The Importance Of Hands In Nonverbal Language

You may often observe many people around you who use hands in nonverbal communication. Such people are habitual of using hands in nonverbal language. Nonverbal language includes facial expressions, eye contact, and certain cues. Hands also play an important role in nonverbal language.IMPORTANCE OF HANDS IN NONVERBAL LANGUAGE

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed the importance of hands in nonverbal language.

Importance Of Hands In Nonverbal Language

Hands are very important in nonverbal language. The common people also use hands in nonverbal language but deaf and deaf-blind people have special senses to use hands because they lack the sense to watch and to listen. Following points will help you to understand the importance of hands in nonverbal language.

Importance Of Hands For Children During Development

Hands movement play an important role in the development of children. In early stages of development children also use cues of hands. Children ask for the things that they need with the movement and shapes of the hands. They say no for the things that are tasteless or don’t have a sense of pleasure also in a beautiful way by their hands while crying. So children use nonverbal language by using hands during the developmental stages.


The children who are deaf-blind by birth also use hands many times because they have only nonverbal language. So they maximally use hands for nonverbal language.

Use Of Hands By Blind People

Life becomes too difficult for the blind people and especially for the children who are blind by birth. The people who are blind use hands for detecting many things. They touch many things by their hands and then they do their work. Blindness may the reason of stress because life becomes much difficult when no one takes proper care of blind people.

Blind people learn to use their hands for many tasks in their life. The sense of touching plays an important role instead of watching anything so they touch everything and then make an image of respective things in their mind.

blind people

The things which give pleasure to the blind people they make the positive image of that things and they remember them for next time. So next time they easily identify that thing. While the objects or the things that do not give the sense of pleasure to the blind people they avoid that thing and also become conscious in touching.

Use Of Hands By Deaf People

Deaf people use hands more than the blind people because they use the nonverbal language of hands. The parents, family, and friends of deaf people taught them anything with the movement of hands. They also touch their hands with deaf people’s hands to give them a sense of security and protection. Deaf people also convey their messages by the movement of hands. They asked for the things that they need by making different shapes of hands.

Deaf people

So the family members of deaf people easily identify the things by the shapes of hands that deaf people made.

Use Of Hands By Deaf-Blind People

Deaf-blind people lack the senses to watch and listen so they move hands. Such people convey their message by the movement of hands. They feel the things by touching hands that either it has the sense of pleasure or it is dangerous for them. Hands of deaf-blind children also show their best development when they move hands and give many cues by hands to their parents, family, and friends.

Hands are blessing for deaf-blind people because they do many things with hands and they also tell their feelings with hands movement.

Deafblind people

Deaf-blind people also touch their hands with the hands of their parents or friends to feel that their parents or family members are present with them.

The Nonverbal Cues Of Hands

Hands have different nonverbal cues that have the same meaning to the verbal language. People often give many cues with hands and they use hands movements in a fun or serious way. So hands have separate cues with exact meanings that are similar to the verbal communication.

Many people use hands normally while talking and they give different cues and meanings by their hand’s movements. So there is no need for verbal communication for the people who are habitual to use hands movements when their nonverbal cues give exact meanings. Many people also move hands in a funny way and they show different funny things with their hand’s movements.

Cues of hands

Some people create many things and make cartoons by combining their hands in a different way.

Hands Movement During Anxiety

During anxiety and stress, many changes take place in the body. The physiological and psychological changes take place that shows the anxiety and stress of the person who is suffering. Hands start shivering during severe anxiety and people try to hide their hands from others when they suffer from this situation. Many people move their hands many times when they face anxiety. So the rapid and unusual movement of hands shows the anxiety in people.

Anxiety And Hand Shaking

Some people fail to hide their anxiety with their hand’s movement. And the people who successfully hide their anxiety have a great control on their mental conditions and hands movement.

Hands Movement And Confidence

Confident people also use hands in nonverbal language. The use of hands during lectures and presentation is also judged by people around you. The people having a great confidence use hands while talking to others. So hands movement shows the confidence of a person. Some people move hands when they did some unusual tasks, therefore their hands shivered many times. The shivering of hands is the sign of imbalanced psychological conditions. It also shows the sudden reactions in the body.

Confident hands movements

The right movement of hands during verbal communication shows confidence in people while in nonverbal communication hands also have a great and surprising role.

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