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The Best Eyebrow Shape For Big Eyes

What is the real key feature of your face, the one that gives it life, an expression individual to every being? Most people will automatically say the eyes while in reality, it’s the eyebrows. They carry the highest value on your face.

We decided to gather all the eminent points and include them in this Try Articles article for our readers to benefit from. Read through and enjoy!

Best Eyebrow Shape For Large Eyes

The Importance Of Brows

The shape of your brows brings a lot more life and definition to your face then you realize. The right arch for your eyebrow can make you look years younger. Likewise, the distance between your brows can transform your whole look.

Deciding The Shape Of Your Brow

When deciding your eyebrow arch, it is important to consider the size of your eyes and the shape of your face. The size of your eyes impacts the thickness and size of your eyebrows. Hence knowing the best eyebrow shape for your eyes will help compliment your face.

Deciding The Shape

As there are several different eyebrow shapes, let’s have a look set them before we decide which one enhances our prominent eyes.

Straight Brows

Straight Brows

These type of brows have no angle or curve. This a type usually preferred by people with long faces as it makes it appear fuller.

Curved Brows

Curved Brows

Curved brows do not have a defining arch. Best for a heart-shaped face. Makes the sharp features of this wide shape face look less harsh.

Soft Arched Brows

Soft Brows

In this style of brows, the arch is not as well defined but it’s there. It is very subtle. This would suit best on round and full faces.

Hard Arched Brows

Hard Arched Brows

When shaping brows in this style,  the arch is very well defined. This shape is best for people with a short face as the arch gives an uplifting feel.

S-Shaped Arched Brows

S-Shaped Brows

The appearance of such type of a brow is a distinct ‘s bend in the curve or arch area. This style is best for diamond-shaped faces.

Eyebrow Shape For Big Eyes

As mentioned above your face shape and eye shape both influences the shape of your brow. But speaking of large eyes. The brow that best suits are round in shape. By giving your brow a round shape, your prominent eyes will still be the focus of your face. If you are blessed with big eyes its best to let them grab all the attention.

How To Give Your Eye Brows The Rounded Shape?

As a rule of thumb, when shaping eyebrows, the head of your brows should be in line with the nostrils on either side. Snip away or tweeze off the extra hair to give your brow a natural curve.

Do not overdo the arch. It may give you a permanent angry look (till your hair grows back).

Add A Little Volume

If you aren’t blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, its best to add a little volume to accentuate your big eyes. If you haven’t jumped on the micro-blading bandwagon and don’t tend to, brow pomades are your calling. When applying make sure to use short strokes for an even appearance of volume on both sides.


Thicker eyebrows make big eyes look more intense and conspicuous. They frame your eyes, hence making the eyes the focal point. Basically thicker eyebrows have a grounding effect, they make you look stronger and just a tad bit daunting. And isn’t that what every girl truly wants to aim for?

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