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What Are The Different Components Of An Ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a biological community of different organisms, who interact mutually, and the environment around them. These organisms not just interact with each other but also with their non-living environment.

An ecosystem is a very beneficial part of this world and the world is filled with it because the beauty of nature is created by it. In an ecosystem, each organism plays its own role. Even if we walk through the jungle, forest or park, or we are diving in the oceans, we come across these ecosystems night and day.

The question arises in mind here that how this ecosystem works and why they are necessary? In this article, we will discuss the ecosystem and the questions associated with them, so read the complete article.

Components Of An Ecosystem

As we have mentioned above that ecosystem is the community of living and non-living things and it helps to build a certain environment. For example in the jungle, animals, tree, herbs, and grass etc are part of an ecosystem.

There are four main components of an ecosystem and they play an advantageous role in creating a balanced life in their environment.

  • Abiotic substances.
  • Producers.
  • Consumers.
  • Decomposers.

Given below are the details of these components.

Abiotic Substances

Abiotic factors are non-living chemical and physical parts of the environment. They influence the life style of living organisms and the services of the ecosystem.

Abiotic components consist of light, temperature, soil water, radiations of the sun, humidity and soil etc. They affect the living organisms i.e. growth and reproduction etc. These are consists of organic elements which come from the waste of animals and their dead remains.

Animal dunk is an example of waste, we use on the garden. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and calcium phosphate are released through living things in the environment, are the examples of abiotic things.


example of producers


Producers are those which can make food on their own for example green plants, and types of algae. The main part of these producers is chloroplast that traps energy from organic sources such as light and then uses it in food making process.

The examples are algae and the greenery that plays a role to balance the environment.  They store a huge amount of energy which is then used to make food, which is a source, for various living things so by this we can realize how important they are.


example of consumers


Consumers in an ecosystem are those living organisms which eat plants or prey other animals or we can say that they are dependent on others for their food.

There are three types of consumers.

Herbivores: The consumer, whose diet only consists of plants such as, goats, dears, elephants and giraffe etc. They eat parts of the plants such as leaves, fruits and vegetables.

Carnivores: It means meat eater. The consumers, whose diet consists of meat of other animals such as, lions, wolves and tigers.

Omnivores: Those consumers whose diet consists of not only plants but also the meat, such as humans.


Decomposers are the vital parts of an ecosystem who decompose the waste and dead remaining. Fungi and bacteria are the examples of decomposers. Heterotrophic organisms produce enzymes which are then excreted into the dead or waste material.

Heat and several chemicals are also produced during this process which is then make it suitable for decomposers to absorb the dead and waste materials. With these decomposers it becomes possible to overcome the waste otherwise there will be no clean place on Earth.

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