Almost everyone occasionally experiences cold feet or numbness in their toes and fingers but if it happens every day it’s a sign that you need help. It signals that your blood circulation is poor which might result in kidney issues and varicose veins problems and other not so pleasant diseases.

Therefore you should act quickly to avoid any possible health problems. Without further ado, TryArticles will tell you here that what you should do to improve your blood circulation.Best Natural Remedies For Varicose Vein

No 10: Get A Pet

You have been hesitating about getting a pet, think no more. It is one of the best decisions you can make. You bring a new and faithful friend into your life who is always by your side in waiting for you to come home plus as it turns out, it’s great for your health too.Remedies for varicose vein

The American heart association stated that owning a pet especially a dog reduces the risk of heart diseases. Forming a special bond with your pet lowers your heart rate when you are around them and helps you to manage your stress.

Besides owning a dog increases your chances of getting outside and walking. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking improve the function of your heart and blood vessels, this, of course, would have a great effect on your health and emotional state, just another good reason to finally get yourself a fluffy friend.

No 9: Choose Wine Over BeerRemedy For Varicose Vein

If you are a big beer lover, unfortunately, you’ll have to re-evaluate your preferences having a beer is not that bad for your blood circulation but wine has a better effect on it, in fact, a clinical trial conducted in 2015 confirmed that drinking wine especially the red kind can improve your heart health.

Compared to another alcohol one can give you more benefits because it contains antioxidants and other plant compounds. Interestingly it can prevent blood platelets from sticking to one another which highly reduces the risk of blood clots which are the main reasons for strokes and heart attacks.

But don’t get too excited though as a modern approach is key here, the best amount of daily wine consumption is one drink for women and not more than two a day for men. So if you need to improve your blood circulation just add a glass of wine into your daily ration and you’ll see how quickly your physical state will become better.

No 8: Eat Spicy Food Or Otherwise Take Onions And GarlicFood for varicose vein

Spicy food is known to be known a quite helpful when you are dealing with poor blood circulation, for example, such products such as Cayenne pepper and red pepper expands blood vessels and increased the blood flow.

They help your cardiovascular system to functions well and keep blood pressure normal they also help you with one of the main sign of poor blood flow which is cold hand and feet.

They warm then right up and make you feel better. If you find cayenne pepper too spicy add more onion and garlic to your diet these products are also proven to have a great effect in such a situation. In fact, garlic relaxes your blood vessels and increases hydrogen sulfide which in turn improves blood circulation.

Onions have a high level of antioxidants which prevent the formation of blood clots so these products should make it to the list of your menu essentials.

No 07: Quit SmokingQuit smoking for varicose veins

If you still can’t get rid of this unhealthy habit here’s a good reason to do it right now. Regular smoking destroys the important antioxidants in your system and increases blood pressure.

Moreover in the long run smoking effects pretty much every organ in your body including your heart and blood vessels, more specifically tobacco contains carbon monoxide that harms blood cells and damages the functioning of your heart as the result your whole system is suffering because your blood circulation does not work properly.

Another scary fact is that smoking is proven one of the biggest culprits of heart disease. So smoking isn’t cooler edgy at all, it’s simply poisonous for your system and health.

No 06:  Wear The Right ClothesWear The Right Clothes

As it turns out even the simplest of things may have an impact on our health and physical conditions and yes the clothes that you wear can also have a serious effect on your blood circulation when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit’s doctors suggest to not wear tight clothing for long periods of time.

Tight pants or skinny jeans hampers the circulation and can facilitate the development of varicose veins so it’s much better to choose lightly fitted or relatively loose garments which will allow your blood to circulate normally throughout your body.

You don’t have to compromise looking good either nowadays you can find many comfortable blouses, jeans, shirts and other pieces of clothing that will fit you perfectly and won’t hinders your moments look through your closet with a fresh pair of eyes and threw away anything that causes you discomfort.

No 05: Drink Green TeaGreen Tea For Varicose Vein

Green tea has known to have a great effect on your health and physical state. It prevents cancer lowers your cholesterol level and helps you to lose weight and have a positive effect on your brain activity but that’s even not all the magic work it can do so it’s no surprise that apart from all these numerous advantages it improves blood circulation as well.

Here’s how it works, green tea is rich in antioxidants which help widen blood vessels and consequently increases the blood flow it also makes sure that your arteries are relaxed which will have a great effect on your physical state. To get the best result and a proper effect drink about one or two cups of green tea daily.

No 04: Add Food Rich In Folic AcidFoods Rich In Folic Acid

In addition to the spicy food eating more products rich in folic acid is also a great idea and here’s why one of the most important reasons to consume enough food rich in folic acid is cellular growth and regeneration.

Folic acid is engaging in the creation of red blood cells and the prevention of anemia that means that not having enough folic acid will affect blood clotting to prevent it eat more dark leafy greens like spinach, turnip greens, and lettuce.

The list of sources of folic acid also includes broccoli, avocado, citrus fruits for example oranges and grapefruits, papayas, bananas and strawberries , beans, lentils seed and nuts such as sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, cauliflower, beets and corns and carrots so you don’t have to limit yourself that much and still know your ration is healthy and good for you.

No 03: Elevate Your FeetExercise For Varicose Vein

Here’s a small thing you could do every day to improve your condition elevate your feet, don’t be confused, there’s a good explanation behind it.

Putting your feet above the level of your heart improves your circulation at once as it takes the pressure of the veins and legs. It also helps you relax after a long hard day and reduces the pressure and swelling of your blood vessels.

No 02: Get A MassageGetting a massage

When you have poor blood circulation adding a massage weekly is a must have. A good massage increases the local circulation as it increases the blood flow in soft tissue. Several studies have shown that massage positively affects your peripheral vascular function.

Don’t forget that to have the needed effect it should be done right by the firm but the movements should be aimed towards the heart to promote limp and blood flow. You can use almond, olive and coconut oil. You can also do a self-massage by using a foam roller.

No 01: Drink A Lot Of WaterDrink a lot of water

It seems to be too easy to be true but there’s no magic here at all. Our system needs water to work correctly and the circulatory system is no exception. So you have to drink one or two bottles of water daily and let the water do its job.

A standout amongst the most well-known characteristic solutions for battling varicose veins is aloe vera. You can apply the stalk of the plant to the veins straightforwardly, rubbing the influenced territory, or make a blend by including carrot and a sprinkle of apple cider vinegar.
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