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How To Do The Lemon Detox Diet?

Detox diets are a great way to start a dieting routine. They are easy to adapt and don’t involve too much effort like other dieting options.

What detoxing basically does is to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins. You may have heard of charcoal soaps, that aid in detoxifying the skin topically. Similarly, a lemon detox diet cleanses the entire body from within and this, in turn, cleanses the gut and the skin.

Detoxing with lemon

To jump onto this master cleanse, the Try Articles team has prepared some great insight for you to follow. Let’s give your body a hard reset, shall we!

Pointers To Note Before You Start

  • A lemon detox is meant to be done for an entire week or rigidly for 10 days
  • This master cleanse is only to be done once in a year
  • Always use fresh organic lemons
  • Drink the lemon detox water as soon as it’s prepared
  • Easing-in and easing-out of the lemon detox diet is a critical phase to follow
  • Do not quit the lemon detox process mid-way as it would kill the purpose
  • Do not give in to cravings, as these would fail the required goal
  • Nausea is a part of the detox process, but not everyone faces it
  • Irritability and boredom is expected, but this mood is very short-lived
  • People who have caffeine addictions may have a headache, but these go away a day or two into the diet

Why Go For A Lemon Detox Diet?

A bunch of celebrities followed the lemon detox for faster weight loss to play a certain role in the movies. That’s where this diet took its popularity from. Nutritionists and dieticians gave their knowledgeable insights on the topic weighing the pros and cons of this master cleanse.

Lemon benefits

The Lemonade Diet

This cleansing diet requires an intake of selective liquids for 10 days. Once that is done, it means your body has shunned the toxins and you can now introduce other foods into your diet. But, take heed, you will need to do that slowly as we are going to be breaking the bodies 10-day past habit. In order to achieve what a lemon detox diet promises, the easing-in, and easing-out phases need to be taken seriously.

The Ease-In Phase

This is the phase that starts before the actual detox diet. The concept behind this phase is to help prepare the mind and body for the change that is about to be introduced to your system.

Day 1

We start off by quitting the in-take of process foods, thereby stopping the flow of new toxins in the body.

Day 2

Next, we start off by slowly taking in the liquid diet. This includes soups, juices, and energy packed liquids like broth.

Day 3

Now, we start with the real deal. Time to consume juices, like orange juice and some plain water.

The Ease-Out Phase

This phase is the exact opposite of the ease-in phase. It will now start training your body to come back to taking in regular food, slowly.

Day 1

In-take of orange juice and plain water only.

Day 2

This day will be all about broth and soups.

Day 3

Time to slowly introduce solids. Starting off raw is best. Go for some fresh fruit and stir-fried vegetables.

What Is The Ideal Time To Do The Lemonade Detox Diet?

The best time to jump on this amazing body cleanse is when your digestive system calls for some hard reset. Also, when you feel bloated, that’s quite a loud sign to observe. Also, if you feel that your obesity isn’t going away with other methods, try this weight loss cleanse. This diet aids in healing the muscles and tissues, so if you feel your body is going through muscle aches, it’s the best time to hop on this diet.

Lemonade Diet Detox Water Recipe

Lemonade detox water is an effective recipe for weight-loss. As mentioned above it assists the body in numerous ways and leads it to well-being. Let’s take a look at the recipe!

Lemon detox


  • freshly squeezed lemon juice — 2 Tbsp
  • Honey or agave nectar — 2 Tbsp
  • Cayenne pepper (powdered) 1/10 tsp
  • Warm water — 8 oz


Simply mix all the ingredients in a glass flask. Make sure to stir well to dissolve all the ingredients.

What Should Be The Daily In-Take?

Ideally, 6-12 glasses of lemonade daily are recommended. However you may consume more than 12, and it is better to drink more than less. A minimum of 8 glass is a must, though. Your intake depends upon your caloric count, so be sure to keep a track of that. Also, your commitment to this diet plays a big part, mentally.

Lemon Drops

Side Effects

It’s been observed that some people tend to develop light fatigue and encounter possible breakouts. But, it all goes away in time, when you’re deep into the diet. Don’t be alarmed all of this is a natural response from the body and is necessary. What can be done, is that the number of showers should be increased, in order to tackle the excretion of toxins in the form of oil. Basically, don’t give the oil a chance to home into your skin and create breakouts.

Post Cleanse

It is highly important to remember that in order to reap the most benefits from this weight loss you will have to maintain a healthy way of living after. Try curbing your cravings by drinking plain water. Choose healthier food options to stop the weight gain from coming back.

Do share your experiences with us, we’re always happy to read success stories like these.

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