW stands for several sentences such as “That Feeling When” and “That Face When”, they all are almost the same. You will find its different meaning on different sites. It is the most popular internet slang used by people on social media platforms.

TFW Meaning

TFW is a way of expressing feelings or emotion about something in a text form. People use this term in their comments, posts on social media when they feel awkward, ridiculous, uncomfortable, annoying, or strange things that happen to someone.

tfw means

People use such phrases in sentences where they are sharing their feelings or emotions about something. This can be related to someone on social media or someone who is not on social media. You can express your emotional feelings about any incident happens with TFW in your post or texting.

Usually, this slang is used at the beginning of a sentence, it is used as an attempt to invoke a common feeling from your audience.

Where Does TFW Come From

TFW is a thought that generated from “I Know That Feel Bro” meme which is used IN online texting to convey empathy or sympathy about any incident. It appears on the internet sometime in 2010.

tfw acronym

Memes have come a long way in helping people to express their feelings and emotions on online texting platforms. It’s clear that using different memes have become a very common way to emotionally express what words can’t.

Eventually, after the meme had been in spreading around, the phrase changed into TFW. It began to rise in popularity in 2012, tfw become a standalone phrase and it no longer relies on images to get across its point.

acronyms can also create confusion and frustration. An acronym can have different meanings in a different context e.g EOD is used in business and in Navy with a different meaning.

How To Use TFW

People use TFW to express some kind of emotions or feelings in any given situation which is relatable enough for other people online to know what exactly you mean.

what is tfw

TFW is used when you want to convey your feeling or emotions that you have felt when that incident happened with you. If you are still confused, just check the below examples for better understanding.

  • tfw you are waiting for someone and that person is ignoring you continuously.
  • tfw you are feeling sleepy and someone forces you to do something that you don’t like, but you are doing that thing.

The acronym is used at the beginning of the sentence and then the sentence you want to convey is written. This is used by the teenager on social media who generally don’t have any issue with grammar and spelling errors.

Technology is changing day by day, in the same way, people’s language is also changing, they are now used to use such shorthand terms in their conversation instead of a complete sentence.

We know that the internet today is getting more and more visuals with lots of social media platforms, which lead to the usage of images sharing, video sharing, emojis and internet slang.

What Does TFW Mean In Other Fields

There are several fields where TFW stands for something else then “That Feel When”. Some of them are mentioned below:

Military & Government

  • Tactical Fighter Wing
  • Task-Force Web
  • Task Force Whiskey

Science & Medicine

  • Toxic Flood Water
  • Truncated Floquet Wave

Organizations, Schools, etc.

  • Toronto Fashion Week (Toronto, Canada)
  • Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (Sun Prairie, WI)
  • The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch book)

Slang, Chat & Pop

  • Thanks for Watching
  • Thanks for Writing
  • The Force Within

Quick Wrap-up

TFW is an internet slang, Which stands for “That Feel When”. It is commonly used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger. It is used to express the feelings or emotions about something with the audience through social media.

TFW is generated from the phrase “I Know That Feel Bro”. This acronym was used in 2010 and later it was converted into twf and still, it is very popular on social media applications. This acronym is used at the beginning of the sentence and then the sentence you want to convey is written. There are many websites from where you could find acronyms like visit Acronym Finder.

I hope you like my article about “What Does TFW Mean in Texting? Internet Slang” You can also visit some other interesting posts like What Does WCW Mean. For more related articles you may visit the “Education” category at Try Articles. Please leave a comment below that how much you find this article helpful. You may also hit your queries in the comment section below if any.


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