The Best Exercises For Strengthening Arms

Regular workouts provide you a perfect fitness level. Those who do their exercises regularly, develop a certain body shape of their choice; some may like to have slim hips while others may like to have bigger hips. Some may like to have more mass on their lower limbs whereas other may chose quite an opposite option. Similar is the case with the arms. Some people like to have muscular arms while others want slimmer ones.

Exercises for Strengthening Arms

Everyone who regularly follows the workout plans aims at having toned up arms. There are so many exercises that are designed for the strengthening of arms. Here we are suggesting some useful techniques and exercised that will help to strengthen your arms.

Biceps Curls

This is the most effective and simplest exercise for toning arms. It can be done either with barbell or dumbbells. Doing this exercise, you will feel a very nice impact on two major muscles the deltoids and the biceps, both very important in toning the arms. With barbells, this exercise is quite easy. With dumbbells, you have the option to do both arms simultaneously or one arm at a time with dumbbells of appropriate weight in each hand.

Biceps Curls

Either you do it with barbell or dumbbells, starting position is the arms bent at the chest level, with barbell or dumbbell in your hands. Once reached this position, lift up your arms up to the shoulder height and then lower down to chest level. Do at least 10-15 repetitions in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

Classic Press-Ups

Classic Press Ups is considered one of the best arms training that also helps improve the balance and strength of Chest, Shoulders and triceps. Press ups can be done very easily anywhere anytime, even at home.

Classic Press-Ups

To do so, you need to lay down on an exercise mat with face down. Now lift your entire body by putting the body weight on your toes and palms, while neck and head should remain straight and parallel to the ground. Once reaching this posture, lower down your body with the flex of the elbows towards the ground but not touching it. Correct positioning of your body during press ups is very important. Try to do it correctly, to avoid any possible injury.

Press Ups With Weights

Another very useful exercise for toned arms is the Dumbbell Press. It works on various important muscles such as triceps, dorsal muscles, deltoids etc. Press ups with weights or more precisely the Dumbbell Press can be done in three ways, sitting on a bench, lying on an exercise mat or it can also be done while standing.

In all three types, basic thing is to bend the arms alongside the chest and then raise the arms above your head with dumbbells in each hand. Once reached in this position, you may try to touch both the dumbbells with each other and then bring the arms down to chest level. Do at least 10-15 repetitions in one set and do at least 3-5 sets a day.

Press Ups With Weights

To start with, you can use lighter weights and then increase the weight gradually once you are accustomed and feel comfortable. Correct weight is the one which you can lift comfortably but simultaneously it must have an impact on your muscles. Avoid too lighter or too heavier weights, to get best results.


Rowing machines are frequently available in the gym. This may help you a lot in improving the strength of your arms. Additionally, it also works on different muscle groups, such as back muscles, known as trapezius, dorsal and latissimus muscles.

Rowing machines

To do the rowing correctly, you must ensure that your back must remain straight, stomach nicely tucked in and chest slightly forward. Select appropriate weights, neither too light nor too heavy. Correct weight is the one that works on your desired muscles but comfortable to work with. Wrong selection may cause you to get tired. 3-5 sets with 10-15 repetitions are quite reasonable.

Other Activities

In addition to the recommended workouts, you may do various other sports activities that can help you a lot in improving the strength of your arms. These may include different sports such as basketball and swimming.

Additionally, you can also reach your destination of toned arms by adopting some good healthier behaviors in your day to day life. These may include:

  • Take controlled and balanced diet. Avoid more sweets and fatty foods. Take more protein and vegetables based foods.
  • Give proper breaks in your workouts. Doing exercises for two consecutive days and giving a break of one day is considered to be a good routine.
  • Always select the appropriate weight, the one which doesn’t get you tired and simultaneously works effectively on your muscles. You may increase the weight gradually, as per your level of fitness
  • Warming up before the start of exercise and stretching after completion of the routine is your key to success.
  • Never hesitate to consult a professional trainer, if you feel difficulty in doing your exercises or you observe any adverse effect of a particular workout.
As we always emphasize, be consistent, take balanced diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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