What Is The Psychological Attachment?

Attachment is that type of strong bond which is invisible and exists between two or more individuals. These bonds or ties are commonly present between individuals who are familiar with each other such as children and parents.

The Psychological Attachment

Alternatively, there are some professional bonds which are present between individuals who do not know each other very well. When the emotional side of a person’s mind is burst of feelings, this is known as attachments such as, if you feel that you are in love with someone then it is an emotional attachment.

But if you are staying with someone because of your need or want to stay with that special someone then it is known as psychological attachment. In this article, we will describe what psychological attachment is, so read the article till the end.

What Is The Difference Between Psychological And Emotional Attachment?

What Is The Difference Between Emotional And Psychological Attachment

  • Emotional attachment is a tie which can be seen in very intimate or strong relationship such as the attachment between children and parents or his early care giver.
  • Emotional attachment is like a feeling which originates from a person’s emotional side.
  • Psychological attachment is that feeling which originates from the logical dimension.
  • It has been seen that psychological attachment commonly appears in more superficial relationships such as between, teacher and student, employee and employer, the boss and the subject and a friend with benefits etc.

What Is Negative Psychological Attachment?

It has been reported that negative psychological attachment is basically a great subconscious tendency to search for negativity or the things which cause unhappiness to you. When a person unintentionally and consistently behaves in ways that cause him to be unhappy, it can also be said that he is psychologically attached to something negative.

What is Psychological Attachment

Note: More often, attachments are experienced passively although attachments are an active process.

When a person has an attachment he feels that he has no choice or control over his own feelings and behaviors. He feels that he is at the mercy of something which is more powerful than anything else. Although, he knows that this force is originated from his own mind.

Psychological attachments often cause damage to oneself because attachments are taken passively most of the time. These attachments are categorized into three parts:


In this attachment, you feel that you are being controlled. When a person has this type of attachment, he feels that he has no control over his life or out of control such as anxiety, helplessness, and worry.

Also, he feels that someone else is trying to direct his life or controlling him i.e. authority issues, rebellion, feeling oppressed and power struggles etc.


In this, the person is attached to the feeling of deprivation. When a person has this attachment he leads an unfulfilled life, an empty feeling and the feeling of unloved, or emotionally numb.

Also, the person may feel a fault inside him and he may use addictive substances and relationships to deal with this fault but these addictive things do not fill the fault in reality but only uphold the attachment.


In this, a person is attached to the feeling of rejection. When a person has this attachment, he often feels dismissed, disregarded and hurt.

The person thinks that he is being criticized by others and feels compelled to seek approval, often he is attached to seeking approval from a person who will never approve, such as a critical parent. The attachment with rejection often causes a harsh inner critic that demands perfection.

How To Know If I Have An Attachment?

How Do I Know If I Have An Attachment

Given below are some symptoms to diagnose negative attachment:

  • Constantly feeling bad because of having critical inner voice.
  • You can not consciously control your negative feelings and behaviors.
  • You try to harm yourself.
  • You consciously do the things which cause damage to you.
  • You welcome unhealthy people in your life.
  • You know your goals but do nothing to achieve them.
  • You have self-destructive tendencies.
  • You unknowingly travel the path of failure.
  • You resist change.
  • Even though you are not happy still you make excuses to stay the way you are.
  • You are also tired of living the way you live, but do nothing to change it. .

The AHA Solution

The AHA solution is a personal change program that helps to end the self-sabotage.

The AHA Solution

This AHA solution will provide you the following:

  • You will have a new sense of control and freedom.
  • You will stay away from negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Renew your self-confidence.
  • Significantly increase your self-awareness also increase your consciousness.
  • You will make the changes that have always been impossible.
  • Feel more acceptance, control and fulfillment.
  • Decide what you have to do.
  • Have a chance to increase your personal power and self-esteem.

In this you are provided with these:

  • Videos: In which you will be educated about the types of attachments and you will be provided with real-life examples and respective solutions.
  • Solutions: For each attachment type under each of the following categories, control, deprivation, and rejection so that you can know how to overcome it.
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet: To diagnose out of the 12 attachment types which one is applied to you and, how to treat their symptoms, specifically.
  • AHA Solution Worksheet: Which is provided to help you discover alternative choices for moving  forward beyond your attachment.
  • All the Tools: Which are required to apply this new knowledge and method of improvement and growth in your life.
Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that your attachment is leading you towards serious psychological problems and you can’t overcome it alone, then it recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if you found that these tips are not working for you anymore.

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