One of the emotions existing in the humans is feeling of loneliness and being detached. Loneliness is a complicated emotional reaction to the lack of fellowship. In this fast running life, each one of us has to run with it. But If we take a few minutes to stop and think about our relationships and friendships that how many of the people or just us are really enjoying the true companionship?

Four Negative Effects Of Loneliness

According to some researcher, it has been said that one person out of five people is lonely and a vast number of people do not have a person to talk with or spend time with. The interesting thing is instead of decreasing this rate is running high.

With the modernization, loneliness has increased at a large scale, since people are engaging in implicit social communities and networks. They do not have the urge to meet people on different occasions and to stay with their family.

But chronic loneliness has also made the human more vulnerable to mental and physical problems. Mental disorders are increased at a higher level with the increase in loneliness. In this article, we will describe the 4 negative effects of loneliness, so read the article till the end.

Negative Impacts Of Loneliness

Loneliness is hardly considered as a mental disorder, but in fact, persistent loneliness and emotions of detachment can be extremely harmful to health. It causes serious consequences like substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and increase the risk of psychological disorders.

Affect On Brain

Affect On Brain

It has been seen that most of the mental disorders are caused by loneliness. The feeling of being lonely can have a similar effect on brain that are noted when an affected person experiences physical pain. A human can never live his life alone and the sense of attachment to people is important not only for fellowship but also for the survival.

If you are a person suffering from loneliness your mind develops the feeling of threat and signals of pain that are almost similar to physical threat and pain. The level of stress hormone in your body is highly increased in an abnormal way during the morning and it never turn to its normal level throughout the day.

An Increases In The Risk Of Heart Disease And Dementia

An Increases In The Risk Of Heart Disease And Dementia

Chronic loneliness can interact with normal functions of the brain and boost up the chances of neuro-degenerative disorders such as Dementia. According to a research it has been seen that people living alone or staying in old age institutions develop greater chances of having dementia than the people staying with their families.

64% of the risk of Dementia is increased by the feeling of loneliness. Reciprocal also exists, that initiation of Dementia can also lead a person towards social withdrawal and loneliness which is also one of the symptoms of mental illness.

The genes of persistent lonely person experience over-expression that leads to long-term inflammation and harm to the tissues and blood vessels of the heart, stroke, heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

Note: Inflammation is an essential function of the body. The short-term inflammation is necessary for fighting against infections. Still, chronic inflammation for a very long period increases the risk of cancer.  Therefore, anti-inflammatory medicines can be beneficial for people who cannot come out of their shell of loneliness.

Reduce Life Expectancy

Reduce Life Expectancy

Although all of us ignore loneliness as just a transitory feeling or temporary phase of life. But we do not realize that it can be fatal enough to cause premature death. It has been shown in studies that people who live lonely are more vulnerable to an early death caused by heart attacks, strokes or other complications than those individuals who are living with their family.

In a research on older people, those older persons who reported feeling loneliness, isolation or rejection, were more prone to chances of dying Even though they were living with their families. So it was concluded that relation between loneliness and health disorders also exist.

Cause Sleeping Disorder

Cause Sleeping Disorder

Loneliness has a major effect on your sleep even its symptoms can appear very fast because there is a relation between the sleep and loneliness. It has been reported that a person who experiences chronic loneliness has more problems with sleep.

Depression and anxiety are the reason behind preventing a person from falling asleep. Also, his sleep problems lead him towards sleeping disorder.

Sleep Apnea

This disorder occurs when during sleep a person’s breathing is interrupted. In this disorder, people stop breathing frequently during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times. Sometimes, it is accompanied by the strong and constant snoring and the affected person wakes up due to the suffocation he feels. It all results to have a great drowsiness and fatigue at the next day.


It is a neurological disorder which affects the pattern of sleep and waking up. In this a person suddenly and uncontrollably falls asleep during the daytime or during an activity, anytime.


It is a disorder in which a person finds it hard to fall a sleep. It may be caused by various factors, such as;

  • Bad habits.
  • Stress.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Taking medication.
  • Environmental factors like noise,extreme temperatures and light that interfere with sleep.

People suffering from insomnia seem tired and sleepy at day, but at night it is very likely that it will cost them to fall asleep despite the great fatigue they feel.

Note: You must direct your life instead of letting loneliness take control of you. Make it worthwhile by overcoming your loneliness and if you know someone who is also alone going through this then try to communicate to him and bring him back to the life by becoming his friend.

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